Sunday 3 February 2019

The Future of Necromunda - Specialist Games Weekender....

This weekend Forge World held their Horus Heresy Weekend, at the 11th hour they added Specialist Games to the event and held a Necromunda seminar explaining their plans for the future and what they've been working on.
I didn't attend but I've hunted around for all the juicy photos and info I could find. This is mainly so I don't forget to tell Rob about all of the cool stuff that's out there, but it's also a bit of a Mood Board to give me ideas for models and scenarios.

It looks like they have a long term plan for Necromunda and if even half of this stuff gets produced I'll be very happy.

Bounty Hunters
First up, are even more Bounty Hunters to add to your gang. Deadly Guild mercenary Baertrum Arturos III brings a touch of class and refinement (and some deadly tech!) to your battles, while Ortruum 8-8 and Thaetos are powerful (and grotesque) Wyrds, capable of flaying opponents alive with deadly warpcraft.
Ortruum 8-8 and Baertrum already have rules but Thaetos 23-2 (on the right) comes from the Big Hole (a giant mine) and was a god like figure to the miners. He was captured by slavers then later escaped and now collects undesirables to him.

Mortanna Shroud is the daughter of a Guilder. When her powers began to manifest her family sold her and she's now a sanctioned Psyker. Her collar is made from the bones of dead Psykers that talk to her.

They're not the only Bounty Hunters on show, the Deserter finally gets a model..... well as Yar Umbra.

During the Seminar more Bounty Hunter artwork was revealed.
House Catallus - First art for nobles, brother and sister who can be taken together. She's a sniper, he's a duellist. He claims to have never lost but really she just shoots anyone who looks like they're winning. Their House is in a civil war. She was meant to kill him but she likes her brother more than her parents so they've fled downhive and are mercenaries for hire. 

Apollus Kage - Former Sump Dogs Orlock ganger who challenged for leadership, failed and is now an anti-Orlock Orlock.

Vorgen - Former Guardsman. Big fan of big guns.

Rex Spires - Demo expert....Geddit? His arms are bionic, so take his skill level with a pinch of salt!

Freikstorn Strix - Mad Techno-Scavenger formerly of the Van Saar.

Unknown, but apparently he's armed with an Arc-Welder!

Hangers On
Dome Runner

Ammo Jack.
Ragnir Gunnstein - Squat Ammo we know where all the Squats are hiding....Necromunda is infested with 'em 😉

The seminar also expanded on the Necromunda background....
The layout of a gang. Specialist Champions and Gangers incoming and Prospects - Pre-Juves.

The Guilds.
Gangs will be able to hire Guild representatives rather than create a 'Guild Gang' at the moment.

Corpse Guild - Models for some Guilders will be coming at some point.

Promethium Guild - Fuel Merchants.

The Water Guild - Not to be confused with the vampiric Bounty Hunter

Slave Guild - These also manage the Pit fights in the Underhive.
It certainly sounds like they have plans to expand upon the antagonists....

And then there plans for future expansions.....

I'm sure Rob will be more than happy to add some Genestealers to his Genestealer Cult gang...

Not if If can help it 😉.......

You can't beat a good 'ol Zombie bash!

Yes please....

Of course not everything is restricted to the Hive cities.....

The idea of fighting on the Sump Seas makes me feel all tingly...Avast ye scurvy dogs!

Hmm....another excuse to get my Blackstone Fortress Ur-Ghuls painted 😃

And then we have the obvious environment.....

I'll be very interested to see if they design some sort of vehicle rules, although I expect it will cost me a small fortune if I have a reason to buy the Ridge Runner and Goliath Truck 😉 but the thought of running Mad Max style games does have me drooling.
Of course, not every transport would be mechanical...

...or even needs a transport.

It looks like the Cawdor Bomb Rats will be released soon....

....along with the creepiest looking Delaque heads....

......and weapon load-outs.....
These are really needed because the weapons load-out in the box are sorely lacking.
So that's everything I've seen from the weekend.
The future is looking good for the game and I'm really looking forward to these coming to pass.
These were revealed at an earlier event but it would be remiss of me not to add them here....these are the models that will see me break my New Year's Resolution of not buying any more models until I finish more of my gangs.

