Sunday, 12 July 2020

The Coarsemen Cometh! - Mutants of Rockridge

Greetings Hivers!
With Lockdown restrictions eased, life is returning to 'normal' in the district of Rockridge. Eager to embark on our next adventure, we've completed the work on our next set of adversaries....the four Coarsemen of Rockridge.

Saturday, 4 July 2020

The Marionettes 2.0 (part 4) - RH-03-TUS

Greetings Hivers!
I finally managed to lift myself from my Lockdown ennui and finish the last champion for my Renegade Ad-Mech gang, the Marionettes.
Eighteen months ago (yes it's been that long....blush) this was how the champion looked. He was a bit of a rush job at the time because I was trying to get him finished quickly for Rory's annual Squaduary challenge. Of course me being me, I was soon distracted by something else and I missed the deadline a bit 😉.
As luck would have it GW released a couple of Necromunda supplements that added a few more weapons to the game. One of the these was the Arc Rifle (can't get more Ad-Mech than that!) so I ripped off the Plasma gun to give him a more fitting weapon.
I liked the idea of a champion skittering about on slender limbs giving him a sort of spider/centaur feel  but the model looked a little too static, so I decided to add more movement to his legs. Basically I ripped him apart and rebuilt him and here is what I ended up with.....

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Critters and classics

Way back in the day gameswokshop printed a full game over two issues of white dwarf called confrontation. This was the fore runner to Necromunda and I am lucky enough to still have these five models.

I believe the sculpts were by a guy called Bob ollie and are realy full of character.

They were originally supplied with plastic imperial guard arms and weapons.

I have updated their look with spares from my genestealer cult .

I know that somewhere in collection I have some of the original gsc sculpted buy the same guy around the same time.

This guy has the original old guard arms.

I decided to give this one a retro flak jacket in bright red just like the poor lamented squats used to wear.

Newly sighted in the hivebottoms a giant miliasaur.

And always in every dark dank corner waiting for prey the necromundan giant wolf spiders.
Some of the larger ones are more proactive hunters.

Sunday, 24 May 2020

The cream of the crop.

Dexter was tired of getting pushed around. Repeated kidnappings were an embarrassment so he invested his creds in a shiny new stim rig.

Now his new physique carries the Charles Atlas seal of approval. 

Of course his stolen gear needed replacement. 

Noone would get close enough to push him around now.

A new prospect has joined the clean up crew bringing with him what he refers to as
 'the devils toasting fork'

His singular lack of concern for his own safety greatly impressed the Janitor. 
Grimey was herd mumbling something about if he had an arc welder he would be twice as dangerous.  

Sunday, 17 May 2020

The Marionettes 2.0 (Part 3) Resurrection.

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Zenith rose to his feet, casually patting himself down to extinguish the flames that had engulfed him.
"Is that all you have tin man? I had worse burns on my first day in the forge." Mocked the Goliath.
The Princeps activated his power axe by way of reply.
"That's a real pretty axe you have there, think I'll keep it for myself and sell the rest of you for scrap tin man."
Zenith raised his bolter and fired two shots at the Mech Champion.
The first round tore into the Princeps' arm and his power axe dropped listlessly by his side, the second blew chunks from the coolant tank as the Mech Champion dived for cover.

Zenith leapt over the pipe work to follow up his attack.
"You're quick tin man, I'll give you that. Now let's see if you can fight as well as you move."
The Princeps emitted a burst of binary static as the Goliath closed the distance.
"Squeal all you want tin man, there's no one else here. So if you want to beg for your life, you better make it in Gothic."

"Time to die tin man." said Zenith with a grin.
As the Goliath carefully took aim once more with his boltgun, the Princeps' Grapplehawk dropped silently from the overhead pipework.

As one, the Grapplehawk and Mech Champion struck. The Princeps sliced through Zenith's wrist with his power axe and the Goliath's bolter fell to the floor, his hand still twitching upon its grip. At the same time the Grapplehawk clamped on to Zenith's left arm, it's fangs biting deep, severing his nerves and several of his fingers.
"I will not yield tin man!" Screamed Zenith into the Mech Champions face as the Princeps plunged his Shock Stave into the Goliath rending him unconscious.

Zenith awoke strapped to a gurney. Before him floated a Medicae unit, the likes of which he could never imagine in his wildest nightmare.
"I'll tell you nothing tin man" spat Zenith. "I am born of the Forge and you will not break me!"
Another burst of binary static, no doubt aimed at the Medicae unit, before the Mech Champion turned to face the Goliath.
In broken Low Gothic the Princeps addressed the Goliath for the first time.
"Break you? we're not here to break you Goliath. We're here to fix you."
Zenith began to scream......

Saturday, 9 May 2020

The masquerade

The masquerade are a tzeentch cult I've been working on lately using the models from the Blackstone fortress game.

These were a real struggle for me to paint. Not particularly the models as the way I started painting. All the colours were applied over a wyldwood  contrast paint and in hindsight this was far to dark for all the pale flesh and white.

I will return to them and apply more details and tidying up at a later date

As I'm now inspired to start building the stimmers of the house of chains to show a little love to my goliath gang.

Saturday, 2 May 2020

Girls just wanna have guns

The Skintights are my latest creation born from a need to paint some of my collection before I buy any more models and having lots of spare time on my hands. Although I'm back to work now I'm so glad I spent my time getting these girls done as they may well have lingered in my hobby desk for quite some time. Not sure how much table time they will receive and I'm still to build a satisfactory background for them. The models are exquisite in detail and I dont think I've gone half way to realy getting the most from them partly due to my artistic limits and part due to having seen what Gary acomplished with the voodoo dolls. I am however extremely happy with how they look maybe they can make guest appearances in our games in the near future .

Alexis Noir ( Lexie)  leader the 'Skintights' Escher gang.

Lexie's daughter Raven, juve

Polly Ethanol, escher champion. 

Anna Flacktik,  Esher champion. 

Thora Zine

Mimi Mycin

Li Thium

Trich L'oramine

Chlo Rine