Saturday 23 April 2016

The Search for Festus - Into The Sorcerers Lair

"How much longer, Mo'reau?" Asked Chiron.
The Fleshsmith, lost in his grisly work, had almost forgotten that Chiron was standing there watching his every move.
"Soon...." replied the Fleshsmith without looking up from his administrations, "....providing there are no further interruptions."
Dulcet laughter resonated from behind Chiron's faceplate, causing the Fleshsmith to look up from his gruesome task.
"Ah, forgive me, my young acolyte. I sometimes forget how enthralling the art of flesh crafting can be. Alas, my days of sculpting flesh are behind me Mo'reau, and these poor old limbs are incapable of such dexterity." Continued Chiron as he picked up an inert servitor in his mighty fist.
"Fortunately, these poor old limbs still have their uses, eh Mo'reau?" emphasising the point by crushing the hapless servitor.
"My apologies, Lord Chiron," stammered the Fleshsmith. "I forget myself when I'm immersed in my work....I meant no disrespect."
Mo'reau looked on in horror as Chiron's Multi-melta powered up. The Dreadnought's knowledge of flesh crafting was unsurpassed, but his behaviour since he had been interred was becoming more and more erratic and often proved fatal to those who displeased him.
"Continue with your work Fleshsmith. The Death Guard have come for your patient....I shall see to it personally that you receive no further interruptions!"

Greetings sinners!
It's been a hectic couple of weeks for me, with very little time to post...fortunately Rob has been introducing you to his lovely repugnant Death Guard.
I was hoping to be able to post up the final battle in our 'Search For Festus' campaign but both of us have been unable to get a game in. Hopefully we'll get a game in on Thursday to discover the fate of Festus.
In the mean time I thought I'd tell you about the scenario for our final game, entitled the Sorcerer's Lair.

The Sorcerer's Lair

The game is a Zone Mortalis battle with the Death Guard moving on from the northern edge of the photo below. The Death Guard army is 1200pts.
The Castigators army is 1000pts + the Fleshsmith. Only half of the units (rounding up) can be deployed at the start of the game, the rest are held in reserve. The Castigators units can be deployed anywhere on the table. Reserves arrive from the southern edge

The Death Guard are attempting to rescue their fallen Lord Festus from the clutches of the deranged Fleshsmith Mo'reau. To rescue Festus, the Death Guard must have at least one model in base contact with him for a full turn...they have to unhook him from the diabolical apparatus the Fleshsmith has him on and set up their teleporter locating beacon.
The Castigators are attempting to stop this by wiping out the Death Guard force.

Special Rules
Underground Complex - Because of the narrow twisting corridors, no Cavalry, Bikes or Jump Packs may be taken.
Doors - The underground complex is on lock-down. Each door  is treated as a stationary vehicle (armour 10) and is locked for the Death Guard. The defending Castigators can move freely through the doors.
Scenario 1 - The Castigators may re-spawn one unit for each game that the Castigators won in Scenario 1 (two games won), These are placed into On-Going Reserve.
Scenario 2 - The Death Guard scouts were busy planting charges on the doors while they held the Bastion against the Castigators' counter attack. For each turn that the Death Guard held the Bastion in Scenario 2 (5 turns), the Death Guard can destroy a door. Further more, the Castigators rolls for reserves are delayed for each turn the Death Guard held out.

Rob hasn't seen these rules yet, so in order to ensure we have a tight and hopefully thrilling game here is the Castigators' army that he will face

Lucian's Dark Menagerie

Lucian Soulweaver - Sorcerer (level 3), Force Axe, Prophet of the Voices, Sigil of Corruption.
The Enlightened - 5 Possessed, MoS
Chiron the Fleshmaster - Helbrute, Multi-Melta, Powerfist.
Shaithis the Penitent - Helbrute, Power Scourge, Plasma Cannon.
Squad Prurient - 5 Noise Marines, Blastmaster, Doom Siren.
Squad Sublime - 5 Noise Marines, Blastmaster, Lighning Claw & Doom Siren.
The Sullied - 5 Chaos Spawn.
.....and not forgetting Fleshsmith Mo'reau....

