Sunday 7 March 2021

Necromunda Rising

 Greetings Hivers!

Quite a while ago, Rob brought round a box of 'Old Skool' Necromunda bulkheads with hopes that I'd come up with a way to use them....turns out he had 54 of the buggers! After scratching my head for a while, The box was stuffed away in my bits room (yes it really has grown from a bits box to a bits room) to gather dust.

During Lockdown I was thinking of a way to add more variety to our corner of the Underhive and the idea of platforms or risers to vary the ground level popped into my head. I searched online for something suitable to use and, being the useless git that I am when using a computer, found nothing. The idea seemed dead before it had even started! Fortunately, I'm a lot better at finding things in my bits room than I am online. Bulkheads! They would make the ideal risers to vary the height.....