Sunday 16 February 2020

Cereberax - Coarseman of Rockridge.

"As unnerving as it is to lay eyes on him, it's his incessant talking that disturbed me the most.
Endlessly whispering, muttering and arguing with himself, it's enough to drive a fella mad.
But you better pray to the emperor himself that his endless chatter doesn't stop.
'Cause that's when his Stubber starts talking."
                                                               Survivor from the Mutant Incursion of '20.

Wednesday 5 February 2020

Breaking News! Turmoil Engulfs Rockridge!

The Rockridge Herald

Hive Quake reduces Payne's Labyrinth to rubble!
The District of Payne's Labyrinth collapsed without warning yesterday. Several hundred workers are feared dead from the disaster. Shift Overseers described the casualties as horrendous but stress that production quotas should still be achievable with an extension of work cycles.
Investigations are still underway by the authorities as to the cause of the disaster but unofficial sources indicate it was a natural event caused by the Hive settling.

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