Thursday, 23 April 2020

The good the bad and the ugly

Tyson Vaughan enforcer captain has created a special strike team to cope with the upheaval after the collapse in Paynes Labyrinth. Codenamed 'septic' the special enforcer Patrol team  icarus will be at the forefront of law enforcement in the area.

Subjugators prepare to bring order to the lawless.

Left to right , scummer, fixer(chemdealer), and bounty hunter/ murder cyborg.

Remodeling Phobos and Deimos the champions of the Kindred of the dawn shadow.


  1. Very very beautiful! I really like the skin tone you got for cult champions!
    Lord Adiatun Varunn

  2. Thanks dude. It's a druchii violet wash over bugmans glow base, lightly dry brushed with flayed one flesh, finaly washing with carroburg crimson mixed with lhamian medium.

  3. Great work mate...I'm getting a bit jealous of all these models you are getting through with your Furlough.
    We're going to have to design an adventure to introduce your Enforcers, I'm reminded of the Clash song, I Fought the Law...and, the Law won!
    Hopefully we'll get to play again at some time....bloody Lockdown.
    Stay safe mate.

    1. I'm hopeing that the subjugators match the rest of my enforcers as they are at your place. Although a little variation isn't so bad with them being the big guys. Its gonna be fun seeing them attempt to throw their weight around down Rockridge way. Perhaps trying to arrest some gangers triggering the assault on precinct 13 scenarios in white dwarf.

  4. Brutal looking minis there man! I particularly like the bare headed subjugator. He's almost got a look of chaos about him.

  5. Yeah it's a shame there is only one of those on the sprue. I've also magnetized his right arm so he can do battle with his trusty shock baton or auto pistol if the mood takes him.