Saturday 16 April 2016

T'Ba-gur 'the peddler' Herald of nurgle.

Whatever your buying the peddler can produce from his voluminous robes his buyers unaware the bargain he brokers comes with a price they can scarce afford. The gaudy trinkets he deals in soon tarnish and corrode along with the vitality of the owner leaving them with only despair and loss. This anguish soon pales as T'ba-gur returns to seek his remuneration. The dept collected swiftly, he reaps the reward of his bargaining. Another mortal soul bound for Nurgles eternal enjoyment.

While trawling through numerous pict screens of images looking for inspiration for conversions I noticed several models that were quite popular among modeller's. Probably because of their aesthetic value as much as their modelling potential. One of these is the warhammer wraith which I picked up with the idea of building a daemon inside the robes. A lot of the cool conversions I've seen involve floating mechanicus characters I however wanted my herald to be in mid leap scythe aloft ready to reap a tally for papa Nurgle.

I used all of the wraith except the heads the front of a zombie torso and genestealer legs along with a plague bearer head and hands.

The legs were pined together to set them right and I started building into one half of the wraith.

I test fit with bluetack to test out the composition.

I trimmed the skeletal hands from the scyth and replaced them with those from the plague bearer.

Test fitting the head I drilled a hole in the robes for a single horn to protrude. As I didn't want his trunk to get in the way I set the head deeper in the hood and (in order for the scythe to fit) extended it down and round, this also allowed me to make it follow the flow of the model.

The Mrs suggested that it would be cool if his spine were prominent underneath the hump of his back and  to get this effect I sliced the spine from the back of the genestealer and blended it in using 'liquid poly' and 'liquid greenstuff'.

Basic polyfilla and sand for the base.

A quick spray of primer and its ready for paint.

The painting I originally intended to have a contrast between the dull fabric and the bright shiny green skin like on my unit of plague bearers, but as I started to work this up I decided I didn't like how it was going and switched to a much more subtle palette of soft colours.


  1. Simple but effective convertion pal! I should take a leaf out of your book instead of doing complex and time consuming convertions. Keep up the good work;-)

  2. Lord Adiatun Varunn17 April 2016 at 02:35

    Good job! I appreciate the attention to detail you show, as the replacement of the hands with those from a Plague Bearer. I hope to see him soon in action against the Castigators :-)

    1. Thanks! The daemons may see action in the search for Festus but I'm not sure what to take for the final game just yet.

  3. Looks great Rob.

  4. Oh I like that Rob!
    The fate of Festus will be a 1200pt zone mortalis battle, so it should give you plenty of points to add the odd Daemon or two ;-)

  5. Great conversion! he looks absolutely epic!

  6. Replies
    1. I know you said no jump packs... What about jet pack cavalry;-)

  7. Looking gross. Well converted but gross and creepy :P

  8. Wow, epic conversion Rob! The robes add an extra creep factor to the deamon

  9. Thanks. Yeh I think the robes very fitting for Nurgle gives a very realms of chaos look.