Friday 11 October 2019

The Black Legacy (Part II) - The Search

Fellon Black paced nervously as Garran finished his report to the Cult Adept.
He was so close to perfecting his regenerative serum. His early efforts had been plagued with mutation but he had persevered with his work and...barring the odd aberration...he was almost ready to present his work to the Divisionis Biologis. He was sure that they would retract his condemnation once they had evidence that his serum worked. He just needed a little more time to adjust the formula. 
"Calm yourself Doctor, you are perfectly safe in the bosom of your family." said Theron.
"But you heard Garran, they're searching for something!"
"What if they're searching for the specimen?"
"What if they know who I am....What if I they're searching for me?"
Theron placed a reassuring arm on Black's shoulder. "You are the honoured primogenitor, we will not allow anything happen to you Fellon" purred the Cult Adept.
"But we don't even know who these strangers are." sobbed Black.
Theron embraced the trembling Doctor.
"As ever, the Honoured Primogenitor is wise. We do not know who they are....but we will....we will"

The Inquisitor is searching for clues for the location of Fellon Black's laboratory. 
The answer lies buried inside one of the three crates hidden in the old tunnels. To find the location a model must open a crate and search the contents (pass an intelligence test). Once passed, a D6 is rolled for the first crate.
The location is discovered on a 6+. 
If the location isn't found a D6 roll of 5+ is required for the second crate. 
If the location isn't found in the second box the third crate contains the information required and is automatically discovered on a successful intelligence test. 
If the Inquisitor or one of his henchmen search the box rather than a ganger add +1 to the die roll.

The Kindred are trying to discover who the intruders are and what they want.
To discover this they must take out the Inquisitor or one of his henchmen. Once this is achieved, the model is not removed as normal and instead becomes an objective for the Genestealer Cult to strip search for clues to their identity and their mission.
To strip search the unfortunate victim, a Genestealer Cult model must move into base contact with the prone model and pass an Intelligence test. If they discover the Inquisitor's identity the Kindred will be bolstered with a retinue of their own in the next game.

The Kindred focused their strength in the centre. Fellon Black overcame his nerves and bolstered the line ready to administer medical aid where needed.

On the right an Aberrant deterred any would be trespassers supported by one of his kin.

The Inquisitor and Sergeant Bronn held the centre with Sumpsnake Sully offering support and the young Juve Jinx scouting the way ahead.

On the right Kat hugged the far edge of the settlement with Tia and the champion Kimmy covering her.

The Escher leader Brigitte and Cinders guided Preacher through the settlement on the left.

Shots rang out across the settlement and the Kindred's champion Deimos climbed the walls to add his plasma gun to the fusillade.

Despite the champion's familiar warning his master of the dangers ahead, the sustained firepower of the Escher knocked him to his feet and inflicted a flesh wound.

On the right, the Dolls' Ambot Ju-Ju charged forward to pressure the Kindred's flank....

.....Bolter shots and a Hotshot Lasgun rang out slowing his advance.

On the left Cinders sprinted forward. She screamed in agony as the Kindred's champion Phobos emerged from the shadows to bathe her in flames...taking her out of action.

The centre held no joy for the Voodoo Dolls either as the Longpoke Kari fell from the gantry by a well placed Long-las shot from the Kindred's Cult Adept Theron.

Preacher moved forward and bathed Phobos in the Emperor's divine light but the champion's familiar pulled him clear.

As Preacher showed himself, so too did one of the Kindred's Aberrants.

More of the Kindred's gangers scuttled from their hiding places. Shots buzzed around Preacher like a swarm of angry Skeetas but miraculously Preacher remained untouched.

Phobos bathed the area in promethium once again catching the Escher leader in her blaze.

Inquisitor Dragosani sprinted for the derelict tunnels, his henchman Sergeant Bronn kept pace with him..... they moved up to the door, the Kindred sprung their trap. The Neophyte Tempus opened the door and blasted Bronn from his feet with a Krak grenade, taking the sergeant out of action

Dragosani gunned down the grenade launching Neophyte with his Rak'Gol razor gun. Another Neophyte revealed himself and blasted at the Inquisitor with his shotgun, but the shot flew wide and it looked like the Inquisitor had survived the ambush unscathed.....

.....until the Aberrant known simply as Beast charged into him. Dragosani ducked and parried the Beast's ponderous blows but two attacks hit home.....

....The Beast roared in frustration as Dragosani's Displacer Field activated and teleported him out of harm's way with just a flesh wound.

With the Aberrant distracted, the young Juve Jinx leapt to the Inquisitor's defence. Toxins flooded the abomination's bloodstream from her stiletto blade as Beast was taken out of action!

On the Doll's right flank Kat closed in on her prey, ducking and weaving to avoid the Kindred's fire power.

The Neophyte Olaf searched the unconscious sergeant's body, rifling through his pouches to discover his identity and purpose. The Kindred had fulfilled their main objective!

Realising the extent of the forces arraigned against them, the Kindred redoubled their efforts against the intruders. Phobos doused Preacher in promethium setting him ablaze and taking him out of action.

Jinx charged Olaf in an attempt to stop the Neophyte from transmitting his discovery but her exertions against the Aberrant had taken their toll on the young Juve and her attacks lacked their usual exuberance. The Neophyte dodged her clumsy blows before smashing her in the face with the butt of his shotgun and taking her out of action.