As I said, hopefully We'll discover the fate of Festus next week.
Will Tosis save his Lord from a fate worse than death?....or will my next modelling project be painting an Engineered Spawn to add to Lucian's dark menagerie?
Stay tuned for news as it unfolds.
Until next time.....may Our Lady grant you her number ;-)


  1. Mwahaha. Your over confidence is your weakness! When Nestor finds out you made it this easy for me you will be replacing Festus in that infernal machine! :-D

    1. Except for those sneaky doom sirens/ blast masters that might hurt a bit!

    2. Nestor doesn't worry me, Lucian the kingmaker is the man to worry about. His proclivity for the perverse is enough to make make a Daemonette shudder!

  2. Ohhh that is setting up nicely. Looking forward to reading all about it

    1. We're both excited about this as well, I just hope the game lives up to the billing ;-)

  3. I'm looking forward to it too. Cheers.

    1. Ah, but who are you routing for?

    2. The disciples of pleasure, of course! But it is an odd pleasure indeed to delve in the suffering of those who, as a matter of fact, "feel no pain". ;-)

    3. Lol.
      His stamina has proven to be an exquisite challenge, but his resistance is almost spent. He will make a fine addition to the Sullied.

  4. The bells toll, the afflicted lement, the daemons titter and squabble. Can't you hear the cartwheels rusty keening! The cavalcade is upon us, my managery of filth continues to grow. All will bare whitness and despair!

  5. Lord Adiatun Varunn26 April 2016 at 01:43

    Wow! I look forward to seeing how it will end ... Although Tosis Mire will be the winner, no matter how this ends... unless Festus find a way to get rid of the "problem", if, and only IF, it will be freed :-) I hope that you will enjoy the game and thank you for what you do for our hobby.

    1. Glad you're enjoying the build up!
      Who knows how this will end? Tosis could be walking into a trap, risking his own well being to save his fallen lord or perhaps Lucian Soulweaver has other plans for Tosis? ;-)

  6. Well well, the gods will have to have the last word :-) but ... Chiron and Mo'reau? Interesting choice of names, very interesting! :-)

    1. Chiron the great teacher who adopted the form of a Dreadnought to hide from death.....any similarities to a certain Centaur from ancient Terra are purely coincidental ;-)
      Similarly, Fleshsmith Mo'reau has never heard of H. G. Wells :D

    2. Lord Adiatun Varunn27 April 2016 at 03:49

      Fantastico! Sir, You are a Genius! :-)

  7. Liking the build up Gaz! Let's hope it's not a anticlimax lol;-) Sure it won't be if you and Rob got anything to do with it. Just like to thank you and Rob for all your hard work and showing your new finished projects and work in progress. As you know Gaz i live to convert but lack motivation keeping interest in the hobby due to not playing games since 5th. That's down to few things lack of people to play with the way the game as gone with all the supers and flyers i don't agree with them units in the game. And the way most people play now just playing to win with no interest in the best part of the hobby i think telling a story making your models and army come to life. That's why i love this blog everything i love about are hobby is all hear in this blog enough rambling i think. Big thanks again Gaz and Rob for keeping my passion for our hobby burning bright again.;-) Off topic anyone got the renegade box set yet? I'm thinking getting it to build a hell knight. Do you get two complete knight kits? It seems value for money but seems too good to be true for GW.

    1. Glad it's keeping you entertained and motivated Dyl.
      The renegade box is really good value, two Knights & a Sanctum Ruin for £96 if you buy online from somewhere like Element Games.

    2. I got the renegade box too. theirs both errant and warden in there. considering a warden was retailing for £85 you just cant complain. theirs only a minimal transfer sheet in it but hay-ho. I know Gary has a name for his house already but which noble lords would stoop so low as to pledge for the plague father?

    3. I still haven't made my mind up about which Knight House to go with. The obvious choice is House Devine, but they have no colour scheme.
      House Makabius has a cool colour scheme Rob and was under the command of the Death Guard shortly after the Drop Site Massacre(I believe FW even has a transfer sheet for them).