Sunday, 16 February 2020

Cereberax - Coarseman of Rockridge.

"As unnerving as it is to lay eyes on him, it's his incessant talking that disturbed me the most.
Endlessly whispering, muttering and arguing with himself, it's enough to drive a fella mad.
But you better pray to the emperor himself that his endless chatter doesn't stop.
'Cause that's when his Stubber starts talking."
                                                               Survivor from the Mutant Incursion of '20.

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Breaking News! Turmoil Engulfs Rockridge!

The Rockridge Herald

Hive Quake reduces Payne's Labyrinth to rubble!
The District of Payne's Labyrinth collapsed without warning yesterday. Several hundred workers are feared dead from the disaster. Shift Overseers described the casualties as horrendous but stress that production quotas should still be achievable with an extension of work cycles.
Investigations are still underway by the authorities as to the cause of the disaster but unofficial sources indicate it was a natural event caused by the Hive settling.

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Tuesday, 28 January 2020

The Black Legacy (Finale) - The Purge

Sully sat, propped against a cooling tower massaging her temples in an attempt to ease the searing pain behind her eyes. 
They had tracked the Kindred for several cycles, every time they thought they were close, the gang had somehow slipped away.
I'm getting old, she thought to herself. Her body was weary and her tiredness had manifested itself as a splitting migraine. She hadn't suffered from a headache like this for a, that wasn't quite true. The last time she had felt like this was in the presence of that detestable Interrogator Jared Blaine, but he, along with his Inquisitorial masters were long gone since the water supply had been infected. 
What had he said to her? Something about focusing on the pain to track its source.
She let out a derisive laugh, she wanted to forget about the damnable pain, not focus on it!
Sully closed her eyes and concentrated on the needle like sensation behind her eyes, the pain intensified to a  a searing agony which threatened to overwhelm her, to consume her every being. This is what a brain haemorrhage must feel like, I'm dyin....a voice echoed throughout her head interrupting her thoughts.  
She opened her eyes, convinced that one of her sisters would be stood there talking to her but the only thing near her was her pet snake Ezili. She closed her eyes again and redoubled her efforts, the agony returned once more but she stilled herself against the torment and followed the echoes that reverberated throughout her skull....GET OUT!....RUN!....FLEE!
Sully's eyes snapped open, she knew that voice, there was no mistaking it, she could even see his detestable, shit-eating grin in her mind's eye.  
"Time to get out of this hellhole." she said to Ezili, before rising to go find Brigitte.
Grand Vizier Theron opened his eyes and a malevolent grin spread across the Cult Adept's face. "Thanks for the message." he said to no-one in particular.

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Chamberlain Pallinus

.....Among our chief weapons are fear surprise and ruthless efficiency..... excerpt, orator Pallinus

With the rise of the mutant population in Rockridge many of the cawdor gangers flock to hear the preachings of Chamberlain pallinus. His firey oratory driving them into a frenzy of retribution against the darkness encroaching upon the Emperor's chosen. 

Thursday, 23 January 2020

The lion the witch and the warlord

The Ash Plains that span the distances between the Hive clusters are inhospitable to human life, they are however populated by many Hardy Beasts one of these is the desert liger. Ferocious predators able to rip apart entire settlements. These beasts can be broken by a particularly forceful leader.

 Of course it helps if you know someone with a particularly indomitable will able to subdue the wild animals with his mind alone.

Monday, 20 January 2020

Potamus - Coarseman of Rockridge

The Sump Swamp of Rockridge is a dank and dangerous place.
Dripping girders rise from its depths, their surface etched with the acidic slime trails of Sump Slugs. Strung between them lie the intricate webs of the lesser sump spider, its diminutive size more than compensated by a venom powerful enough to fell an Ogryn.
Flitting between pockets of Grappleweed, Stranglevine and Venomgorse, the heavy, stagnant air is filled with the sounds of buzzing Skeetas, some as large as a Goliath's head with a sting as keen as any stiletto blade,
Across its surface slither sump snakes large enough to swallow a man whole and leeches as long as a man's arm, their glossy black bodies bloated with blood. Where the toxicity of the sump swamp is too high even for these creatures, Sludge Jellies drift, waiting patiently to envelope and consume the unwary.
Beneath the murky surface, algae and rotting bio-matter keep everything from view, both dangerous and benign. A sudden burst of air bubbles could be a submerged girder settling or the rancid breath of a Sumpkrok on the hunt.
Despite these dangers, or maybe because of them, the Voodoo Dolls of House Escher call the Sump Swamp their home. But there is one creature that is so vile and dangerous that even the Voodoo Dolls fear it....Potamus, Coarseman of Rockridge!

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

White Scars WIP

Just thought I’d share a couple of pics my ‘bench mark’ White Scars terminator.