Until next time....may Our Lady grant you her number! 😉


  1. The future looks the grim dark.

  2. So much fantastic stuff coming out. Thanks for the roundup!
    - Mortanna Shroud seems nicely creepy-cool
    - The description of the Catallus siblings is in a format that I always associate with buddy cop movies and such: "She's a sniper. He's a duelist. Together, they fight crime."
    - Good point on Spires. A demolitions "expert" with bionic arms is def at least a bit suspect.
    - The Guilders look really cool. I know you say the Water Guild aren't to be confused with that Bounty Hunter, but the hats do have some similarities.
    - Survival horror games against Stealers and Plague Zombies sound like a great time.
    - The Great Fissure, Polar Scrap Spoils, and Eye of Selene all sound really cool too.
    - Ash Wastes possibly most of all. I actually just built a Goliath Truck earlier today, and deliberately left off anything that would unquestionably tie it to a Stealer Cult. Probably going to do at least one Ridgerunner similarly generic, and convert some Atalan Jackals to be for other gangs than Stealer Cult.
    - I love that concept art for the Ash Nomads. Got a really cool style there. I could be down with some of those as posters.
    - As someone else pointed out, if you trim down the candles on the Bomb Rats, you could make it look like they have little top hats.

    Seriously, GW/FW need to slow down the awesomeness a bit. I can't keep up, either in terms of money or painting productivity!

    1. I know what you mean about GW's output, there's too much cool to keep up with it.
      Mortanna is perfect for my Voodoo Dolls and will be another 'must have' for me.
      Oh the water Guild have definite similarities aesthetically, I meant that they're not water vampire bounty Hunters and are likely to want Eyros Slagmist dead.
      The Bomb rats are cool but I already have 12 from Anvil Industries so I'm unlikely to ever need more.

      This is lifted straight from Recalitrant Daze's excellent Blog ( )

      "The basic gang is being expanded to include specialist gangers and prospects - who are basically juves who need to do something (e.g. use a weapon which is as dangerous to the user as to someone you target) to prove themselves worthy of joining the gang proper.

      You can also align your gang to a guild, or a criminal enterprise. or a Noble house. Each brings benefits, but also responsibilities. This includes 'representatives' of say the Guild who can work with the gang (typically a leader, a second in command and a couple of bodyguards).

      Expect at some point a second box set for each gang bringing more options and sculpts."

      So lots more to come :D .

  3. Very nice! Aligning with some group other than the Gang Houses should open up a bunch of cool possibilities. And a second box for each gang would be really welcome. I was just thinking earlier about how awesome it would be if the Goliaths got some gender diversity. Done properly, not fetishized, just super buff mohawk chicks whose idea of a good Friday night is pounding on someone with a pipe wrench, like the rest of the Goliaths.

    1. Although the potential to pull models from all of GW's range for conversions is probably one 'Munda's greatest assets, more models are always welcome.
      Opening up the gangs to include Guilders, Syndicates, Psykers and Nobles will offer even more opportunities for customisation as well as cool narratives.
      The game mechanics make for such interesting and enjoyable games already, so allowing a limited form of allies should only make it better. We hardly ever use Tactics cards now except to balance out gangs or as part of a special scenario because the game mechanics are that good.

      The only negative so far is that hardly anyone seems to running Necromunda events, but even that has a positive side. Without these events Rob and I don't feel the need to power up and we can just enjoy discovering what works and what doesn't through trial and error....a bit like 40k used to be back in 3rd edition before the Internet over-analysed the game to death ;-)

    2. More Models are especially welcome when they're as awesome as some of these!

      And yeah, I've been avoiding looking up tactics and tips and such to keep that exploratory vibe too. Makes for some great times when you discover that stuff on your own.

    3. I've found that focusing on the imagery and narrative is much more important to me than trying to be competitive.
      Fortunately for me, Rob has the same mindset so we're in a good place. That said Necromunda does seem to foster the more narrative approach to the game so far.