Sunday 20 October 2019

Necromunda Backdrop - The Thing In The Tank

Most of the uninitiated population of the Spire are unaware of the existence of aliens such as Aeldari or Orks, let alone the autonomous race of Necrons or the T'au. Those well travelled have heard mention of Ambulls, Sumpkrocs or the giant spiders on the sump seas but to the teeming masses of Hive Primus the existence of alien races is unheard of.
Not so with Fellon Black.
As an Adept of the Divisionis Biologis, Black had heard whispers about strange races and read reports on ancient lost cultures unearthed over the years. But never had he read anything about something so abhorrent as the thing in the tank.
Now staring into those glassy lid-less eyes, he imagined it was looking back. It wasn't of course ... it couldn't. All the stasis locks were closed with both primary and secondary power conductors firmly attached.
Yet the thing in the tank's cold, black, unfathomable eyes burned with a keen intelligence. Even after all these years it excited him. Fellon could feel the hairs on the nape of his neck raise as he stared into those alien eyes. The flicker of a lume globe, a trick of light, his imagination ran wild that it glared at him with anger. He allowed himself a chuckle.
Where it had come from he didn't know, what he did know was that its biological makeup was immeasurably more complex than that of a standard human being. It had taken him to the limits of his intellect and no small measure of time to synthesise a biophage that would not be rejected by the human immune system. The regenerative capability of the thing in the tank's immune system was a revelation, some less scientific minds might even say miraculous or divine: And, he supposed, if not this creature, then what else would be deserving of such adoration?
A faint murmur from below lifted him from his reverie.
For a moment he had forgotten all about the man who lay dying on his gurney.
"You know" he said "I think you might just be the luckiest man alive" as he drew 300ml of thick green liquid into a large syringe "You won't be dying today sir!"

Greetings Hivers, Scummers and Mutants!
With the finale of our Black Legacy campaign drawing to its conclusion, I've been busy working on the interior of my Necromunda backdrop.

I was pretty happy  with how it turned out....until I started to take some photos and realised that my old Samsung S6 camera can't handle the orange rust. It looks fine in some photos but in others it looks like I've used luminous paint!

I might have to go back and tone it down with some brown glazes...or I could just buy a new camera phone as the auto-focus on my current phone is knackered when I use it in low light (our night time gaming sessions are taking much longer because of it).

I still need to stain the box and I'll be blackening the hinges to eliminate the glare that they're causing.

...but at least it'll be usable for our game....

....and I think it will make a decent backdrop to show off our gangs in the future πŸ˜‰

Until next time....may the Hive Spirits watch over you! πŸ˜‰


  1. This is awesome.
    Try the android camera app called "Vignette" on your s6. I use it for Shadows of Commorragh and there are loads of filters and frame options.

    1. Thanks Saul.
      I've used the filters before and they do help.
      I damaged the lens on my phone a while back and the replacement lens has never been as good as the original. I've been waiting for the new Pixel 4 to be released as their camera for photographing miniatures is second none. Unfortunately, looking at the reviews, it looks like their new phone is a bit of a lame duck (not to mention more expensive than any of their competitors) so I'm still no closer to deciding which phone to buy.

    2. I've got a Galaxy S10 and I really like it.
      I think I have only ever had the even numbered Galaxys! =D

    3. I've had the 3, 4 and have the s6. I was all set to get the s10 until I saw the rounded edges. Stumpy broad hands don't work so well with wrap around screens πŸ˜‰

  2. I think this looks great dude. I've found that a wash on the rust ruins it completely though so test on an innocuous area first.

    1. When I said use a brown wash I actually meant I'll use a rust coloured pigment with a bit of pigment fixer to tone it down...or I might just wait until you come round on Wednesday and see how it photographs on your S9 πŸ˜‰

  3. Even with the camera issues, that's looking awesome! And likely deadly for someone...

    1. Thanks WestRider...Hopefully the Dolls will survive it!

  4. Lord Adiatun Varunn20 October 2019 at 22:04

    Don't worry too much about the quality of the photos, even so you immediately understand that it is a masterpiece ... It is evident how much love you have for Necromunda !!! Complimenti!!!!

    1. Thanks Marco....without a doubt Necromunda is the best game GW have ever made for narrative players like me and Rob 😁

  5. Love that idea, strong play and great execution.