Sunday 28 June 2015

Facing My Demons

It's no secret that I've been somewhat disillusioned with the direction GW have dragged 40k in. It's pretty much a free for all these days, and whilst freedom to do whatever you want can be a liberating experience, it can quickly become tedious when it becomes the norm. As a 'Fluffhead, the background has always played an important part of the game for me, so when I see Grey Knights allying with Daemons or Thunderwolves with Flying Hive Tyrants, I think what's the point in tournaments?

I'm not against allies, I just think that GW have implemented them so badly that they make a mockery of tournaments or the competitive side of the game.....from a background perspective anyway.
Because of this, I've generally stayed clear of tournaments since 6th edition was released.....I mean what's the point of tournaments when the game revolves around stacking Universal Special Rules to the detriment of the background?
Well.....the point is, is that tournaments can be damned good fun! It's a chance to get together with old mates or make new mates, have a drink and a laugh, look at some really cool models and share tales of crushing defeat and glorious victory.....tournaments are all this and more!

So with this in mind, I've decided to enter the UKGT with my brother in sin, Steve.
The UKGT is a pretty hard core event held over several heats (4 this year) with those finishing in the top half qualifying for the final. The rules pack for this year is pretty open, allowing for just about anything to be taken. The main points being:

  • All Armies must follow the rules for creating Battle-forged Armies on page 117-127 of the Warhammer 40k 7th Edition rulebook.
  • Unbound Armies are not allowed.
  • Special Characters are permitted as long as any codex specific restrictions are followed.
  • Come the Apocalypse alliances may not be made. Otherwise follow The Allies Matrix on pg. 126 of the Warhammer 40K 7th Edition rulebook.
  • Stronghold Assault rules will be used.
  • Lords of war are allowed.
  • Data Slates are allowed following all rules presented within them.
  • No units with an AV value over 14.
  • No units from Stronghold Assault with Void Shields.
  • Super Heavy Vehicles are allowed.
  • Forge World rules are allowed with 40K Approved Stamp.
It's going to be a brutal event with no quarter given, so the question is what to take?
I have an Eldar army that could be easily made into a 7th edition competitive army.

I stopped playing these when GW released their previous Codex because they were too over-powered. They've become bloody ridiculous with their latest release, and quite honestly, I'd be embarrassed to use Eldar these days, so they're out.

My other army is Sisters of Battle, that I used all through 5th edition. Damn I miss these girls, they had lots of cool rules and in the right hands could take on just about anything. They even took me to Germany playing for England at the ETC for a couple of years....

.......Of course, this was from when they were known as Witch Hunters and had an interesting and entertaining Codex. Since then GW decided that their rules were too complicated and decided to turn it into the most bland Codex possible ;-) that's them out then.

I don't need to tell anyone that the Chaos Space Marine Codex is the weakest Codex out there at the moment. Taking them to such a cut-throat event would be suicide wouldn't it? Well yes, but where there's a will, there's a way. Time to look to our allies.....unfortunately the no 'Come the Apocalypse' hurts Chaos more than other army out there. It pretty much just limits me to Daemons or Renegades and Heretics from Imperial Armour 13. I'm not a fan of Guard, so that just leaves Daemons.

Fortunately, I've always liked my Daemons. I have plenty lying around the house just waiting to be summoned to aid the Castigators in these times of need.....unfortunately, hardly any of them are painted...hell....most of them aren't even built!
Still, Heat 2 of the UKGT isn't until October, so that should give me plenty of time add an allied contingent. I'm going to start off small and add a couple of units of Daemonettes (18 nettes in each unit). I have 18 painted up from the good old 3.5 days, which could do with some touching up (behave), but they can wait until I get the rest of my allies sorted.

 For the leader I'm trying out the Masque, who I'm hoping to use to slow down Thunderwolves and knock Flying Hive Tyrants out of the sky with her Dance of Caging (unit within 12" may only move, run or charge D3" until the following turn). I had a game against my mate Neil's Khorne Daemonkin army this week and she proved quite devastating in neutering a unit's abilities.....unfortunately Neil also had a Greater Brass Scorpion that chomped through my entire army ;-)

I also tried out 20 Furies with the mark of Slaanesh and these proved to be very effective for a measly 165pts. They're incredibly fast with their extra 3" run move and fleet, but it's their rending ability that really makes them shine. So today I've been building some Slaaneshi Furies to add to my allies.
They're a really simple, if somewhat expensive conversion (they need to be if I'm building 20 of them ;-) ). Plastic Daemonettes with plastic Tyranid Gargoyle wings, I'm quite happy with they've turned out.

