Sunday 25 November 2018

The Cruelwater Chronicles (Part III) - Deep Water

The monitor flickered as the Servo-Skull rose above the settlement to give him a commanding view of the area. Acknowledgement codes flashed briefly across the screen from his Servo-Stalkers as they came into view but otherwise they stood motionless, like long forgotten grotesques guarding an ancient and crumbling mausoleum...which, if everything went according to plan, is exactly what Clearwater would be for the Clean-Up Crew and the Voodoo Dolls.

Thursday 15 November 2018

The Cruelwater Chronicles (Part II) - Troubled Waters

Built around the sluice gates and locks of the sump swamp, Cruelwater had never been a large settlement but its position on one of Rockridge's trade routes ensured it had always been a vibrant and bustling place. The numerous drinking and narco dens vying for prominence welcomed all with enough creds to make use of them.
That welcome seemed in short supply as Janitor and the rest of the Clean-Up Crew moved through the place. The neon lights that once bathed the settlement with bright lurid colours were gone, replaced by skeletal filaments that haunted the darkness they now inhabited. Furtive eyes peered out of the gloom watching the gang's every move, quickly retreating into the shadows when a Goliath made to approach them. A pall of fear hung heavy over Cruelwater, suffocating what little life remained.
The Goliaths didn't know who or what had brought about this malaise......but they were determined to find out....