Thursday 2 April 2020

Hang on there!

The thing with the Hive is the deeper you go the darker it gets the darker it gets the easier it is to hide.
Lazarus morningtide, dome runner.

It dont matter if you have the best kit if you cant keep it, that's why I keep the best for myself.
Mataus Hoffman, gun jack

If your not a big man you need a big gun.
Steffan Wolf, gun jack.

He walks the fine line between fearless and reckless.
Bolo, brute handler

I do not wish to offer an apology where one is not warranted for my misdeeds are many yet My Sorrows are few.
Kovacs, Pit trainer

Dont matter how big your gang is if they catch you napping! and when the Bough breaks the Cradle will fall.
Harper, Gang look out.

The Colosseum is the local venue of the pit fights in Rockridge. Part Men part machines do battle against various creatures, mutants and others of their ilk from the underhive striving to make a name for themselves.  


  1. It's good to see that you're keeping busy with your time off.
    They look great mate...although I'm a little worried that your gangs will have a lot more Hive Scum than mine will...and you're supposed to be working on civilians ;-)

    1. Yeah these were supposed to be civilians. But I decided they were to dynamic I'm thinking a more casual look would be better. The hard part will be making them unarmed I think.

    2. When I get some time off work I'll have a go at building some.

  2. Beautiful! I think I will end up cannibalizing some ideas, I see that you have found excellent mixes!
    Lord Adiatun Varunn

    1. Thanks, these were realy fun to construct.

  3. Lovely work mate! I particularly like the Dome Runner.

  4. Cheers dude. I think that is my favourite from this bunch too. Not sure how much use it will get though. But it's nice to populate our little corner of the under hive.

  5. 'If you're not a big man you need a big gun'. Instant classic.