Monday, 8 June 2015

Chaos Knight Approaches?

The latest Forge World Bulletin released today tempts us with a sneak peak of the Chaos Knight that they have been working on. Unfortunately the only information to accompany the photo was the following:
'A Knight sworn to the powers of Chaos. I hear it’ll be ready for production soon!'

So this little teaser raises more questions than it answers.....namely is it just an upgrade kit for the Imperial Knight or will Chaos get some sort of official rules to allow them to hold hands?
And if they do get some rules, will they be the same as Imperial Knights just Battle Brothers?....will we get some warp powered funky weapons?....or will we get the usual Chaos nerf?

I'm quite excited by this model, and not just because it might rekindle my interest in tournament play, I really like the subtle look of this knight. That's not to say that I don't like all of the conversions that I've seen knocking around the internet but it really is my idea of a Chaos Knight.
I'm sure you've all seen the model already from the photos taken at the Warhammer World Grand Re-opening, but if you haven't here are some piccies I've lifted.

Of course this is just a generic Chaos Knight and if I do decide to get one (yeah I know I said I never wanted to paint another large model again after the Fire Raptor) I'd prefer to have mine look more dedicated to Slaanesh......ala House Devine. Obviously Knights are large lumbering machines but a Slaaneshi Knight in my mind would look a little more graceful.....fortunately there may be an answer to this in the form of another Knight spotted at the Warhammer World re-opening.....

Yeah I know it's a detestable Khorne Knight ;-) but it's the legs that interest me......

These legs are exactly how I imagine a Slaanesh Knights should be. Aesthetically they're graceful enough without looking too poncy like an Eldar Knights and from what I've seen of them they look like they'd be the right size to combine with the Imperial Knight. Here's a photo of them side by side....

Hopefully both of these will be released very soon, both of them look lush and I have a funny feeling my wallet is about to get a whole lot lighter......
Until next time.....may Our Lady grant you her number.


  1. I really like the khorne leg's will look cool with the other knight's torso and without too much work. Can't beleave I haven't seen these pics already. I like the big chainsword look better on the end of a tail mounted onto the back of the torso. Remove the arms and mount a cannon where the head should go. Looks like my flawless will be getting a hell knight style knight very soon idea's idea's ;-)

  2. Lets just hope that there are some rules to allow Chaos to use one without it being 'Come the Apocalypse'

  3. I'm very curious also what the end result is going to be with the rules. Beyond my budget right now but it would give me something to look forward to.

    1. I won't be getting my hopes up for any additional rules. It's probably just an upgrade kit and nothing more. Even without Battle Brothers I need something to add to my Castigators to slow up Thunderwolf Cav or withstand the Scatterbikes ;-)

    2. I don't expect any new rules. I'm just hoping for a battle brother status.

    3. I'd be more than happy with that, time will tell my friend ;-)

  4. I'm just building a helknight style knight because it will look cool as hell. Not bothered about the rules I haven't played since 5th anyway. Just need forgeworld to hurry up and release these two kits ;-)