Tuesday 17 November 2015

Storms of Judgement Campaign - The Sacking of Mammon

Port Avarice was empty when Festus and his Death Guard dropped onto the central landing pad, his forces had fanned out to clear the facility encountering no opposition. 
Usually a planet's main port would be a bustling hive of activity, but Port Avarice was deserted. The occupants had obviously left in haste, evident by the dropped trinkets and garments littering the eerily quiet streets.

Still smarting from the loss of the space station, Voidspan, Festus had immediately determined a course of action. The Space Port on Mammon would would make an ideal base of operations for the Death Guard. With this undamaged Space Port he could coordinate sweeps and searches of the entire system, it wouldn't take long to locate Nestor and his decadent Castigators from here. 
With this in mind he set his menials to task fortifying the base and re-activating the deep space scanners. Moments after restoring power, Proximity alarms began flashing, accompanied by the wail of a droning klaxon.
"Report." Ordered Festus.
"Scanners report no unidentified ships in the vicinity" replied the Warpsmith Darkmite.
"Well something must be setting off these damned alarms! Find out...." Raged Festus.
"I think I can answer that" interrupted Tosis Mire.
Festus turned to look at his second-in-command, but the Nurgle champion was gazing through the window into the gloom.
"And how would you know what's approaching?" Growled Festus.
"Because they are already here, sire." Sneered Tosis pointing into the gloom.

Wednesday 11 November 2015

From the ridiculous to the Sublime

Greetings Sinners!
With my tournament season over for this year, I'm struggling to find the motivation to paint anything at the moment. To get my painting mojo back, I'm going to embrace my Hobby Butterfly Syndrome and concentrate on one model at a time and then jump to something totally different. Lately, I've been speed painting ridiculously large models, so where better to start than with a member of Squad Sublime.