Sunday 10 April 2016

Path to glory 'Rictus' Raptor champion of Chaos

A shadow passed across the ground causing the streaming light to flicker it was the only thing betraying the swift arrival of Rictus on his Deamonic leathery wings. 'lord Nalax' He hailed, his voice reverberating through the leering grin of his helm. 'It appears our forces have been scattered. I have contacted several cult members and individuals from a number of units, they march to our location now!'
Lord Kithel Nalax the corpulent turned to his trusted champion and nodded 'Good good we must locate the rest of their units as soon as we have consolidated, I sense the wolf is not far from our door... We must be ready!

Finished painting the first model for my path to glory war-band. 'Rictus' Raptor champion of Chaos.
Nothing fancy just a standard Possessed model but its such a nice one. The wings never made it to my possessed squad (as possessed don't have wings I thought it a little odd) so here I found a good excuse to use them. I will be using this as my Raptor champion armed with a pair of lightning claws

I envision the rest of the squad with jump packs (If I ever find any of them) with only Rictus gifted with the boon of Deamonic flight. I imagine the rest of the Raptors are scouring the area trying to locate the rest of the dispersed warband.


  1. Very nice, I'm sure Rictus will become a very useful character in the Path to Glory.

  2. Cheers, if he's lucky enough to find some of his mates they will be a serious force to be reckoned with.

  3. Lord Adiatun Varunn11 April 2016 at 06:44

    Great paint job, I also like the background you've written! I look forward to seeing the other models of the bands and the reports :-)

  4. Looks nice pal! Just a idea if you are planning on doing a raptor squad. Why not cut the wings off the backpack and attach them to a raptor jump pack. Why not model a third eye on helmets or scythes blades for lightning claws just throwing ideas out there for you pal.;-)

  5. My table is awash with bits at the moment with multiple models in progress. As I finish them they will be posted. It gives me incentive to complete them and also nudge Castigator to start his degenerate's so we can get started on this journey!