Monday 27 April 2020

The Skull Wave

Hi all,

Over the years my collection has grown quite substantially, to the point where I can divide it into three distinct parts. Firstly there are what we might call the normal stuff; marines, vehicles, dreadnoughts etc, the mortal members of the warband if you will. Secondly, warmachines, gifted to Sladiç in pacts made with Hellforges. Finally, when blood flows in quantities enough to warrant the attention of Khorne himself, daemons of the Blood God come to partake of the slaughter. So now, at least in my background, The Red Tide comes in three waves. Today, we'll have a look at the first and foremost of Sladiç' followers, The Skull Wave.

The core of The Red Tide are the champions and warriors who followed Sladiç into rebellion. All are wholly dedicated to Khorne and revel in the slaughter and killing that such dedication brings.
As mentioned previously, Sladiç does recognize that even his best warriors cannot overcome every enemy arrayed before them by feat of arms alone. To that end there are elements of the Skull Wave that provide some much needed ranged support, weakening or eliminating enemy units which would interfere with the overall strategy and providing time for the elite of the Wave to be unleashed at the proper moment.
                                                    Reaper chaincannon Havocs
                           Leviathan dreadnoughts with dual butcher cannon array
Quad heavy bolter artillery

Of course, the ultimate worship of Khorne comes when the blood of the enemy flows as a result of meeting him in close combat and as such the bulk of the Wave is composed of warriors who prefer to close and fight the enemy with axe and sword.

Lightning claw armed Red Butchers
Berzerker squads and transports

The Skull Wave arrayed for battle

The Skull Wave is my go to force selection for most games. Sometimes elements from the other two waves will see some action but I tend to keep them separate. Up next, The Iron Wave.


  1. Magnificent! A host of which the Lord of Skulls is certainly proud! Chaos is like cherries ... one heresy leads to another :-)
    Lord Adiatun Varunn

  2. It's great to see these all laid out again Iain. There looks to be a few new units since they last clashed with the Castigators.
    How many points does this little lot come to?
    It's a damned fine looking warband mate and maybe one day we will draws arms against one another in the future.

  3. I've never totalled it up Gary, it's never occurred to me. Perhaps that's the next thing to do.