On the the right the Neophyte Viper blasted at the rapidly approaching Escher champion pinning her. Despite Viper's best efforts to stop her, Kat jumped to her feet and charged in, taking the out-classed Neophyte with contemptuous ease. His Neophyte brother fared no better as the Ambot Ju-Ju finally took him down.

Although the Kindred had discovered the Inquisitor's identity and purpose, the Cult Adept was well aware of the Kindred's precarious position as the Voodoo Dolls closed in. Theron raised his Long-las and targeted the tell-tale cocoon hanging below a gantry. The shot hit home and several swarms of Skeetas took to the air to surround the Escher champion Kimmy...

....and the Inquisitor. Unlike Kimmy who was surrounded by more than she could be expected to deal with, Dragosani dispatched the swarm of Skeetas that had enveloped him.

With the right flank cleared of Genestealer Cultists, the Escher Champion and the Ambot moved to towards the centre to pressure the rapidly dwindling gang.

At the same time Inquisitor Dragosani entered the derelict tunnels.

Foregoing the chance to shoot, Kat sprinted towards the Cult Adept Theron.

The Cult Adept ignored the rapidly approaching Escher champion and targeted the Inquisitor instead, but his aim was rushed and both shots flew wide.

The Inquisitor and Ambot surrounded the Kindred. Both charged in and took out the beleaguered gangers.

Kat charged Theron, taking the Cult Adept out of action with her power sword.

With the loss of their leader, the Kindred retreated, leaving the spoils to Inquisitor Dragosani and the Voodoo Dolls.

Maman Brigitte inhaled deeply on her Lho stick as she watched Dragosani and Jared pour over the papers they had discovered. She had to admire his objectiveness even if she did think he was a cold-hearted bastard. He cared little for the casualties they had taken, even the serious injury to his long serving personal bodyguard had failed to move him.
She understood the need to stay focused and to see a task through to the end but this Inquisitor's focus was beyond the pale; he hadn't even asked after sergeant Bronn's welfare.
No she thought, not focused, obsessed. The old tale of the Sump Captain Valgotha of the Hydra and the Great Albino Spider sprang into her mind and she grimaced at the dark cautionary conclusion that went with it. This Inquisitor was likely to see them all perish to feed his obsession with his very own Albino Spider. It might be better for the Voodoo Dolls if they severed their ties with this Inquisitor at the earliest opportunity...hopefully they wouldn't find what they were looking for and they'd move on to another part of the....
Dragosani slammed his hand down onto the table sending papers flying everywhere and interrupting Brigitte's train of thought.
"Nothing!" yelled the Inquisitor.
Brigitte smiled at his frustration as Dragosani slumped into his chair. This could be the opportunity she was looking for.
She took a long slow drag on her Lho Stick holding the smoke in to savour the flavour as she watched Jinx pick up the papers.
"I don't know what you're looking for" said the young Juve placing the papers on the table "but I can tell you that these all came from the old mining compound in Prospector's Folly."
Dragosani looked up questioningly. "And how do you surmise that?"
"Well it's obvious isn't it?" replied Jinx "The logo on the crate is from there".
Dragosani smiled. "Be ready to move out in one hour, Jared."
"We'll have to make do without sergeant Bronn, his injuries are too severe." replied Jared as he moved to towards the door.
The Inquisitor gave a distracted wave and turned his attention to the papers once more.

Brigitte breathed the cloying smoke from her lungs and watched as it slowly drifted up to form a white cloud above her. She grimaced once more and wafted the cloud away....the shape reminded her of a Great Albino Spider....


  1. Haha, jinx by name jinx by nature! A little intelligence gets you in a lot of trouble. The poor innocent little girl knows not to what powers she has yet to bare witness!

    (Grand Vizier Theron)

    1. I suspect that Fellon Black doesn't know either. But he will....he will 😉

  2. "Hast seen the albino spider?"

    It strikes me as somewhat darkly appropriate that Cinders got taken down by a Flamer. Nice to see Jinx showing up the Inquisitor with a bit of local knowledge, tho :D

    1. I was worried that people might not know of the Hydra and the Great Albino Spider but I'm glad to see you're familiar with 'Munda's version of Moby Dick...hmm...Now I think about it I should write a post with the links to GW's famous places of Necromunda.

      Cinders has a very complicated relationship with fire, so she was always going to get her fingers burnt (groan). Rob's Champion Phobos is proving to be a right terror with his sneaky infiltration, flamer and his git of a familiar. This game he took out Cinders, Preacher and kept Maman Brigitte out of most of the game as she ran around trying to stop her face from burning off!

      I'm a big fan of Jinx, she can punch well above her weight at times....of course being a Juve she can also whiff her attacks and go down to a lowly Neophyte with only the butt of a Lasgun for an attack LOL

    2. I can't remember where I first read it, but they reposted it on WH Community a while back.

    3. I think it was originally from the old Necromunda time but they've briefly outlined the tale in a WH community post under Sump City....which I'm about to post links to.

    4. Yeah, while I don't remember what the publication was that I first read it in, but I know it was something from back in that era.