Monday 9 March 2020

Introducing Kaphorn Solaq

Introducing Kaphorn Solaq...

So eventually, after much umming and ahhing combined with the release of the Space Marine errata, my army is all base coated for my next 3 events.

I’ve settled on a pure Raven Guard, well Raven Guard Successor. I need to settle on a chapter name but I’m using some cool shoulder pads from Pop Goes The Monkey which a raptors head with 4 lightning bolts coming out of it.

Anyway now the army is base painted I can go back over it and start the enjoyable process of bringing it up to a level I’m happy with.

First up was my primaris lieutenant who almost always takes to the field with the relic Ex Tenebris.

This is fantastic little gun which lets me pick out, and take out, those support characters which buff my opponents army. Over many practice games he’s proven his worth repeatedly so he was first up for a ‘proper’ paint job.

Inspired my Michael I’ve also decided to name all my characters and squads so used the random name generator in the back of the Raven Guard codex to determine his name.

Hence Kaphorn Solaq.

An added bonus of this is it immediately reminded michael and I of Foghorn Leghorn! If you don’t know who that is then google him because he’s bloody funny. So now his nickname has immediately been determined as Foghorn.

Which isn’t really a problem because I love doing stupid impressions during the game.

Raven Guard are all about hiding in the darkness and assassination so one of my favourite phrases is from Bane (watch The Dark Knight Rises if you haven’t already, quality film).

Anyway, enough rambling. I’ve an event at the weekend where I’m aiming to get more experience with the list. My goal is to go 3-2 but the main aim is to have fun and learn. I’ve got some more time this evening so will be working on a squad of intercessors and bringing them up to standard. Pics to follow :)


  1. Liking the 'chicken hawk guard' foghorn looks great! That off white works realy well against the rich black and red accents. (Although I cant see the other pics after the first for some reason)

  2. Congratulations! You have found an excellent balance between the need to be recognizable for a HQ and the stealth of the Raven Guard!
    I take this opportunity to say thank you for these posts: in this moment of fear and difficulty for us in Italy, even a few brief moments of distraction are gold.
    thank you so much.

    Marco (Lord Adiatun Varunn)

    1. Are things that bad over there Marco?
      We've heard things on the news but the news media has taken something of a hit to their credibility over the last couple of years, so I tend to take everything they say with a pinch of salt these days.
      I hope things quickly improve for you and yours, all the mate.

    2. All the best, not all the mate.

    3. I live in a small town in a marginal area, so far there are no cases but in the neighboring towns they have already occurred. The problem is that not everyone is respecting the rules and, given the uncertainty, we fear a lot for the health of friends and parents. We hope that the new imposed blockages will slow down the growth of the infection. It should not be underestimated, also because the more the infections increase, the more the health structures are suffering: there are doctors and nurses who work tirelessly and are commendable but human beings cannot keep these rhythms at infinity...

  3. Wow 😮

    I don’t think we’ll be far behind you to be honest. I can see them closing everything down here too.

    Really hoping warm weather kicks in to help slow the spread.

    1. I hope so too. Thank you all once again, writing it helps ...