Friday 31 March 2017

Battlefield Birmingham 11 - Sheee'la'sar's tale

Greetings Sinners!
I was hoping to do a full write up of last weekends tournament, but unfortunately the lighting was pretty dire, so I'm afraid it will be a quick and dirty report of how I got on and my thoughts on how the army played......

Thursday 23 March 2017

Nestor & Sheee'la'sar team up for Battlefield Birmingham

Greeting Sinners!
Once again, the call to war rings out across the sector. Eager to show off his new ride, Nestor Lustheart gathers his forces to battle with the Emperor's lapdogs, xenos and other unsavoury ne'er do wells.
With the majority of the Castigators' Cohorts hunting Black Templars around Cadia, our intrepid hero has called upon the services of Sheee'la'sar to aid him in his quest.....

Thursday 16 March 2017

Shadow Wars: Armageddon

Greetings sinners!
Could this be the 40k skirmish that I've wanted since 2nd edition?
It's no secret that I've thought that 40k was going in the wrong direction since 3rd edition. That's not to say that I haven't enjoyed 40k through all of the editions (okay, maybe 6th edition was a bit iffy), because I have.
No, the reason I think 40k has been going in the wrong direction is because it has long since stopped being a skirmish game and has started to resemble Epic.
Too many models, Flyers, Super Heavies & now Primarchs, have left me thinking "This isn't the game I signed up for all those many years ago."
Hopefully, that may all be about to change!

Sunday 12 March 2017

More Scorpions.

Hi all,

At the risk of being a bit of a show off I'm going to show a few more of my Scorps collection before I move on to write about some other stuff. It's just going to be few random bits so here goes.

When the current marine codex hit the shelves I was instantly drawn to the formations. Formations were a new thing back then and even though there are dozens more now, for all factions, I think the marine options are still pretty cool and effective. My particular favourites are;

The Librarius Conclave.

In today's somewhat psychic heavy environment the conclave is an amazing way of getting more psychic offence/defence in your army. They don't have to be gathered together if you don't want them to in order to spread the powers around but the ability to manifest powers on a 2+ means your dice pool goes much further.

I'm also a big fan of fliers and in my opinion the Stormwing is quite awesome. OK, you're at the vagaries of dice for when they arrive but when the do they all arrive together, bringing some heavy firepower to the table.

Stormraven Nemesis. The unmodified GW kit is a truly awful model. Fortunately the now defunct Chapterhouse produced a conversion kit that elevated it to a remarkable looking model. I always thought a servitor crewed turret was entirely the wrong choice for the upper weapons system so with a bit of filing, in went a Forge World razorback turret which fits the more hi-tech marine aesthetic for me.

The main man in most of my force selections, Severin Loth. I feel justified in taking him as I have an actual Red Scorpions collection rather than fitting him in with 2 minimum scout squads because of his abilities. Choosing powers rather than rolling randomly means you're guaranteed that most desirable of powers, invisibility. The fact that his powers must all come from the same discipline isn't so bad when you consider psychic shriek is the telepathy primaris, or that you can turn him into a pretty decent combat character with biomancy. A 2+ invulnerable is just icing on the cake.

Being a FW chapter, Loth is one of FWs characters. As such, when first introduced he was allowed his own honour guard squad, being the Scorps Chief Librarian. FW released a conversion kit consisting of heads, weapons and torsos but no legs. At the time there was no kit with sufficiently ornate legs befitting honour guard but then along came the new Sternguard kit. 5 men with relic blades and a chapter banner is 200 points on the nose. Led by chaplain Tedan and assaulting out of Nemesis they pretty much annihilate anything 3+ armour or worse. I like 'em.

I hope you like my modest selection. Next time we'll talk about something different.

Tuesday 7 March 2017

Chaos Biker Lord - The Colours of Chaos

To the Eldar of Saim Hann, he is known as Soulreaper, the Imperial Fists, Black Templars and Crimson Fists know him as Dorn's Bane; to the rest of the Imperium he is known as the Traitor, the Heretic or the Scourge of Slaanesh; roughly translated from the Dark Eldar tongue he is known as the 'Unquenchable Thirst'; to the six Lords of Slaanesh he is known as the Chosen of Slaanesh; to the Castigators he is known as Lustheart and is their Chapter Master.
Throughout the galaxy he is known by many names......but all of them know him as Nestor!

Sunday 5 March 2017

Red Scorpions 4th Battle Company

Hi all,

I thought all week about what my first proper post should be and despite a lot of to-ing and fro-ing I couldn't shake the notion that I should introduce my first and main love in 40k. So, without further ado, here's some Red Scorpions.......