Tuesday 5 April 2016

The Fleshsmith will you see you now.

"Oh, hush now, We've barely begun."
"Sometimes, we think that our work is not appreciated."
"Do you know just how much work we've done restoring your dulled nerve endings?"
"We don't do this for our benefit you know?"
"Well....perhaps we do enjoy our work, but one must be happy in their work, mustn't one?"
"Be still now, we wouldn't want to make a mistake at this stage."
"The first injection is the worst, but once you've recovered you'll be surprised just how much you crave more."
"You'll feel so much better when we've finished."
"Now this may sting a little!"

Greetings sinners!
With Rob building and painting a rather cool Festus objective marker for our 'Search for Festus' campaign, I thought I better knock together a Fleshsmith to take care of our honoured guest. We wouldn't want him dying on us now would we?

A quick rummage through my bits boxes and I found the perfect parts for the Fleshsmith. The upper torso was an old Black Templar Cenobite model I had lying around. The backpack from an old Fabius Bile model was perfect for adding a few more tools to work on his unfortunate victims with.

A couple of old Rhino doors, made for an ideal operating table. Two old Ork dreadnought arms were used for the operating table support and the Fleshsmith's lower section connecting him to his tracked unit.

After Rob's quip about Festus on his rotisserie with chilli sauce and pitta bread, I think I'll call this Fleshsmith Stavros ;-)
Unfortunately for Tosis Mire, this Fleshsmith takes his responsibilities very seriously and will defend his patient with his life.
As well as being and a consummate Excoriator, Explicator and an excellent apothecary, the Fleshsmith is a formidable warrior in his own right.

The Fleshsmith has the following profile.

WS 4, BS -, S4, T5, W2, I4, A4, LD10, Save 3+

Special Rules
Fearless - The Fleshsmith is assumed to pass all morale checks and cannot be pinned.
Surgical Precision - The Fleshsmith's vast array of surgical blades, saws and drills are designed to operate on patients wearing the strongest of armour. As such all Close Combat attacks have the shred USR and are AP2.

I'm sure this will give Tosis Mire and his Death Guard something to think about as they search the corridors looking for their fallen Lord.
Until next time....may Our Lady grant you her number ;-)


  1. Lord Adiatun Varunn5 April 2016 at 08:16

    Disturbing and fascinating at the same time, perfect for a servant of the Lord of Pleasures... I'm increasingly intrigued by the creations accompanying your clash. Truly a nice piece from the game.

    1. Thank you, disturbing was just what the doctor ordered....groan ;-)

    2. Lord Adiatun Varunn5 April 2016 at 10:23

      A question: do you plan to use it even in normal games? If there was something like an apothecary for the chaos would be perfect...Or it could be a great substitute for Fabius Bile, at the manner of the Castigators. I repeat: really nice (and disturbing :-)) as a chaotic should be.

    3. I'll probably just use it in my campaign games against Rob or as a non player character for our Zone Mortalis games.
      I never thought about using it as a counts as Fabius Bile, that is a very good idea, hmmm ;-)

  2. Very nice Gaz! Knocked him up quick. Love the table with the straps.

    1. Cheers Dyl, built and painted in a day and half, which is pretty quick for me ;-)

  3. It's given me idea's for my cultists i need to do. Flesh cult unit or two.

  4. That's so cool. Well done!

  5. awesome! a great addition to what is shaping to be a monumental conclusion to this chapter of the storms of judgement.

  6. Just the thought of it stalking the corridors of your zone mortalis board it's tracks grinding against the metal floor while searching for new victims sends chills of delight down my spine.;-)

  7. You & Rob just keep trying to out do each other, which is brilliant for us. The conversion is great & makes me want to get back to my own Helbrute project I started nearly 2 years back & has since just sat on my desk partially built. I need to get my priorities right & give myself some dedicated hobby time :-)

    1. Cheers buddy.
      Agreed, lose yourself in your dark machinations and embrace all that chaos has to offer!

  8. It's the only competitive 40k I'm capable of at the moment;-)
    But wait..... Voices in the aether..... New formations of renegades are heading this way!!!
    Will our prayers be answered? or will it be another cruel trick of the gods?

    1. I thought our prayers had been answered but then I saw the Imperial lapdog's supplement and bitterness claimed another piece of my soul ;-)

  9. The blood sings in my heart, the blood god calls. He says 'repent my son's, realise your error. There is only one path, renew your bonds of brotherhood and cleanse the galaxy'.