Wednesday 19 June 2019

Breaking Herald News! Perpetual Campaign Medic.

The Rockridge Herald

Miners dig deep to help Rockridge.

A spokesman for the mining syndicate of Grubbers' Heights has asked the Herald to issue the following statement:

"The Kindred of the Dawn Shadow would like to share their recent good fortune by offering free health care to all inhabitants of Rockridge. At the beginning of each night cycle the Miner's Chirurgeon will open his doors to those in dire need of medical care. The Kindred believe that health and prosperity should be available to all and hope that this service will go some small way to helping the inhabitants of Rockridge achieve that."

The Herald applauds the Kindred of the Dawn Shadow and thanks them for this philanthropic gesture.

Saturday 15 June 2019

Necromunda Terrain Tile 9 - The Mine Shaft

Greetings sinners!
I've been busy working on our terrain just lately. Most of it has been free standing pieces ranging from coolant towers to walkways and scatter terrain. I finally got around to finishing off the old mine works that I started 18 months ago.

Sunday 2 June 2019

Herald News - A Cycle of Prejudice

The Rockridge Herald

A cycle of intolerance sweeps through Rockridge.

A dispute between the Marionettes and the Kindred of the Dawn Shadow erupted last cycle in the recently unearthed region of Greyspore Choke.
Witnesses report that the Kindred were in the process of erecting a temple to the Four Armed Emperor and the Marionettes took this as a slight to their Omnissiah. 

The Mechnicum Explorators had already completed an extensive survey of the Choke's needle ways and made great use of them during their attack.

Despite the Kindred stepping up security measures during construction....

.....the Marionettes moved into position with relative ease

The sentries were quickly neutralised by the Puppet Master with his Rad-Cannon.

While the remainder were quickly dispatched by the rest of the Marionettes gang. 

Allowing them to tear down the effigy and giving them control of Greyspore Choke and its Needle Ways.

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