Saturday 12 October 2019

Apocrypha Necromundus...or background material to you and me.

Greetings Hivers!
Our latest adventure in the Underhive saw me make mention of a piece of 'Munda legend in our narrative. A thought struck me as I was typing it out, that maybe not everyone is familiar with Necromunda's intriguing and lush background and that I should post up the links to Forge Worlds wonderfully evocative work. So here they are, the Apocrypha Necromundus in all their glory!
I've really posted these up for me to easily access them for reference or ideas (and to clear space off of my desktop) but grab yourself a cup of tea (or coffee if you're an addict like me and can't function without it 😉) and enjoy the sights that Necromunda has to offer!

P.S. You can blame WestRider for this post 😉

Dust Falls - Learn about the ancient history of Necromunda itself and the seismic events that helped turn Hive Primus into the ganger’s paradise we all know and love today.

Port Mad Dog - Delve into the history of one of the gateways by which goods enter and leave Hive Primus, the infamous Port Mad Dog.

House Helmawr - For over seven thousand years, House Helmawr has ruled over Necromunda in one form or another, making it one of the oldest noble families in the Segmentum Solar and certainly the oldest on Necromunda. In this instalment of the Apocrypha Necromundus, we take a look into the origins of the Great House of Helmawr, and some of its most noteworthy noble lords and ladies. 

Sump City - There is a common saying on Necromunda: ‘Scum always finds its way to the Sump’. This is as true of the billions of litres of human effluent, factorum waste and promethium run-off as it is of hivers. And down in the depths of the hive, where even the weak light of the great lumens doesn’t shine, there are whole towns of scum fighting and scavenging to stay alive. In this Apocrypha Necromundus, we take a look at the den of criminals known as Sump City, the lowest settlement in Hive Primus.

Rust Town - Settlements spring up like weeds throughout the underhive, and many perish just as quickly, most surviving for less than a great cycle before returning to the ruins from whence they came. It is therefore rare for a new hole to last, and even rarer for one to last in a place where hivers have no business living. In this instalment of the Apocrypha Necromundus, we take a look at perhaps one of the strangest and most dangerous places in Hive Primus: Rust Town.

Badzones - For every holestead and settlement carved out of the underhive, there are dozens of ruined domes, abandoned levels and derelict factorums. These are places of peril, where hivers try not to linger on their way to established settlements or, if they have any sense at all, never visit in the first place. In this Apocrypha Necromundus we venture into the deadly domes and tunnels of these Badzones.

Heretic's Hole - All manner of scum gathers in the underhive, from crazed xenos-infected cultists and worshippers of profane powers to psychopathic seditionists and rogue psykers. Most hide deep in the badzones lest the long arm of Lord Helmwar’s Law reach them, but some have made a home for themselves among the criminal cartels and gang bosses, gaining a measure of acceptance by the underhivers. In this instalment of the Apocrypha Necromundus, we take a look at the pit of criminality that is Heretic’s Hole.

Hive City - Necromunda is a world of prodigious industrial output, and no hive is as productive as Hive Primus. In this instalment of the Apocrypha Necromundus, we take a look at Hive City, its beating iron heart.

Navis Mortis - Necromunda is an ancient world; its endless ash deserts littered with half-buried ruins and lost settlements and only the nomadic tribes and mutant creatures who walk the wastes truly know what lies beyond the walls of the hive cities. However, there are places so infamous, even the Clan gangs know their name – such as the ship graveyard known as the Navis Mortis.

The Dust Wall - Far to the southwest of Hive Primus, as the Spider Points gives way to the Great Equatorial Wastes, the desert turns to burnt glass and chemical lakes. Here in the shadow of the Ashen Barrens lie the shattered remains of Hive Secundus. Around the xenos-ravaged hive stretch thousands of miles of fortifications, manned by hundreds of militia regiments – this is the Dust Wall.

I'll be updating this post as new material is released.
Until next time.....May the Hive Spirits watch over you!😉 


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