Saturday 2 May 2020

Girls just wanna have guns

The Skintights are my latest creation born from a need to paint some of my collection before I buy any more models and having lots of spare time on my hands. Although I'm back to work now I'm so glad I spent my time getting these girls done as they may well have lingered in my hobby desk for quite some time. Not sure how much table time they will receive and I'm still to build a satisfactory background for them. The models are exquisite in detail and I dont think I've gone half way to realy getting the most from them partly due to my artistic limits and part due to having seen what Gary acomplished with the voodoo dolls. I am however extremely happy with how they look maybe they can make guest appearances in our games in the near future .

Alexis Noir ( Lexie)  leader the 'Skintights' Escher gang.

Lexie's daughter Raven, juve

Polly Ethanol, escher champion. 

Anna Flacktik,  Esher champion. 

Thora Zine

Mimi Mycin

Li Thium

Trich L'oramine

Chlo Rine


  1. Great looking gang, congrats on the results!

  2. They look great, I particularly like the brown boots on Alexis, have you got a recipe for them?

    1. It's just wildwood contrast paint over grey spray with a white dry brush. Boltgun metal studs with a nuln oil wash. I was going to highlight with doombull brown for a more tan look but decided it looked good as it was.

    2. I find the white scar layer paint realy gives a good highlight under the wildwood if your not shy with the amount you put on.

    3. I'll try it out on the Delaque...if I ever get around to them 😉

  3. LOVE the names & they look great too!