Tuesday 26 November 2019

The Black Legacy (Part IV) - The Laboratory

Dragosani watched as the Voodoo Dolls moved out to secure the perimeter of the compound. Despite the Escher gang's reputation for dabbling in alchemical technologies and pharmaceuticals, the gang had shown little interest in the Inquisitor's prize.
"And if it stays that way they might just get out of this venture alive." said Jared flashing the Inquisitor a smile.
Dragosani scowled at his Interrogator "If you direct your talents towards the task at hand instead of eavesdropping on my thoughts. then perhaps they might at that."
Jared offered up a rueful grin and an apologetic shrug by way of reply. He had every confidence in the Voodoo Dolls holding the line, he was more concerned about what awaited them in the Laboratory...

Friday 1 November 2019

Aaron Quaid, master charlatan

Born the son of a ripper Jack Wrangler he always knew he was destined for Greater things.
Ever since a hard of hearing slaver ticket salesman wrongly thought he said his name was Baron Quaid and gave him free premium tickets to to the big fight Aaron has really made quite a lucrative lifestyle for himself. He took the money he had saved on tickets and spent it on some exotic furs to better blend in and hope nobody noticed..... they didn't and now he's gained quite a few tricks of the trade and no short measure of free rides.