Monday 14 December 2015

The Caledonian Uprising draws closer...and a second attempt at the Rapier Weapon Carrier

Greetings sinners!

The 40k hobby has really exploded for me in the last couple of weeks. My Noise Marines call to me....listen to the children of Slaanesh, what sweet music they make! The Path to Glory: Call of Chaos haunts my dreams, luring me down the dark, twisted paths of my imagination and seducing me with thoughts of eternal glory. As if that wasn't enough, the tournament Caledonian Uprising is fast approaching, so once again it's time to prioritise this wonderful hobby.

Wednesday 2 December 2015

Path To Glory: Call Of Chaos

Greetings sinners!
I'm sure every self-respecting GW fanboi knows that Games Workshop are doing their usual Advent Calendar once again....and I'm sure every self-respecting Chaos Lord worth a spit, knows that all of them are Chaos related this year. So despite the lack of sunlight to paint with or to cheer me up, I'm really stoked with GW's offerings this month, so much so that I've subscribed to all of the 40k Advent Calendar!