Sunday 22 December 2019

"Booma" Rhinox, Coarseman of Rockridge.

The constantly recycled air, water and food have an inevitable effect on the inhabitants of Necromunda. Pollutants and toxins build up in the bio-system causing genetic instability and mutation, and the effects of these are worse further down the Hive where the toxins are more concentrated. Because mutation is so common, minor deformities are tolerated to a degree, even Uphive. 
Underhivers are more tolerant of mutants than other Necromundans. So long as mutants keep a low profile and are not obviously or grossly deformed, they can live peaceably even inside a large settlement, and for those too mutated to live in a big settlement, the lawless expanse of the hive bottom  provides ample opportunity to hide.
Deviants, Muties and Scalies are just some of the many names for the mutant, and such names are often spoken aloud by the inhabitants of Rockridge. However, there is one name that is only whispered for fear of invoking their wrath....the Coarsemen!