Wednesday, 8 February 2023

The Rig Wars - The Red Zephyr

Bonny pulled up her face covering, the cloth hiding her grin as she watched the dockers run for shelter. 
As soon as the gang plank began to retract the whine of the engines started, kicking up ash and reducing visibility to mere metres. The ship rocked as her landing struts retracted and the anti-grav engines took up the strain. 
Her Starboard light cast ethereal shadows across the cavern's walls as she pivoted to the port side, the dust dancing in the green light. The Red Zephyr continued to pivot on the spot, as she drew parallel to the cavern entrance her port side light illuminated the fleeing dust, creating an image like the mouth of hell itself. The illusion was fleeting however, the Landship continued to pivot before its drive thrusters threw more ash into the air and the Red Zephyr left the cavern. 
"We'll pay for that the next time we show up." Yelled the Bosun over the screaming engines.
"We have an appointment with the Captain." Replied the first mate "
"And it's one we dare not miss." He thought to himself.

Tuesday, 31 January 2023

Darkmaw - The Extraction


The Cawdor and Orlock gangs had scoured the area looking for their respective leaders with little to no sign of them.
Both gangs had heard the Escher and Goliaths bragging about the dust up from the Parley between all of the gangs' leaders. Rumour had it that all of the leaders had given as good as they'd got but the Cawdor and Orlock leaders had failed to return.
The two gangs had put aside their differences to search the surrounding area where the gang moot had taken place. Each ganger paired off with their opposite number to ensure that no accident befell anybody should the leaders be found.
It was Ludwig the Fierce who discovered the blood trail. 
"Leave it to a Cawdor to find something in the dirt" mumbled Ironhide. 
The Cawdor Deacon rose to his feet activating his Chainaxe at the barb.
Ironhide reached for his hammer ready to meet the Cawdor head on when both were bathed in light.
Both turned their attention to the recently discovered ruin named Darkmaw. Light flooded from its mouth beckoning them to investigate.
Both reluctantly put their weapons away and followed the light to its source.
"Know what the problem is with you Redemptionists?" Said the Orlock Arms Master.
"I'm sure you're about to tell me." Replied the Cawdor.
"No sense of humour." 
His laughter echoing down the tunnel.

Sunday, 15 January 2023

The Rig Wars

Greetings Hivers!
First things first, this post should have been posted up 22 weeks ago. I thought I'd posted them (yes I had written three!) but I've only just realised that they've been sat in my drafts section waiting to be posted, so I've joined them all together to make one post....apologies for that 😳

With the release of the Ash Wastes rule set both Rob and I were eager to explore outside of the Hive. I mentioned to Rob that I had an idea about creating Landships to explore the Deep Wastes and just like that the Rig Wars was born!

Tuesday, 27 December 2022

Darkmaw - The Darkness


The familiar low growl of Ripley roused the Orlock leader from his unconscious state. Slowly Red reached for his power knife as his Cyber-Mastiff snapped at something close by. The pitch black made it impossible for Red to see what danger lurked in the darkness but he trusted in Ripley's senses. His thumb stroked the activation switch of his knife as the Cyber-Mastiff's growls intensified.
Red felt a faint breeze move across his prone body and quickly activated his power knife, lashing out at the encroaching threat. His target swiftly moved out of range but not before the Orlock leader had seen his 'adversary' from his knife's glow. 
A deep raucous laugh echoed throughout the chamber as light flooded the room. Red leapt to his feet drawing his stubgun at the same time. Before him knelt a Cawdor with a wide grin upon his face illuminated by a candle . Two Cherub Servitors hovered close by each taking it in turn to swoop down and taunt his Cyber-Mastiff.
"You're alive then? Said the Cawdor with a smirk. "I wasn't sure because your damned hound wouldn't let me near." Continued the Priest. 
"He's like that." replied Red looking up at the hole that had consumed them.
"We aren't getting out that way without a power source to activate the elevator" said the priest climbing to his feet.
Red moved towards an old door that dominated the chamber keeping a wary eye on the Cawdor Priest.
"Perhaps a truce until we get out of here? inquired the Cawdor.
Red nodded his agreement before turning his full attention to the door.
"Excellent! Replied the Priest "Allow me to introduce myself" he continued "Abel Cankerson at your service."
"Coyote Red" replied the Orlock as the door opened.

Saturday, 3 December 2022

Hive Crawler

Greeting Hivers

It's been a while, way too long really but I'm still here enjoying the hobby. Most of my time has been spread across several projects which has meant that I've finished nothing!

As readers who have been here before will know, I have more than enough terrain tiles to build a 6x4 Sector Mechanicus board...notice I didn't use the phrase regular readers there? That's because there has been very little regularity on the blog of late 😉. 

Sunday, 20 February 2022

Every Model's a Necromunda Model - The Shepherd and his Flock


Legend tells of an oasis deep in the Badzones. A place where the Hive burrows beneath the Ash Waste crust and the only source of light is from the luminescent spores that drift amongst the fungal infested corridors and caverns. The oasis is a safe harbour from the abominations and horrors of the Badlands but it is not without its defences.

Tales of hulking shadows and unseen assailants are told by those foolish enough to try to enter this oasis. They speak of a Shepherd who cares for the inhabitants of this near mythical place and in many Outland settlements free Ogryns speak of a Shepherd that led them out from the Hive.

Amongst the Forges and Fighting pits Ogryns talk of this legend, spreading his name amongst their ranks...although this is usually limited to just three words...Badzone...Shepherd...Freedom.

Sunday, 30 January 2022

Civvy Street in the Underhive - Down and Dirty


Greetings Hivers!

I wanted to take a break from painting Zone Mortalis sections of our Underhive and chose to return to the civilians that I built a couple of years ago.

I decided to use the three models that I had built to experiment with some speed painting's how they turned out...