Friday 30 March 2018

The Pump House

On the myriad of worlds in the Imperium there are many dark places where the machineries of Mankind grind and pump fluids and power to support the massed populations of the Imperium.

Down in the twilight of the pump house the air is thick with the smog of promethium burners and the heat exchangers create tropical climates within the vast industrial landscape. The floor is thick with carbon dust and many dangers lurk in every corner waiting for the unwary to pass by. Toxic pools of chemicals corrosive to the touch spew across the floor, their luminescence bathing everything in the sickly glow of radioactive waste. Yet amid this mass of grim dark horror, many archeotech treasures are to be found, enough to make even the sanest man (or woman) crazy enough to brave the perilous area. This is the turf of the Janitor and his Clean Up Crew and one thing is for certain, if you get an invitation to come down to the pump house you don't go alone!

Sunday 25 March 2018

'Munda Madness takes hold

House Escher gang

Greetings sinners!
Things are stirring down in the Hive. The Voodoo Dolls have a bit of colour on them (but there is still lots to do) and my mind is preoccupied with creating a Sump Swamp for their territory and how I will equip my Orlock gang. All this pales into insignificance at rumours of a terrible discovery.
The biggest news is that a hibernation pod has been unearthed in the Sump. Ignoring the Adeptus Biologicus protocols, the Archeotech Hunters immediately opened it in the hopes of discovering something of value. Matty Hara, our Delaque informant went on to say that what emerged from this long lost relic quickly, and with frightening efficiency, dispatched the entire Archeotech team before making its escape. The creature was last seen heading towards the Pump House muttering something about Iron Forged and the 4 armed Emperor. After several more shots of Wildsnake and Second-Best our Delaque informant produced a pict-still of the miscreant and there can be no doubt whatsoever as to who it is........Rob has awoken from his slumber!