Sunday 22 February 2015

Three's A Crowd - A 40k Scenario

Shards of data shattered against Janus’ defences. With contemptuous ease the Warpsmith turned aside the scrap code as it attempted to repel him. Janus played with the idea of allowing it into his mind to experience the wondrous agonies that such a battle would bring, but the foreboding presence of Nestor stayed his hand. Instead he teased it into a new direction, toying briefly with its singular desire to destroy him, Janus lured it back to its source. A flicker of satisfaction sparked within as he twisted the scrap code’s program into devouring itself. Surging past the remnants of his assailant, Janus entered the data-stream. His consciousness swam in the sea of data, plunging its depths in search of the engrams that would lead to his goal. Exhilaration coursed through him as he skirted eddies and located his prize, pausing only to activate the transmitter, the Warpsmith’s consciousness followed the signal into the void and found…..nothing!
“Do you have it?”
“No my Lord, I have followed the transmitters signal, but it will require another two communication relays to triangulate the position.” said the Warpsmith in his customary monotone voice.
Nestor nodded and opened a comms channel. “Assemble the war council, our work has just begun.”

As the Storm's of Judgement campaign continues, I decided to write a scenario for the battles in the underhive of Toil's End.
This scenario came about when Alex asked to borrow some Space Wolves Grey Hunters for a tournament. It's a while since I've seen them and when I got them out to see what I had painted, I thought to myself that I really should use them at some point. I was working on some ideas to make our campaign games different and the idea struck me that I could add them into the scenario to spice the game up.
We played the scenario earlier this week (report to follow shortly) and it turned out to be a really exciting and close game. I'd highly recommend people to give it a go. If you don't have a unit of Space Wolves just use whatever you have.
Three’s A Crowd
Sensors have detected coded communications transmitting into the void. The locations of these transmissions have been narrowed down to Toil’s End, Hive City and capitol of Lathe. Both factions are attempting to seize the transmitter and discover the transmissions destination.
Battle Briefing
The Battle is fought with one objective (the transmitter) in the middle of the board and uses Dawn of War deployment. The game uses Variable Game Length, Night Fighting, Mysterious Objectives and Reserves.
Mission Special Rules
All three factions are desperate to claim the transmitter. To represent the importance attached to the objective, the third faction will send a unit to attempt to seize the objective!

Space Wolves Strike Force
9 Grey Hunters with 2 Plasma Guns & a Wolf Standard. Led by a Wolf Guard with Powerfist & a Combi-Melta in a Drop Pod.
At the Beginning of turn three, the Space Wolves arrive. Place the Drop Pod in the centre of the table. The Drop Pod will always scatter 6D6 in the direction of the arrow. When the unit disembarks it will do so as close as possible towards the objective. The Space Wolves move, shoot and assault before either player takes their game turn. The Space Wolves will always move towards the objective in a bid to secure it. In the shooting phase they will shoot at the nearest unit. They will only charge a unit if it will bring them closer to the objective. Players roll each turn to see who controls the unit.
Victory Conditions
The player who has a scoring unit within 3” of the objective and no enemy model within 3” wins the game. If neither player has a scoring unit within 3” or it is contested, then the Space Wolves win.
Army size is 1000pts and may not contain any flyers.
The Twist
The Warpsmiths have discovered that in order to trace the signals destination, that three separate transmitters must be captured to triangulate the signal. The first player to capture three transmitters discovers the source. The winner of each mission has the option to go first or second in the next game.

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