Tuesday 29 January 2019

The Cruelwater Chronicles (Part V) - Sink or Swim

Janitor grimaced from the pain that racked his body as he attempted to sit up and look around the derelict manufactorum that they'd taken refuge in. Several of the Clean-Up Crew were carrying injuries and his champion Dexter was still unconscious from the pounding they had taken in the Puppet Master's Lair.
Janitor blamed himself, overconfidence had gotten the better of him. His pain was briefly overshadowed by rage at his own stupidity in thinking he had seen all that this cursed Puppet Master had to offer.
He closed his eyes and thought about what went wrong in their first foray into the Lair....

The 'Hunters' were something he hadn't encountered before and the Shock Staves they carried had inflicted two wounds before he had even engaged the abomination......

....It was only the timely intervention of his champion Sinister that had seen him survive.
From that ominous start, things had rapidly fallen apart for the Clean-Up Crew. The Puppet Master had inflicted several Flesh wounds with his Rad-Cannon and the Voodoo Dolls' had quickly taken advantage of their reduced toughness, systematically taking them out of action. The Hive Spirits had cursed them that day as the final Goliath fell, not to the Servo-Stalker, but to a swarm of rats.

It had been a grim day for the Goliaths and with three of them in recovery, Janitor had been forced to invest all of the gang's credits into another body.
Janitor's dark mood lifted as he thought about his latest recruit.
"Let's see what the Puppet Master's minions make of 'Dozer." He said as the gang moved out for a second assault on the Lair.......

Monday 21 January 2019


Dozer was always big even by Goliath standards but his propensity for the ultra-violence was sorely lacking until the Janitor fixed him with a combat skull chip. Now he revels in the brawl abandoning ranged weapons in favour of reaching out and touching his opponents. Not many can go toe to to with the 'Dozer especially when he flips his stim rig up to level four. 

Tuesday 1 January 2019

The Puppet Master

Greetings Sinners.....and Happy New Year to you all.
I was hoping to get a fair bit of painting in over the Christmas period but as some of you may know I only paint using daylight and the good 'ol British weather has seen fit to grant me very little of that over the past couple of weeks.....roll on Ostara!
I have however, managed to get our adversary in the Cruelwater Chronicles painted up and ready for action. So here he is: Renegade Dominus Kaius Torq....better known to the inhabitants of Rockridge as the Puppet Master.