Sunday 12 January 2020

The Black Legacy (Part V) - Poisoning the Well

Fellon Black dragged his weary body out of the ducting. The Inquisitor and those cursed Voodoo Dolls had harried them at every turn. The Kindred had barely escaped from Prospector's Folly and the quarantine protocols established around the district had effectively ended their control of the territory.
The Kindred were far from finished though, they still had the crate of precious serum.
Fellon smiled as the water tower for the district of Payne's Labyrinth came into view...The Voodoo Dolls would rue the day they tangled with the Kindred.

The Kindred sprinted towards their objective. It was a deliciously simple plan, spike the water supply of the Voodoo Dolls territory with the Kindred's genetic marker!

The Underhive is a dangerous place though, especially for those with little to no knowledge of the area. The Kindred disturbed a nest of Skeetas!

The flying critters swarmed around the intruders.

Kimmy spotted a Neophyte and took him down with her Longlas.

An Aberrant struggled against the Skeeta swarm, as the Neophyte known as Vassal rushes to his aid.

Another Aberrant charged into a swarm to protect his leader....

...but the Cult Adept was enveloped by another swarm.

Even Fellon Black had to lend a hand with so many Skeetas buzzing around

With the Kindred busy dealing with the local wildlife, the Escher Champion sprinted for the water tower accompanied by the Dolls' Rogue Doc.

Fellon, Vassal and the Aberrant crushed the Skeetas swarming around them.

The Escher ganger Calypso took a Neophyte out of action with her Hot-shot Lasgun.

The Cult Adept swatted the Skeetas plaguing him. His Aberrant bodyguard dispatched one swarm of Skeetas but the remaining swarm proved too much for him and the Aberrant fell to their venom.

The Kindred's reserves arrived. A genestealer emerged from the shadows.

Sergeant Bronn, charged the monstrosity, putting his faith in his armour, his power sword and the Emperor.....

....unfortunately faith alone isn't always enough!

Maman Brigitte turned quickly as yet another Aberrant charged towards her....

....but her reflexes weren't quite quick enough and the Escher leader fell to the Aberrant's attacks!

Jared Blaine charged a Neophyte. The Interrogator smashed his quarry to the ground with the long reach of his Shock Stave but was unable to follow up with a Coup de Grace because of the distance.

Cinders sprinted forward to douse the Kindred's Acolyte in promethium but Phobos' familiar warned him of the danger and the Acolyte stepped clear of the flames. Much to the Dolls' horror, he then turned his flamer onto the Escher Juve and screams echoed across the district as flames engulfed her!

The Kindred's Magus charged Ju-Ju, using his Shock Stave to keep away from the Ambot's reach, the Magus stripped a wound from it, but was left in a precarious position.

As the Acolyte Deimos moved towards the top of the water tower, Vassal spotted the predicament that his Magus was in. The Neophyte raised his Boltgun at the lumbering Ambot threatening the Magus and squeezed the trigger. Three shots slammed into the Ambot. The rounds exploded deep inside the mining automata, taking it out of action!

To add to the Voodoo Dolls' woes, the Genestealer charged the Inquisitor. Dragosani barely had time to reach for his sword before the Stealer tore into him. The Inquisitor's Displacement Field flashed brightly as it teleported him away but two attacks had already severely wounded him before his Field had activated. Dragosani would play no further part in this skirmish.

With little of the gang left, the Voodoo Dolls fought on. The Escher Champion Kat charged into the Acolyte Deimos, taking him out with her power sword....

...and taking control of one of the three crates.

Longpoke Kari shot at the other Acolyte with her Longlas and for once the familiar failed to warn his master of the incoming shot. Unfortunately for the Dolls the shot missed any vital organs and Phobos received only a flesh wound.

