Tuesday, 28 January 2020

The Black Legacy (Finale) - The Purge

Sully sat, propped against a cooling tower massaging her temples in an attempt to ease the searing pain behind her eyes. 
They had tracked the Kindred for several cycles, every time they thought they were close, the gang had somehow slipped away.
I'm getting old, she thought to herself. Her body was weary and her tiredness had manifested itself as a splitting migraine. She hadn't suffered from a headache like this for a while.....no, that wasn't quite true. The last time she had felt like this was in the presence of that detestable Interrogator Jared Blaine, but he, along with his Inquisitorial masters were long gone since the water supply had been infected. 
What had he said to her? Something about focusing on the pain to track its source.
She let out a derisive laugh, she wanted to forget about the damnable pain, not focus on it!
Sully closed her eyes and concentrated on the needle like sensation behind her eyes, the pain intensified to a  a searing agony which threatened to overwhelm her, to consume her every being. This is what a brain haemorrhage must feel like, I'm dyin....a voice echoed throughout her head interrupting her thoughts.  
She opened her eyes, convinced that one of her sisters would be stood there talking to her but the only thing near her was her pet snake Ezili. She closed her eyes again and redoubled her efforts, the agony returned once more but she stilled herself against the torment and followed the echoes that reverberated throughout her skull....GET OUT!....RUN!....FLEE!
Sully's eyes snapped open, she knew that voice, there was no mistaking it, she could even see his detestable, shit-eating grin in her mind's eye.  
"Time to get out of this hellhole." she said to Ezili, before rising to go find Brigitte.
Grand Vizier Theron opened his eyes and a malevolent grin spread across the Cult Adept's face. "Thanks for the message." he said to no-one in particular.

By Order of the Holy Inquisition I Declare the District of Payne's Labyrinth and its inhabitants Heretic
Both gangs are attempting to evacuate the territory of Payne's Labyrinth by leaving the board opposite their deployment zone.
Two 5 man units of Inquisitorial Storm Troopers armed with Hotshot Lasguns will attempt to stop them. These will be randomly deployed at the beginning of round two.
Should a double be rolled on the Priority roll, an additional 5 man Storm Trooper unit will appear randomly in the settlement.
If all Storm Troopers are removed from play, the game ends immediately (the Demolition and Incendiary charges are detonated once there are no Inquisitorial Troops in the area).
The winner is the gang who evacuates the most gangers. The loser is declared an Outlaw (the gang doesn't have enough gang members available to refute the preposterous claims made by the Inquisition and the rival gang that they were responsible for the district's destruction!)

Under cover of a Smoke Grenade, the Voodoo Dolls sprinted down the right flank...

Sabine and Cinders followed their leader Maman Brigitte through the tunnels in the centre.

The Kindred loaded the left flank.

Both gangs were eager to make as much ground as they could before the Inquisitorial Troops discovered them...

....which didn't take long in the centre....

....or on the left flank.

The Kindred wasted no time in dousing the Storm Troopers in Promethium....

...and neither did the Voodoo Dolls.

Both gangs were perfectly aware of what a Hotshot Lasgun could do and an Aberrant charged in to take one of the Inquisitorial Troopers out of action.

His brother did the same, gutting the Storm Trooper sergeant and clearing the Imperial presence on the left flank.

The Dolls' ganger, Sabine charged the trooper who had avoided Cinders promethium and took him out of action.

On the right the Ambot, Ju-Ju tore apart another Inquisitorial trooper.

The Kindred's Cult Adept pinned another trooper in the centre.

Maman Brigitte charge the Sergeant blocking her path, but the wily old trooper parried her attack.

With the left flank clear of Storm Troopers, the Kindred pushed on.

The sergeant struck at the Voodoo Dolls' leader stripping a wound from her before she plunged her Stiletto sword into him and took him out.

An Inquisitorial trooper in the centre spotted the Kindred moving down the right and opened fire on them...

...pinning a Neophyte with his Hotshot Lasgun.

On the left, Longpoke Kari covered the seriously injured Calypso with her Longlas.

The ganger Sabine charged an Aberrant, hoping to take him out with her Stiletto blade while his attention was on the Storm Troopers....

....but the Aberrant's low cunning proved too much for her and the abomination avoided her attacks. Fortunately for Sabine she dodged the return attacks, but she was in a very precarious position.

