Saturday 28 February 2015

Storms of Judgement - The discovery of Voidspan

"They're preparing to enter real-space" said Lucian. "Stand by for the co-ordinates."
Nestor roused himself from his his ennui at the Chief Sorcerors words. For three days the Veritas Invicta had tracked the Death Guard ship, the Corpus Mundi, through the Warp. A feat that had not been without its costs, evident by the shrivelled dessicated husks of the Sorceror's Acolytes that littered the chamber.
"On my mark prepare to enter real-space."
The skirmishes for the Underhive of Toil's End had not gone well for Nestor. The Death Guard had secured three transponders while the Castigators had managed to retrieve only one. The Death Guard had triangulated the position of the jamming transmitter and had boarded their flag-ship entering the Warp to seek it out. Nestor had immediately boarded the Veritas Invicta to pursue them, but they were still 12 hours behind them.
"Mark." commanded the Sorceror.
The ship groaned and shuddered as the stresses of traversing the barrier between real-space and the Immatarium threatened to tear the ship apart. Just as it seemed that the Veritas Invicta would break apart the vibrations ceased and calm was restored.
"Report." demanded Nestor.
"The Corpus Mundi is 12 Hours away holding position. Probe already launched, we will receive visual confirmation in 5....4....3....2....1.....visuals coming on line now my Lord."
Nestor looked at the view screen. The Corpus Mundi was dwarfed by the space station that it was docked alongside. Nestor cast an inquiring glance at the crewman.
"The station is not showing up on sensors, my Lord."
"Prepare Boarding Torpedos and assemble my War Council.....I want that Space Station."

Just a quick heads up on how the campaign is progressing.

We're coming to the end of phase one of the campaign which will culminate in the addition of a few more planets to fight over. As a finale to phase one, I have been working on a Space Station to fight over and very slowly building a Zone Mortalis board. Here's a couple of photos of what I have so far. It still isn't finished yet as I need to make more Pillars and I need to get my hands on some scatter terrain to fill the corridors with.

I'll be showing a battle report very soon showing it off in all its glory.
Until next time......may Our Lady grant you her number.

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