Friday 24 April 2015

Damn you Forge World, Stop tempting me!

Forge World are at it again....enticing me with their sweet seductive charms.
All hail the Deimos Vindicator Destroyer.....

Saturday 18 April 2015

Storms of Judgement - The Pandora Cluster Revealed

Janus had fought with Void Span's machine spirit for days, overcoming one obstacle only for the space station's malignant intelligence to throw up yet another.
Lucian had suggested purging it and allowing the never-born to infest it, but Janus dismissed the Sorceror's idea immediately. Truth was, Janus admired its tenacity, it was a worthy adversary and technology such as this should be harnessed....revered even. Finally the Warpsmith had mastered it, taming its spirit and establishing his dominance. 
Nestor was delighted when the scatter-field was disabled, revealing the Pandora Cluster in all its glory, ripe for the plucking. Janus used his.....Voidspan's sensors to delve deep into the system and unearth its secrets had been an exhilarating experience and the Warpsmith marvelled at just how sophisticated his.....Voidspan's alien sensors were. Exploring the.....station's other systems had been a fascinating experience that had opened him up to stimuli that he could never have dreamed of. With the scatter-field down, it had become evident that his.....Voidspan's position could no longer be triangulated, making it ideal as a permanent base for the Castigators. Janus was pleased when his lord gave permission for him to stay behind and refit Voidspan to suit the Chapter's needs.
“So nothing can be done?” Asked Nestor.
“Janus has become fully integrated with the station’s machine spirit.” Lucian replied.
“His body is merely an empty husk, but at least we have full control of the station.”  

Monday 13 April 2015

Storms of Judgement - The Fall of Voidspan

The bridge of the Shaft of Dominance was a hive of activity as the ship manoeuvred alongside the enormous space station. Squeals of binary code echoed around the chamber adding to the endless reports and orders being issued, creating a cacophony of noise that bordered on chaos. Captain Vane sat silently in his command throne, his attention focussed on the view screen before him. Lights flickered across the screen like fireflies on a balmy summer breeze, dancing to a tune that only he could hear. Two of the lights came together, their embrace momentarily amplifying their brightness before winking out of existence. 
The ballet continued as more of the Assault Torpedoes attempted to close with the space station. The Wolves were suffering horrendous casualties; the Corpus Mundi adding her considerable firepower to the barrage from the other side of the space station, each ship mindful of the others presence, made sure to keep the space station between them.
“And there lay the flaw”, thought Vane to himself. A blind spot that neither the Shaft of Dominance nor the Corpus Mundi, could reach. A corridor that once entered would allow the Wolves’ Assault Boats free run at the space station. Vane continued to watch as the ballet reached its climax. “There!” He said aloud as four Assault Torpedoes punched through the barrage and entered the corridor. All eyes turned to the Captain as he rose from the command throne, his gigantic armoured form throwing shadows that coiled and crept at the edges of vision.
“Open a Comm-link to Nestor and inform Lord Lustheart to expect visitors.”

Sunday 5 April 2015

Storms of Judgement - The Scourge of Voidspan

“You’re sure this scourge cannot be stopped?”

“Not from here, my Lord” replied Janus. “However, I’ve located the source and believe that the parameters can be changed to a more favourable setting.” continued the Warpsmith.
“Parameters?” Inquired Nestor.
“The Scourge operates under predefined protocols when targeting intruders. The Death Guard have locked the internal sensors to emit a wide angled beam that attacks the targets molecular structure. If we reach the coordinates that I am currently uploading to all squads, we can reset the protocol to emit a narrow angled beam. This would allow a quick-witted enough target to avoid the Scourge.”
“How long before the Scourge activates?
“Less than four cycles, my Lord.” Replied Janus.
Nestor opened a comm-link “All units, converge on me. We move out immediately.”

Wednesday 1 April 2015

Painting Season Begins

Finally we're on the right side of Ostara, the cold grim darkness is pushed aside to make way for the....err....cold grim light! The clocks have gone forward and at last there's enough daylight to start painting again.
I've always painted in daylight, so when Ostara (the spring Equinox) comes around I wake from my painting hibernation and bask in the glorious daylight with paint brush in hand, ready to do battle with the endless hordes of plastic that infest my abode.