Saturday 23 April 2016

The Search for Festus - Into The Sorcerers Lair

"How much longer, Mo'reau?" Asked Chiron.
The Fleshsmith, lost in his grisly work, had almost forgotten that Chiron was standing there watching his every move.
"Soon...." replied the Fleshsmith without looking up from his administrations, "....providing there are no further interruptions."
Dulcet laughter resonated from behind Chiron's faceplate, causing the Fleshsmith to look up from his gruesome task.
"Ah, forgive me, my young acolyte. I sometimes forget how enthralling the art of flesh crafting can be. Alas, my days of sculpting flesh are behind me Mo'reau, and these poor old limbs are incapable of such dexterity." Continued Chiron as he picked up an inert servitor in his mighty fist.
"Fortunately, these poor old limbs still have their uses, eh Mo'reau?" emphasising the point by crushing the hapless servitor.
"My apologies, Lord Chiron," stammered the Fleshsmith. "I forget myself when I'm immersed in my work....I meant no disrespect."
Mo'reau looked on in horror as Chiron's Multi-melta powered up. The Dreadnought's knowledge of flesh crafting was unsurpassed, but his behaviour since he had been interred was becoming more and more erratic and often proved fatal to those who displeased him.
"Continue with your work Fleshsmith. The Death Guard have come for your patient....I shall see to it personally that you receive no further interruptions!"

Friday 22 April 2016

Tosis descent.

In the void of chaos there lies endless opportunity and variety along side eternal damnation. to this end it is ordained the use of some.....less usual protagonists be appointed. Diversity and stagnation coexist in strange embrace, man and daemon become one a balance is struck and a whole world trembles!

Saturday 16 April 2016

T'Ba-gur 'the peddler' Herald of nurgle.

Whatever your buying the peddler can produce from his voluminous robes his buyers unaware the bargain he brokers comes with a price they can scarce afford. The gaudy trinkets he deals in soon tarnish and corrode along with the vitality of the owner leaving them with only despair and loss. This anguish soon pales as T'ba-gur returns to seek his remuneration. The dept collected swiftly, he reaps the reward of his bargaining. Another mortal soul bound for Nurgles eternal enjoyment.

Tuesday 12 April 2016

The Search for Festus - Buying Time

The assault on Bastion 12 had taken longer than Tosis had expected. What had meant to be a lightning strike had turned into a protracted fire fight and close quarter grind.
The screech of tortured metal and the thrumming sound of promethium engines heralded the imminent arrival of the Castigators' inevitable reinforcements. Clouds of pulverised rockcrete dust swirled around in the distance, creating eddies in the smog thick atmosphere betraying considerable troop movements, making it all but impossible to discern exactly how many and what type of forces were arrayed against him. Though it was clear he was badly out numbered Tosis had a solid exit strategy. 
Locating Festus was, however, proving problematic in the vast underground labyrinth of the bunker and scouts had been deployed to ensure they wouldn't be walking into a dead end.
All they needed to do was hold out until one of the scouts returned with a definite location...or (as more and more of the Castigators loomed out of the smog) maybe just a rough location would suffice!
Tosis would need to be capricious in his defensive strategy if he was to be successful in buying more time for the search party.

Sunday 10 April 2016

Path to glory 'Rictus' Raptor champion of Chaos

A shadow passed across the ground causing the streaming light to flicker it was the only thing betraying the swift arrival of Rictus on his Deamonic leathery wings. 'lord Nalax' He hailed, his voice reverberating through the leering grin of his helm. 'It appears our forces have been scattered. I have contacted several cult members and individuals from a number of units, they march to our location now!'
Lord Kithel Nalax the corpulent turned to his trusted champion and nodded 'Good good we must locate the rest of their units as soon as we have consolidated, I sense the wolf is not far from our door... We must be ready!

Tuesday 5 April 2016

The Fleshsmith will you see you now.

"Oh, hush now, We've barely begun."
"Sometimes, we think that our work is not appreciated."
"Do you know just how much work we've done restoring your dulled nerve endings?"
"We don't do this for our benefit you know?"
"Well....perhaps we do enjoy our work, but one must be happy in their work, mustn't one?"
"Be still now, we wouldn't want to make a mistake at this stage."
"The first injection is the worst, but once you've recovered you'll be surprised just how much you crave more."
"You'll feel so much better when we've finished."
"Now this may sting a little!"

Sunday 3 April 2016

Festus imprisoned

When he regained conciousness Festus  found himself completely immobile and everything was in darkness, even his enhanced senses couldn't pick up the slightest noise. All he was aware of and all he had to focus on was the intense burning as though he were being roasted alive.....

Nestor circled round his adversary drawing immense satisfaction from the futile wriggling of the Deathguard worm dangling at the end of his line. A pleasure only slightly diminished by the repugnant stench of slowly searing rotten meat.

Friday 1 April 2016

Storms of Judgement - The Search for Festus

"But why, brother, why? Asked Rask.
"The Council of Seven have voted unanimously for you to lead us. Festus is as good as dead, now is the time for you to claim your rightful place and lead us to victory against those depraved Castigators" continued the Plague Champion.
"It is precisely because of that that my decision stands brother" replied Tosis calmly.
Rask looked at each of the Plague Champions within the lodge, but each seemed equally as mystified as Rask was.
"The Council have voted unanimously, that is true brother," continued Tosis, "but a full third of our fleet still have their doubts. If we are to defeat the Castigators, we must be able to rely on the full support of our Chapter to crush these degenerates."
Before Rask could protest further, Tosis placed a placating gauntlet upon Rask's shoulder.
"As you say brother, Festus is as good as dead, but alas, he is not dead yet. To unite the Chapter, we must mount a rescue bid to save out fallen Lord. Only then can we cast aside all doubt and bring the Castigators to their knees!"