Monday 28 September 2015

The Southern Invitational - Nestor's Tale

The Journey had been long and perilous. Traversing the whirls and eddies of the storms had been relatively simple thanks to Weymouth's psychic beacon lighting the way. The danger came not from the storms, but from the bitterest of rivals travelling the same route. Nestor had ordered the Castigators to keep a wary eye on Festus Foulspawn's Death Guard that had shadowed them for the entire journey. Tensions rose even higher when Damien Broadcloak's Tzeentch warband came into view, but all of them respected the truce accorded to the participants of the Southern Invitational.

Monday 14 September 2015

Soul Grinder of Slaanesh- WIP

Greetings sinners!
With the Southern Invitational less than five days away, I've been beavering away on my Slaanesh Soul Grinder. Unfortunately I'll only have two days of free time to paint 15 Furies and re-equip my Slaanesh Lord with a Fist and Claw. So for the time being this will have to suffice.....

Wednesday 9 September 2015

Storms of Judgement - Clash at Morbus

The Nurgling's squeal of anguish was brutally cut short as Nestor crushed the noisome creature beneath his heel. "Odious, filthy vermin" he thought as he put a bolter round through another of the tedious pests. "I shall cleanse this world of these vile parasites once Morbus is free from the Death Guard." He vowed.
For several Months the Pandora Cluster had been ravaged by Warp Storms. Travel between worlds had been impossible and Nestor had found himself stranded on the pleasure world of Mammon. Not a terrible place to be stranded, but the Slaanesh Lord had soon grown restless. He yearned for the thrill of combat once again and even Nestor realised that his blood lust could be a dangerous master if left unchecked. When the Storms had eventually cleared the Castigators made for the nearest warzone to slake his thirst with the blood of his enemies.....Morbus.

Saturday 5 September 2015

The Southern Invitational Approaches

Things have been very quiet on the gaming front lately. Summer has always been a bit slow, I mean who wants to be stuck inside when it's as sticky as Sticky the stick insect stuck on a sticky bun? But summer is behind us now and here in the UK we're officially into Autumn. With the changing of the seasons comes a change of pace on the gaming front, starting with the Southern Invitational.