Friday 20 February 2015

Storms of Judgement - The Storm Rages

Singed flesh, ozone and sacred unguents assaulted Nestor’s nostrils. He breathed deeply savouring the sickly sweet aroma as he waited impatiently for the Warpsmith to uncover the secrets within the communication relay.
“Shackle the soul and forge the flesh. Bind the machine and butcher the rest.” chanted the Warpsmith as his Mechatendrils caressed the relay, their data spikes penetrating the relay’s data-ports, eager to become one with the machine. Nestor watched with mild curiosity as the Warpsmith fell silent, his body swaying to an unheard rhythm.

The battle for Toil’s End had been a stimulating experience. Seventy per cent of Lathe’s Hive city was firmly under his control, but it had not been without its costs. Darius had lost most of his squad to the accursed Death Guard and was even now having a new augmetic limb fitted by the Fleshsmiths. N’kari had been banished back to the warp and it would take many sacrifices to open the way and allow the Keeper of Secrets to rejoin them.
With the main communication relay in his hands it was only a matter of time before he pin-pointed the source of the transmissions that hampered off world communications. Because of the interference no ship could venture further into the Pandora Cluster lest they be ambushed by another ship or lost in the receding warp storms. Where ever this transmitter was located he would find it and control it, revealing the system to the Dark Prince’s desires….

The War Continues
As Hellfrost moves towards it's furthest point from its sun, the protagonists have dug in and prepared themselves for the long winter ahead. Small skirmishes have been reported but these appear to be nothing more than feints to test each others defences and keep the chill at bay.

The Death Guard have a firm grip on the moon of Misery. Led by the infamous Tosis Mire, the Slaves to Darkness have repelled all attempts by the Prophets of War to oust them from the subterranean passageways. Tosis has called in the Dark Mechanicus to investigate the purpose of all the excavation work and it can only be a matter of time before he discovers the secret buried beneath the surface.....unless someone can stop him.

The old Forgeworld of Lathe has felt the full fury of the storm of war. The Crusade of Deliverance have been bolstered by Imperial Guard, Dark Angels and Grey Knights to bring the Emperor's wrath to the beleaguered planet and have claimed four territories.
The Slaves to Darkness have split their forces to establish an unparalleled hold on Misery at the cost of territories on Lathe, something to which Festus Blightmaster will be having words with Tosis Mire about! Even after splitting their forces, they have still managed to claim three territories.
As war reverberated across the planet the Prophets of War were bolstered by reinforcements from below.  Necron warriors from the Gaspah Cohort of Tobac silently rose up and smashed all before them. The Slaves to Darkness and Crusade of Deliverance fell back in disarray before the Necron onslaught but the capricious Castigators once again switched sides and brought the Necron menace to a halt, leaving the Prophets of War with 5 territories including the Hive City Toil's End.

With war raging across the system, all of the protagonists are vying for some advantage. Communications between the different war zones have become increasingly difficult. Fleets of ships struggle to navigate through the frequent warp storms that plague the system. To confound the antagonists even further, interference transmitted from the void is making Warp travel virtually impossible. 
Your Faction Needs You!
Transmissions have been detected from Lathe's capitol, Toil's End, and the race is on to discover who or what is receiving these transmissions. The Prophets of War control the upper spires and most of the city but the underhive is a sprawling mass of districts and lost cities that can conceal vast armies or covert special forces. Early indications point to small cells operating transmitters that are confounding all of the factions with their intent.
The moon of Misery has almost been conquered by the Slaves to Darkness, or more accurately an upcoming Lieutenant of the Death Guard named Tosis Mire. Whoever controls Misery will have all the resources they need to unearth the secret buried beneath its meteor scarred surface and will surely gain the upper hand.
Who will prevail? Stay tuned as the story unfolds......

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