Sunday 28 April 2019

Rockridge News

The Rockridge Herald

Turf War Breaks Out At Tumbledown Rise.
 Tensions boiled over between the Voodoo Dolls and the Kindred of the Dawn Shadow last cycle. It appears that the Escher gang took exception to the miners of Grubbers' Heights constructing a smelting works to take advantage of the crags and seams of valuable slag that are prominent throughout the area. It's thought that the fracas was started by the Kindred's over-exuberance at completing the smelting works. A wild celebratory shot ricocheted from an overhead girder, hitting Maman Brigitte who was in the area protesting at the Kindred's plans to strip the natural resources from the area.
Despite the Voodoo Dolls return fire taking out several miners, the Kindred pushed forwards in a bid to protect their recent hard work. Witnesses report hearing Heavy Stubber fire from both sides echoing across the district but it appears that the only casualties seen were on the Kindred's workers. 

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Friday 19 April 2019