Saturday 29 November 2014

Dance for me my children

"How hateful are these creatures. They who abuse the minds of mortal men and suck them dry of their souls."

Assault on Black Reach - Force Supremacy

Festus wafted a pudgy hand through the foetid steam that formed the display of the holo vid, his informant from the Legio Cybernetica had been pivotal in providing positional recon on the Castigators. The timely arrival of a heldrake had eased the testing of their strength; it was only his own over confidence that had meant he hadn't come through the skirmish unscathed.
He was under no illusions that the Dark Mechanicum were playing one off against the other, if that was their game, then who was he to refuse?
A push in the right place to inject a little fecundity to the drop site courtesy of an old ally from the legion should keep the Castigators busy while he licked his septic wounds and mustered a host to secure the Dark Mechanicum's services for himself.

Monday 24 November 2014

Slaanesh Lord Nestor Lustheart, Chapter Master of the Castigators - The Colours of Chaos

I thought I'd take the opportunity to introduce you to Nestor Lustheart, Chapter Master of the Castigators and scourge to the scions of Dorn.  

I Saw A Pale Rider....And His Name was Death.

Assault On Black Reach

Rob (my regular gaming buddy and fellow fluffhead) and I have been getting back to our roots and playing for the story rather than playing practice games for tournaments....I suppose GW would call it 'forging a narrative' ;-)
We recently played the mini campaign found in the back of the old 5th edition rulebook, so I thought I'd share how we got on.
Assault On Black Reach Campaign
Deep within the Eye of Terror lies Black Reach, a bustling fortified Soulforge World that supplies weapons, armour and the dread Daemon Engines to the Legions and renegade Chapters...for a price!

“Treacherous bastards” cursed Nestor.
He should have known better than to put his faith in the Dark Mechanicum. The payment of sixty thousand souls had already been paid to them for their services, with the agreement of a further sixty thousand on final delivery.
When the Castigators’ fleet had arrived in system, sensors had quickly detected another fleet leaving orbit of the Forge World. It hadn’t taken long to discover that the fleet in question belonged to Festus Foulspawn of the Death Guard.
The fleet had manoeuvred into a standard defensive formation, but weapons had remained powered down, lest they incur the wrath of the Dark Mechanicum’s formidable defence batteries. Orders from the Forge World, had instructed them where to make planet fall and it was no coincidence that they’d landed within a stone’s throw of the Death Guard’s camp.
Within hours skirmishes had erupted over a wide area as both sides had tried to establish a perimeter, which no doubt, was what the Dark Mechanicum wanted.
Nestor wasn’t sure who had shot the Dark Mechanium supply vessel down, but the cargo it contained could prove useful in prioritising his needs and judging by the build-up of forces in the area, Festus Foulspawn thought the same.