Tuesday 27 December 2022

Darkmaw - The Darkness


The familiar low growl of Ripley roused the Orlock leader from his unconscious state. Slowly Red reached for his power knife as his Cyber-Mastiff snapped at something close by. The pitch black made it impossible for Red to see what danger lurked in the darkness but he trusted in Ripley's senses. His thumb stroked the activation switch of his knife as the Cyber-Mastiff's growls intensified.
Red felt a faint breeze move across his prone body and quickly activated his power knife, lashing out at the encroaching threat. His target swiftly moved out of range but not before the Orlock leader had seen his 'adversary' from his knife's glow. 
A deep raucous laugh echoed throughout the chamber as light flooded the room. Red leapt to his feet drawing his stubgun at the same time. Before him knelt a Cawdor with a wide grin upon his face illuminated by a candle . Two Cherub Servitors hovered close by each taking it in turn to swoop down and taunt his Cyber-Mastiff.
"You're alive then? Said the Cawdor with a smirk. "I wasn't sure because your damned hound wouldn't let me near." Continued the Priest. 
"He's like that." replied Red looking up at the hole that had consumed them.
"We aren't getting out that way without a power source to activate the elevator" said the priest climbing to his feet.
Red moved towards an old door that dominated the chamber keeping a wary eye on the Cawdor Priest.
"Perhaps a truce until we get out of here? inquired the Cawdor.
Red nodded his agreement before turning his full attention to the door.
"Excellent! Replied the Priest "Allow me to introduce myself" he continued "Abel Cankerson at your service."
"Coyote Red" replied the Orlock as the door opened.

Saturday 3 December 2022

Hive Crawler

Greeting Hivers

It's been a while, way too long really but I'm still here enjoying the hobby. Most of my time has been spread across several projects which has meant that I've finished nothing!

As readers who have been here before will know, I have more than enough terrain tiles to build a 6x4 Sector Mechanicus board...notice I didn't use the phrase regular readers there? That's because there has been very little regularity on the blog of late 😉.