Tuesday 23 May 2017

Necromunda Terrain Tiles - A Skirmish Game Project

Greetings Sinners!
With 8th Edition still four weeks away, 40k has taken something of a back seat just lately. For all of the snippets GW have released, there is still too much unknown to help me focus on a particular army project. Will I need more transports? Will Noise Marines be any good? Will Chaos Independent Characters be feasible? Will my beloved Castigators be overshadowed by the new scale of Primaris Marines and Plague Marines? I just don't know.
Fortunately, I still have plenty to keep me busy in the meantime.
Our Path to Glory campaign is keeping me and Rob entertained and I'm enjoying it so much that I haven't even opened my box of Shadow Wars: Armageddon.
With my attention firmly focused on Path to Glory, I have been busy building terrain for our games and trialling out the rules so that I can post up battle reports for the Blog. Of course until I paint the terrain, and get the layout of the battlefield sorted, I haven't been posting much.
While playing our games, Rob and I have been discussing the best layout that we can use and I've come up the idea to use 12" x 12" tiles to mount the terrain on.

Thursday 11 May 2017

First 8th Edition thoughts

Time for me to step from the shadows and reveal myself as the Universe's puppet master, King of neuro-linguistic programming, whisperer of forgotten dreams and the small voice in your head that says ‘go on, do it’.

That's right ‘The Mitch’ here bringing you ramblings from the Tzeentch side of the cosmic double bed. Now I need to make it clear that my Chaos collection is one built around Thousand Sons and Tzeentch marines rather than daemons although I do have a few Daemon Princes and Magnus the Red has mystically appeared in my collection - who can follow the threads of fate eh?

With 8th edition 40K just around the corner and GW teasing us all with daily tidbits I am still not sure what to think. The pioneer in me says ‘just get on with it and embrace the new’. The experienced wargamer in me keeps saying ‘Its not what I would have done’. Whatever happens, as an elderly gamer I have seen several editions come and go; whatever 8th edition is like, one thing is sure, I will still be playing 40K.

So what do I think so far? Im carefully optimistic. The game will be different but it will give us new challenges to consider. I am very happy that GW have taken a good hard look at the Alliance table and are working hard to simplify the factions. The new character rules that mean they cannot join units and cannot be targeted unless they are the nearest target will make for some clever tactical movement. Simplifying game play has been at the heart of the reboot and that I agree with wholeheartedly. One aspects that I am not so sure about is the morale rules for units being shot. I would have preferred the mechanism to cause units to fall back rather than lose miniatures. In my experience taking the position of units out of a player's hands makes for more interesting games BUT frustrates players immensely as they are used to being the Gods of all they survey. Having units move involuntarily adds an element to the game that I think 40K has always missed.

And now I’ve seen this!

This data sheet clearly shows how new factions will only benefit from other units with the same faction name. In addition, in most cases The Thousand Sons get a 2+ save with a 4+ invulnerable which feels right and differentiates Rubric marines from regular marines. What is missing is any detail about points, but I'm using them at my next event however many points they cost.
Will they be game winners? In  some ways I hope not as I want to enjoy my games and that usually means a close, hard fought and tactical (skilful?) game. Will Chaos be better? Will the forces of doom be at the level of the infamous version 3.5? Will  the envisioned ‘Generals handbook’ with annual updates improve game play over the years? Will history end if Eldar are still ‘top race’?

Tzeentch knows the answers to all these questions but she’s not saying...at least not until June 2017, and then all she will say is 'I told you so'.