Saturday 7 March 2020

The Marionettes 2.0 (part 1)

Greetings Hivers!
Now that the Coarsemen have been painted and with Rory's excellent Squaduary recently finished, I thought it was high time I finished my Renegade Mechanicus gang.
Some of you may remember that I pledged them for last year's Squaduary and although I got them base coated in time, the camera on my phone packed up and they never saw the light of day. This proved to be a blessing in disguise because I had rushed some of them and I wasn't happy with all of the poses but mainly because we have been play testing them to make sure they aren't over/underpowered and the weapon load outs have changed a bit.
So this will be a small series of posts detailing the very belated progress of my gang, the Marionettes.

Stalker was finished last year and is one of the few to remain unchanged. A good old Long Rifle in the long corridors and high domes of the Underhive is rightly feared. Its reach makes him a menace in every game and strength 4 makes even Goliaths wary.

The original model was all grey but it felt like it needed lifting slightly. I added a crimson cog design (the blooded cog) to the cowl to add more interest and finally played around with some weathering powders which I've had for ages. I'm really happy with how he's turned out.

Long time readers might remember a certain Goliath ganger by the name of Zenith going missing  many cycles ago, it looks like pert of him has turned up!

The Bolter he is armed with has become a regular pain in Rob's side and Rob often goes to great lengths to take Z3N-1-TH whenever he can ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now that I've added the blooded cog to these two gangers I feel that I need to add it to the Puppet Master as well, but he can wait until I get more of the gang painted up properly.

Until next time.....may the Hive Spirits watch over you ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. Excellent stuff, the choice of the dark red cog makes them more disturbing ... as true renegades of the Mechanicus! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Marco.
      The Red helps to frame the face and add some contrast so I'll be adding that to Kaius Torq (AKA the Puppet Master) at some point, but I need to get the others finished first.

  2. Oh, I say! I think I can see Sicarians, Nighthaunt and Skitarii in the mix but what is that lovely power axe/staff made from? And why no close up/profile of the Magos Dominus? That fiendish hand cannon looks like heresy to me! Scoria would be proud!

    1. It never occurred to me to add close ups of the Puppet Master because I haven't made any alterations to him. Here's a link to another post explaining a little about him.

  3. They say that place is haunted by the spirits of all the gangers who have lost their lives in that damned death trap! .... the truth is far far worse!

    Apex, Goliath bruiser.

    1. The sycophants of Mars will tell you about the weakness of flesh....but they lie.
      With the right preparation, flesh makes a wonderful lubricant to keep the cog turning.