Wednesday 5 February 2020

Breaking News! Turmoil Engulfs Rockridge!

The Rockridge Herald

Hive Quake reduces Payne's Labyrinth to rubble!
The District of Payne's Labyrinth collapsed without warning yesterday. Several hundred workers are feared dead from the disaster. Shift Overseers described the casualties as horrendous but stress that production quotas should still be achievable with an extension of work cycles.
Investigations are still underway by the authorities as to the cause of the disaster but unofficial sources indicate it was a natural event caused by the Hive settling.

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The carnage wrought by the Hive Quake hasn't been confined to Payne's Labyrinth. Significant damage has been reported in the surrounding districts and Authorities are working hard to repair the damaged systems in Chemscar Gorge, Asher's Pass and the Hollows.

Similar repairs are unlikely to happen within Payne's Labyrinth as the district's outer walls have been breached for several Kilometres. Ash from the Wastes has already begun to build up in the area and the length of the breach is stretching the Enforcers' resources to breaking point.

Despite having access to several rapid response Ridgerunners, the deteriorating visibility from the plumes of ash and the sheer volume of nomadic Ashers and Mutants attempting to take advantage of the situation is proving difficult to police.

Rockridge's Mayor has appealed to all residents to help defend this breach. Ichabod Lickspittle released the following statement "It is every worker's duty to defend against these marauders. Our culture, indeed our very way of life is undermined by what these savages represent. I appeal to all workers to stand shoulder to shoulder with our brave Enforcers to help secure the perimeter and keep this nomadic scourge out of Rockridge.
A Guild representative added "I urge everybody to refrain from trading with these vagabonds. The goods they peddle are of inferior quality and in many cases forego our stringent safety checks."

Gangs Aid Rescue Effort

The Kindred of the Dawn Shadow raced to the disaster zone of Payne's Labyrinth as soon as the scale of the crisis became apparent. Lending their mining expertise to the rescue efforts the Kindred's reputation for helping those less fortunate was repaid in full by the Mutants in their care who readily put themselves in harm's way as they tunnelled through the rubble to reach trapped survivors.

The Voodoo Dolls confirmed just how much the citizens of Rockridge pull together in the face of adversity. The Escher gang made use of their Luther Pattern Excavation Automata to quickly break through the rockfall and their Rogue Doc was on hand to administer medical care for those in need.
One survivor hailed the gangs as heroes for coming to their aid and the Herald couldn't agree more!

Quarantine Restrictions in Prospector's Folly Continue

The Quarantine protocols surrounding Prospectors Folly are still in effect from a chemical spill, but officials claim that the district should be reopened in the near future.
Captain Tyson Vaughn of Special Enforcer Patrol Team ICarus (S.E.P.T.IC.) asked the Herald to release the following statement.
"The well-being and safety of the population is paramount to a thriving and successful district. S.E.P.T.IC are here to facilitate this goal and we are working speedily and efficiently to restore Prospector's Folly to the prominent position it has enjoyed within Rockridge.
It is vital that all inhabitants report for mandatory genetic testing."
Our Herald reporter asked the captain about rumours of the establishment of an internment camp and the mistreatment of those held there.
"I can understand the confusion here. We have built a large health centre to aid our health officials with genetic testing. These tests are merely a means to discover if any workers have been contaminated by the unfortunate chemical spill that has resulted in the district being quarantined. Obviously, the quicker we discover who has come into contact with this substance, the quicker we can treat them."
When pressed about the rumoured mistreatment, the captain replied "It turns out a lot of people are scared of needles, so some of them got a bit feisty."
The Herald is proud that the authorities have gone to such lengths to protect the health of our citizens and urges all inhabitants of Prospector's Folly to report for genetic testing, it could just save your life.

Mutants Devastate the District of the Hollows
A pict-still reportedly taken from a Hollows' security camera was received by the Herald recently. The image appears to show the culprits responsible for a cowardly attack on the inhabitants of the Hollows.
Experts have confirmed that these images are genuine and prove just how valuable these security systems are to ensure the safety of the residents of Rockridge.
The Mayor of Rockridge issued the following statement "The perpetrators of this heinous crime will be hunted down and eradicated. I will not stand for Muties rampaging across Rockridge and the deviants will be made to pay....or my name isn't Ichabod Lickspittle!"
Enforcers are unable to explain where these mutants have come from or where they have disappeared to but stress that the investigation is progressing well.
They also asked the public for any information they might have regarding this raid. 