I've managed to get 10 built this afternoon, so hopefully they'll all be built by tomorrow.

So expect to see a strong Daemonic element on the blog for the next month or so as I ready my allies for Heat 2.....unless of course the organiser get's back to me and okay's it for me to use a Chaos Warhound Titan.....but that's another tale altogether ;-)

Until next time.....may Our Lady grant you her number!


  1. Nice simple but affective conversion on the furies. Why not try putting extra pair of claws on your deamonettes so they have 6 limbs. Just a idea I'm doing with mine thought I would share it pal!;-)

    1. Sounds cool Dyl, you'll have to show me them the next time I'm over.

  2. Will do pal! As for warhound titan are you thinking the same as me converting it into a subjugator or something along those lines? Have you seen the new warlord titan? Somethings should stay in epic scale I think.;-)

    1. I like the Warhound as it is.
      Yeah the Warlord is a real beast. I'm not sure what it would be used for though, it's so big it would probably just for display.

  3. I'm converting my seekers into centaurs with two sets of claws and steeds long tongue pinned to the deamonettes mouth. I know the seekers are stunning model's but I live to convert and put my own stamp on my models. Love your land raider see you borrowed my idea from my dark angels rhinos for the side doors.;-)

    1. That Landraider is a lot older than your Dark Angels mate.
      The Steeds sound cool, something else you can show me when I come over ;-)

  4. Nice looking models mate. I know I said I would convert mine tonight but I've just remembered that my list for Pompey needs to be in on the 1st so a frantic evening of list writing is in order. Steve

    1. Cheers you to leave it until the last minute.....a man after my own heart ;-)

  5. Great conversions mate

  6. Are you planning on including your fiend soul grinder pal?

    1. It's only a 1500pt event that I'm going to, so I can't fit it in.

  7. Loving the furies. Sisters look great as well.

    One thing about 40k, is you can always play the game you want to. I've attended multiple tournaments, but I stay away from the GT's. Plenty of friendly, narrative, beerhammers events where you can just go and have a great time, without worrying if someone is bringing some drop pod skitari list that shoots your army off the table on turn 1.

    1. Cheers Greg
      Unfortunately the UK is somewhat lacking in 'narrative' or seriously comped events. The only event I've managed to get to this year has been the Cold Steel Mercenaries Invitational.That's why I've decided to try the UKGT.
      Fortunately for me, every tournie I go to is a beerhammer event ;-)

    2. Haha awesome. Looking forward to how you like the UKGT. Though I haven't played in a GT, I have observed them, and it does seem to me, that after the first few rounds, you tend to be matched up with people of similar style of play. (less competitive if you aren't willing to play at that level)

    3. In past GT's I've usually had at least 50% of games that are winnable, but I've been away from the tournie scene for a while now and my knowledge of other dexes is very limited these days.
      My brother in sin will be at the event, so we'll have our customary competition for the Chosen of Slaanesh, which I've held for the last two years! Whoever finishes higher between us will take the title whilst the other is is saddled with the shameful title of Forsaken of Slaanesh.
      Obviously the title is far more important than doing well in a GT ;-)

  8. The furies idea you have done im borrowing the idea off you pal. I'm adding extra pair of claws though. So don't be surprised next time you are over and you see 18 of them on the table in my games room. That will give me 2x18 daemonette units 18 seekers 18 furies. Still can't make my mind up for HQ but ill get there pal.;-)

  9. LOL.....For HQ I'd look to Slaanesh Heralds. A Slaanesh Herald on a Steed with Beguilement is 90pts. Adding her to a unit of Furies gives them re-roll to hit and more importantly it increases their leadership from 2 to 7. That should keep them hanging around a bit longer. In a pure Daemon army I'd probably use 3 to 4 Heralds but as allies to my Castigators at 1500pts I'm just going to use the one Herald. I haven't made my mind up yet whether that will be the Masque or a beguilement Herald.