Things went from bad to worse for the Voodoo Dolls as more Storm Troopers arrived on the right flank. Kat, the Dolls' champion charged into the sergeant, slicing him apart with her Power sword.

In the centre the Kindred's champion, Phobos doused the Storm Troopers once more with Promethium but their Carapace armour proved resilient enough to protect them from harm.

With the Escher gang's advance down the right flank in serious danger of stalling, Ju-Ju charged another trooper and tore him apart.

The young juve Jinx charged in as well, but her inexperience was all too evident....

....and the Storm Trooper dodged her attacks to hit back with the butt of his Lasgun. Fortunately the young juve isn't called Jinx for nothing and dodged his blow.

The Kindred trying to stall the Escher's advance on the right hadn't avoided all of the Storm Troopers attention....

....and it was still in the balance who would come out on top...Escher, Genestealer Cult or Inquisitorial Storm Troopers.

The centre wasn't much better, things were so desperate that Felon Black had to help out with scragging the Imperial oppressors.

The Cult Adept charged the Storm Trooper that had plagued him, and quickly dispatched him.

The Voodoo Dolls moving along the right hand gantry peppered the Kindred with Lasgun Fire, seriously injuring a Neophyte. The Storm Troopers added their fire power pinning another.

The Storm Trooper tried to use his body weight against the young juve, but Jinx was too quick for him and her Stiletto blade drew blood. The toxin immediately took the Inquisitorial trooper out of action.

On the left flank the Kindred's champion, Deimos smashed aside Longpoke Kari as she tried to administer first aid to her fallen sister.

In the centre, Sabine slammed her Stiletto knife into the Aberrant, but the blade shattered on the beast's chitin plate. The Aberrant smashed the Escher ganger into the wall, taking her out of action.

Cinders doused the other Aberrant on the left in Promethium...

...Stripping a wound from him and setting him ablaze.

On the right Kat moved forward and shot her Needle pistol into a Storm Trooper, seriously injuring him.

Jinx charged the Neophyte pinned by the Storm Trooper's Las fire. The young Juve plunged her blade into the Neophyte taking him out of action.

The Rogue Witch Doc and ganger Tia moved to the edge of the gantry, the latter blasted a Storm Trooper below off of his feet with her Hotshot Lasgun, taking the Inquisitorial agent out of action.

Maman Brigitte moved out of the tunnels towards the left flank and raised her Bolter at the Neophyte Vassal, but the shot flew wide...

....Vassal steady himself and fired back. Three shots slammed into the Escher leader taking her out of action

On the right, a Neophyte charged the Rogue Witch Doc and ganger Tia. The fanatical Zealot smashed Tia to the ground and it was only the presence of the Doc that saved her from being taken out. 

Longpoke Kari's sacrifice hadn't been in vain on the left. She bought Calypso enough time to recover from her serious injury. The Dolls' ganger jumped to her feet and blasted away with her Hotshot Lasgun, surely she couldn't miss?

She didn't. Her shot blasted the Kindred champion from his feet, putting a flesh wound on him and knocking him over the edge of the narrow gantry. The champion fell and was seriously injured in the fall!

With Deimos seriously injured, Cinders charged in to take the vulnerable champion out of action.

The Kindred's leader, Grand Vizier Theron spied the Ambot moving up the right flank and pinned the Automaton with his Longlas.

On the right, the Dolls' champion Kimmy shouldered her Longlas and charged the Neophyte grappling with their Rogue Witch Doc.

The champion took him out with ease.

Whether it was the gun fire or instinctive behaviour about what was to befall the district, who can say? But several swarms of Skeetas appeared across the centre right of the settlement. Dangerous at the best of times, these could be downright deadly if they held up either gang's progress.
The Kindred still clung to the right flank though. A Neophyte blasted away at the Doll's other champion Kat, despite a swarm of Skeetas closing on him, but the shot flew wide.

On the left, the Kindred retaliated for the loss of Deimos. The gang's other champion moved forward and doused Calypso in Promethium...

....the ganger took another flesh wound and worse still she was set ablaze! The Neophyte, Vassal raged at the loss of his champion to a skinny juve and levelled his Bolter at Cinders, blasting the juve from her feet and taking her out of action.

On the right, the Voodoo Dolls moved as fast as they could towards the exit. A swarm of Skeetas hit the last standing Neophyte and knocked him off of the roof. Another swarm of Skeetas enveloped a Storm Trooper on the ground. With only two Inquisitorial Troopers left both gangs were rapidly running out of time to escape.