Mystery deepens at cause of Hive Quake
A pict-still reportedly taken from a Payne's Labyrinth security camera has been circulating around Rockridge. The image appears to show two Imperial Guard troopers placing barrels around support structures within the district of Payne's Labyrinth.
Experts have analysed these Pict-Stills and have asked the Herald to assure all workers that these Picts are fakes and that intrusive security systems can be hacked by unscrupulous individuals.
Rockridge's Mayor, Ichabod Lickspittle, dismissed the Picts as "an attempt by insurgents to undermine the peace and harmony enjoyed by all of Rockridge's residents." The Mayor added "Any information regarding this obvious and despicable hoax should be shared with their local Enforcers."
An Enforcer captain stated "To suggest an Imperial Guard platoon could enter Rockridge without his knowledge was preposterous. Nothing went on in Rockridge that he didn't know about!"
When asked about reports from survivors confirming that Imperial Guard troops prevented them from leaving the area just before the Hive Quake hit, the Captain replied "I didn't know that."


Cawdor Brotherhood Bolsters Payne's Labyrinth Defences

The Brotherhood of the Cleansing Flame stood shoulder to shoulder with the Enforcers defending Payne's Labyrinth last night.
The Herald caught up with their leader Abel Cankerson, sifting through the rubble and asked him what had spurred him on to offer assistance.
"House Cawdor stands proudly with Lord Helmawr's Enforcers to drive back the heretical nomads, who's utter disregard to the Emperor's glorious vision of humankind is an affront to all right minded folk....and we heard there was mutants amongst them and it's always fun to burn muties!"
Less charitable gangs have remarked that they're only there to pick up the rubbish and once they have stripped the place, they'll crawl back to their dump to make 'holy relics' out of it.
An Enforcer patrolman expressed his gratitude that the "Cawdor gang was willing to put their lives on the line to repel the threat posed by wall coming down." He added that reports of him saying "It's a shame they don't worship soap as much as they worship the Emperor." as being taken out of context.


Despite the trials and tribulations experienced across Rockridge, the Herald is heartened by the selfless acts shown by the inhabitants of Rockridge and believes if we all pull together the future looks promising.

Until next time....may the Hive Spirits watch over you! 😉


  1. That Ichabod Licksptttle seems awfully familiar 🤔. Although I'm sure any similarities to any persons living or dead are purely coincidental! I do however hope the brotherhood are able to dodge bullits as effectively as they dodge soap!

    1. You do realise that in my head your Cawdor will always be known as the soap dodgers now?
      I had to resist making Ichabod Lickspittle too similar to today's politicians, you can only go so far with the Grimdark before it becomes unbelievable ;-)
      No bus or imaginary wall was harmed during his election!

    2. Any relation to Alfred Lickspittle? I think I can see a rogue skitarii in that Cawdor gang. Cool! Also I may be in possession of two of your missing Ambots but they are literally in pieces so probably no good to you.

    3. I had him in my head when I came up with the name 😉
      The guild is working on the assumption that the Ambots have been stripped for parts because no one would have the audacity to use them around here.... your details have been passed on to the Enforcers 😁

  2. Lord Adiatun Varunn5 February 2020 at 11:24

    Always relaxing to read The Herald, it's nice that there is an authoritative voice that spreads the truth and not fake news ... (Incredible how politicians look like even at great distances of space and time��)

    1. The Herald is renowned for having its finger on the for politicians, the least said about them the better ;-)

  3. Obviously Imperial authorities were pre-positioning water and other resources in those barrels in case Payne's Labryinth was the focal point of rescue efforts for a nearby disaster. Frightening how easily one can drop into double speak. Sounds like the S.E.P.T.I.C Captain had a smidgeon of doubt about how much he knows when. It'll be a shame when, err if he is injured or killed in the coming rescue efforts. Wonderful pieces of terrain to establish the scale of the disaster and keep it fitting into the game board. Still need to get some of those gravel filters for terrain making.

    1. I'm glad to see you realise that the Imperial authorities care for nothing but the welfare of the locals...the editor of the Rockridge Herald would like to offer you a job as a reporter as your ability to cut through the obfuscation and see the truth of the matter is a valuable skill ;-)

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.