Tuesday 24 February 2015

The Colours Of Chaos - Lucian Soulweaver, Lord Sorceror of the Castigators

The Chaos Space Marine section on Bolter & Chainsword is running a hobby challenge to build and paint a Chaos Sorceror. So I thought now would be a good time to post up my Sorceror Lucian Soulweaver

Lucian has always been the calming influence in the Chapter, steering the Castigators away from their self destructive tendencies. Because of this I wanted a Sorceror that looked more menacing than chaotic, so I decided to build my own from my ‘bits box’. After a bit of rummaging, I decided to use the Dark Angel Librarian from Dark Vengeance for the lower body and his ‘Darth Vader’ arm (is it just me that feels an enormous sense of achievement when you use a model from the GW Dark Vengeance box?). The legs needed a bit of chopping up to remove the Dark Angel icons so I replace them with the legs from one of the Chosen models that also came in the Dark Vengeance box (I’d already removed the torso from this model for something else). For the torso and head I used the rider from the fantasy Terrorgheist kit and with a bit a green stuff to tidy it up, I had just what I wanted.

After a further rummage in my bits box for a back pack and a few skulls, I had everything I needed to finish my Sorceror, and so I present to you Lucian Soulweaver, Lord Sorceror of the Castigators.

Although Lucian’s mastery of the Warp is unsurpassed by any other within the ranks of the Castigators, it is insignificant compared to his achievements in shaping the Chapter.
It was Lucian, with the aid of Chiron, who refined the Castigator’s ‘Involuntary Possession’ technique, damning the sons of Dorn to a fate worse than death and swelling the ranks of the Chapter with Possessed.
It was Lucian who foresaw the perilous path the Castigators had embarked upon, a path that would result in the destruction of the entire Chapter to the whims of Slaanesh should their excesses remain unchecked. Lucian groomed an upcoming lieutenant named Nestor. Instructing him in the Chapter’s origins and their vow to enlighten all sons of Dorn to the glory of Slaanesh. When the time came for Nestor to claim his place as Chapter Master, it was Lucian, accompanied by his Possessed, that slaughtered all opposition to his protégé’s ascension. 
Since then, Lucian has been Nestor’s chief confidant and advisor, guiding the Chapter away from the excesses that almost tore the Castigators apart. 
When Lucian witnessed the bonds of Brotherhood shared between Nestor and Vorlath of the Emperors Children, and the growing influence he held over his protégé, Lucian, unknown to Nestor, engineered the blood-feud between them. Should Nestor ever discover this, Lucian’s prestigious power base and influence should keep him safe from the Chapter Master’s wrath……if not, Lucian has other protégés.

Lucian rarely travels far without the Enlightened, his personal retinue of Possessed Chaos Space Marines.

Until next time.....May Our Lady grant you her number!


  1. Awesome job. The pose of the model is just perfect. It screams "I could destroy you." without being over the top. Combined with a great paint job and you have yourself a pretty kick ass Sorcerer.

  2. This is easily one of your best models, if not the best one! Both the conversion and paintjob are lovely, plus I envy you for getting to work with that plastic Vampire Lord bitz!

    A fantastic piece! And extra kudos for the vintage chaos champions used as Possessed! ;)

  3. Thanks.
    The Terrorgheist kit is the kit that keeps on giving, I've used loads of parts from it and still have the wings to add to some other macabre machination that I've yet to think of ;-)