In the centre two swarms of Skeetas charged the Cult Adept and his familiar, tying them up and stopping them from escaping or shooting at the fleeing Escher gang.

As the Dolls moved forward, Ju-Ju charged a seriously injured Neophyte, taking the unfortunate ganger out of action.

On the left, Felon Black was the first to escape. The blazing Aberrant had managed to put out the flames and wasn't far behind his brother. Both Aberrants and the Kindred's champion followed Felon Black to freedom.

The last Neophyte on the right fell beneath the swarm of Skeetas, his body covered in stings.

The Cult Adept swatted blindly at the Skeetas engulfing him, crushing several but still enveloped by them.

He broke away and tried to flee but the Skeetas had tasted blood and swarmed around him once more.

On the right flank, the Voodoo Dolls made it to the exit, but instead of fleeing they set a perimeter for their sisters. (Once models leave the table they count towards how many gangers are out of action. So the more that leave, the more chance a gang has of bottling out...and Escher have the worst Bottle checks in the game.)

A firefight erupted between Tia, Kimmy and the Storm Trooper on the central gantry.

The Voodoo Dolls' numbers finally paid off and the Trooper, riddled with Lasfire fell to his death.

With only one Storm Trooper left, the Voodoo Dolls escaped. Putting their trust in Kimmy to hold her nerve and follow them shortly.

The Storm Trooper was battling against two swarms of Skeetas and it was only a matter of time before he was overcome.

The lone Trooper fought on valiantly, crush a swarm beneath his Inquisitorial jackboot, while both gangs sprinted to escape....
....but finally he fell to the toxic stings of the swarm.
As his life signs blinked out on the monitor of the Inquisitorial command centre. The order was relayed. "All Inquisitorial agents clear.....Detonate!"

The Kindred had escaped with four gangers.....

,,,,the Voodoo Dolls had escaped with four gangers....

.......A DRAW!

Both gangs have lost a territory and both have managed to avoid Outlaw status...just ๐Ÿ˜Œ

Hopefully, you've enjoyed this adventure, I know we've enjoyed playing it and if you've got this far, thanks for reading.
Until next time.....may the Hive Spirits watch over you! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. What a finale! The ramifications for out little settlement will surely be wide ranging. Who will capitalize on the upheaval as the kindred and the voodoo dolls reel from their ordeal.

    1. I think both gangs will be busy digging their comrades out of the rubble for a while.
      At least the Kindred have a couple of Aberrants to help with the excavation and I think the Voodoo Dolls' Ambot will certainly come in handy!

  2. Lord Adiatun Varunn28 January 2020 at 08:37

    Beautiful story! Reading about your gangs and their adventures was a pure pleasure! Thanks to you for writing!

    1. Thanks Marco...and thank you for reading.
      Hopefully, people will find our faery tales in the grim dark inspirational and give them ideas to create their own adventures ;-)

  3. Stirring stuff! Since it was a draw, does that mean we will see the Voodoo Dolls and The Kindred again? What are the implications of being made 'Outlaw'? I never thought I'd feel bad for the Inquisition but those poor Storm Troopers! I have a horrible feeling that the damn Skeetas are actually running the show down in the underhive. Sort of like the mice in Hitchhikers, we are all just pawns in their grand game...

    1. Cheers buddy.
      Oh the Kindred and the Voodoo Dolls will still be around (once they've dug the rest of the gang out of the rubble.
      Being made an outlaw restricts gangs to using the black market instead of the trading posts and stops them from using guilds and law abiding bounty hunters.

      We've both had previous experience of the storm troopers and we quickly learnt that taking them out at the earliest opportunity is never a bad idea....think of them like red shirts in star trek ๐Ÿ˜
      Those damn skeetas are everywhere, every time Rob draws a card for them, he picks them...from a deck of 5 as well ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. Just brilliant, I have spent the last couple of days grabbing time to catch up on the stuff I missed. Love the storyline, pictures and models.

    1. Thanks Rory, I know narrative reports aren't everyone's cup of tea, so it's good to see that some people appreciate our approach ;-)

  5. Very cool! I've enjoyed this campaign thoroughly.

    1. Thanks Ed, it's always good to hear someone enjoys our escapades :D