An Aberrant charged into Sumpsnake Sully, smashing her to the ground. As the monstrosity roared at his victory, Erzili, Sully's pet snake lashed out, its fangs biting deep into the Aberrant,s exposed throat. The Aberrant staggered as Erzili's toxin took immediate effect and then plummeted over the ledge, leaving another crate in the hands of the Dolls.

The Aberrant that had dispatched the Escher leader charged Jared Blaine. The Inquisitorial Interrogator stood no chance and was taken out of action.

The Cult Adept finally took out the last of the Skeetas that had plagued him all battle.

Unaware of the close proximity of the Aberrant, Kat attempted to open the crate but the lock confounded her.

The Aberrant charged into the unaware champion. As quick as Kat's reflexes were, they weren't quick enough to stop the Aberrant's hammer from smashing her to the ground and taking her out of action.

Fellon Black moved towards the crate that the snake Erzili was guarding, the snake lashed out and sunk it's fangs into the Rogue Docs hand. His thick industrial gloves protected him from the snake's toxin and Black simply threw the snake over the ledge.

Dahn Bokor, the Voodoo Dolls' Rogue Doc blasted the Aberrant from its feet with his Stub gun but before he could follow up to administer the Coup de Grace the Genestealer pounced upon him. The Rogue Doc was smashed aside....

....allowing the Kindred to empty their serum into the district's water supply!

Dragosani winced as he sat up. His ship's chirurgeon moved towards him but the Inquisitor waved him away.
Jared Blaine and Sergeant Bronn stood at Dragosani's bedside, the Storm Trooper's relief that the Inquisitor still lived was palpable.
"Report Sergeant."
"The district of Payne's Labyrinth is contaminated. Quarantine protocols have already been established in the surrounding tunnels." snapped Bronn. "Demolition and incendiary charges are in place and my men have secured all exits. We await your orders."
Dragosani nodded at his sergeant's efficiency.
"Order your men to pull back and give the order to detonate all charges immediately."
"What of the Voodoo Dolls? Inquired Blaine. "They are still in the area hunting down the Kindred and the local inhabitants have yet to be evacuated..."
"I said immediately" interrupted Dragosani. "The welfare of a few feral locals is of little consequence in the greater scheme of things."


  1. The fall of the ambot to bolter fire realy sealed the fate of Payne's labyrinth. That pesky inqisitors meddling is becoming rather infuriating.

    1. That and not realising that there was an Aberrant within charge distance of Kat when I tried to open the crate. That's one of the wonderful things about our table, we spend so much time drinking in the atmosphere that we often forget about gangers hiding in the shadows :D
      It was a really enjoyable game though and the ramifications that it will hold for Rockridge makes for some great options ;-)

  2. Another great report, you're really inspiring me to play some Necromunda!

    1. Thanks Ed.
      I can't recommend Necromunda highly enough, so give it a go, I'm sure you'll like it.

    2. I have a plan to do some narrative stuff with my brother. If I can get a couple more models painted then we'll kick things off. Who knows, maybe there will even be a battle report or two.

    3. That'll be great, I do like reading battle reports...especially narrative ones.
      I'll keep a watchful eye on your blog.....err it is Tabletop Apocalypse right?

    4. That's my brother, but he's the one with the talent so I'll let it slide. :) My own blog is check it out if you're interested.

    5. Oh I have that one in my bookmarks on my laptop.

  3. As always, fantastic! It is simply a pleasure to read!

    1. Thanks Marco.
      Happy to see you're enjoying our latest adventure, it makes all the effort seem worthwhile :-)

  4. Dammit, it's so great. The pics and the narration keep the tension perfectly!

    1. Thanks Suber.
      Necromunda is great for keeping the tension going throughout a game. Just when we think we know the outcome, a couple of dice rolls turn it on its head...and that happens a few times each game.

  5. I don't even play Necromunda but this was enthralling. I'm sorry but I was rooting for the Genestealer! And that scenery...

    1. Cheers fella.
      GSC are such cool models and their background is really evocative, I love playing against them....even if they are kicking me all over the Underhive 😉