Monday, 16 March 2020

Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye!

"Hear ye citizens of the hollows! The up worlders have been encroaching upon our fair town. They have shook our very heavens with their ordinance.
We shall shake their very bones with our reply.

They have driven our kin from their shores.

We shall drive our steel through their hearts!
They come to pillage our heap.

We shall purge them with flame.

They have taken our homes.

They will never take our freedom.

Together we are strong.

United we shall prevail.

We shall bare arms against them. 

Our time has come to claim our birth right.

The spider man will have them for dinner tonight.

All should make haste to prosper by this opportunity. 

Come one, come all.

They shall rue the day they invaded our sanctuary. 

So it has been writ.

It's about to be writ again.

For the corsemen cometh.

So mote it be!


  1. You are so beautiful my Baron. Your diseases, lovingly cared for.

  2. For all eternity!
    Dude!! I've wished for years that heart plugs were an actual thing.

  3. Excellent work Rob, both with the conversions and paint scheme. I always enjoy seeing what you and Gary are working on.

    1. Thanks Rob. I'm enjoying documenting my hobby time. it really helps me become more invested in the modelling and painting aspects.

  4. I hate you, you speed painting superstar you 😉
    How did you paint the skin tones?

  5. That really was very quick simple and required little skill to do. I started by base coating with spray painting black and while it was still wet used grey spray paint from above and the sides and finally khaki coloured spray paint but from about 2 feet away at 45 degrees which created the dotted patina effect you can see see through the various washes once dry I started with fugan Orange wash on on the infected areas moving to a flesh wash over most of the model then carenberg red wash and purple wash on the tentacles and into the recesses finally with an agrax earth shade in the Deep recesses all done inone sitting while they were all wet and allowed them to bleed together. at this point it looks bloody awful and I had to walk away to look for more spray paint to start again but once dry the effect is really pleasing. I did tidy up a bit using a pale flesh colour dry brush and re applying some of the inks to remove some of the harsh lines left by the washes.

  6. Wow, that's a beautiful collection of diseased dudes! I especially love the leader/town crier. Great face on that one.

  7. Thanks DAM. Yeah that leering grin and much darker tone really is insidious.

  8. These chaps are so damn cool. Nice use of the textured paints here and there too.

  9. Thanks. A lot of these techniques and tricks I pick up from other blogs , pinterest and the like and am ashamed to say I dont remember exactly where I stole the idea from. I ride on the shoulders of giants and realy should give credit to those who came before....if any visit here i apologise in advance.

    1. I'll alleviate your guilt a little by telling you that I'll be stealing this technique from you almost immediately ;)