Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Wait Is Almost Over

Greeting Sinners!
After what has felt like an eternity, the official release of 8th Edition is just a few days away. I say official because most of us downloaded the rules nearly two weeks ago.
For me, 8th Edition has been something of a mixed bag. The game mechanics appear much stream-lined and far more elegant than 6/7th, which has long been overdue.
Alas, what Our Lady gives with one hand,she takes away with the other claw. The loss of the Legion rules has taken a little of the shine off of this new edition for me, but I'm hopeful that we won't have to wait for too long before GW releases a Codex with more flavour. This lack of flavour will only be temporary and it certainly won't stop me enjoying all that 8th has to offer, but there is one thing that has eclipsed any concerns I might have over the potential abuse that Detachments could bring or the loss of my Grande Cavalcade or Legion rules and this one thing has pretty much destroyed my hobby mojo.....The Primaris Marine.......

.....or as I like to think of them, the bastard love child of Guilliman and a T-Rex!
I cannot express how much I dislike these Sigmarines. I can't even work out what it is that makes me detest them so much, something just looks wrong, but I don't know what it is.
I realise that there's a storm cutting the universe in two, but I never realised it was a snow storm that was the problem, I mean why else would you put skates on a Space Marine?
....or build them a sledge to get around in?

But hey, that shouldn't be that big a deal, I can inwardly laugh at my opponent's choice of models as he places them on the table and think to myself that the T'au are no longer the ugliest models in 40k, I mean I don't like them, so I don't have to use them right?
The problem I have (apart from the laughable background on how they came into being or that they look like they're in the wrong game system) is that I now look at regular Marines and think that something looks 'off' with them as well. I don't know what it is, I know it's something to do with the scale, but I can't put my finger on what it is exactly.
Thanks to this new design, my modelling mojo is at an all time low. I don't want to build or paint anything even though I have a room full of unpainted models just screaming to be painted.

So if you've been wondering why things have been a bit quiet on here, you can blame it on Guilliman's bastard love children while I look for my missing mojo ;-)

There is however, a glimmer of hope on the horizon. A few of us will be heading over to Element Games to pick up our 8th Edition orders at the weekend and we'll be getting a couple of games in. I'm hopeful that a couple of games will help me locate my missing mojo and give me some ideas on what to paint next.
We've decided to bring along a 1500pt army using the new Index books and my first game of 8th will be against my good mate Neil. He'll be bringing a 1500pt Khorne Daemon list.
I'll be using a Slaanesh list that mixes my Castigators with Slaanesh Daemons, so it'll be Slaanesh against Khorne for my first game of 8th Edition!

I've tried to build an army that uses a lot of different units so that I can get a feel for how they play. I'll share my thoughts on my games next week, but for now here's the list I'll be trying out.

I don't know if anybody is interested in the Army Builder Program but a big thank you to Michael for putting me on to it ;-)

So until next......may Our Lady grant you her number....unless you plan on using Primaris Marines ;-)


  1. Lord Adiatun Varrun14 June 2017 at 12:22

    Greetings Brother, I agree with you on almost everything. The presence of the Keyword Legion leaves me thinking that we will return again to end, once and for all, the long war. .. Maybe GW will give us the rules for Renegades chapters (ok, give and GW in the same sentence is not believable). Who knows! You just have to wait for future Codices, so far this edition seems more than interesting and "friendly" for old people like me ... And Yes, Primaris are horrendous!

    1. I've always been in favour of elegant rules rather than convoluted rules even before I became an old git ;-).
      There's a lot to like about 8th. The Psychic phase is quick and clean, I actually want to try Psychic Powers now which will be the first time since 5th!
      I love how terrain only affects models charging through it now, it makes games so much quicker. One of my biggest bug-bears in 40k has gone now that bikers and cavalry cannot go up levels. There are lots of things to like from a game play perspective.

    2. I didn't see the bit about cavalry and bikers running through buildings!

  2. Lord Adiatun Varunn14 June 2017 at 13:23

    Absolutely! The possibilities are many, and all that is needed is to explore them all:-) I seem to be back to 3rd Edition, when I started ...

    1. There are exciting times ahead of us, my friend.

  3. The basic primarius marines I am fine with. The jump troopers, dreadnought, gravitas armour and what looks like a terrible conversion of a Rhino ... all that I can do without!

    The new edition I think can only be correctly judged once we start getting the actual codexes. After only finally getting some good Thousand Sons rules we are reset ;)

    1. I think the most annoying thing about them is that I can't work out what it is that makes them feel 'off'.
      When I first looked at the Thousand Sons rules, I thought they would do okay, but after reading a few bat reps on B&C and studying how things work in 8th, they do seem to have fallen away quite a bit compared to where they were at the end of 7th.
      It's damned annoying waiting all those years for Legion rules only to lose them 6 months later.
      I'm sure we won't have to wait as long to get them back again......I bloody hope not anyway ;-)

  4. The Primaris Marines are an obvious attempt to make all the other Marines look puny in comparison when side by side on the tabletop, thus prompting the inner itch to replace all our forces with the shiny new standard. I'm reserving my judgement on them until I see them first hand, and when someone told me that the high-altitude, low opening (ring a bell?) ones are actually orbital drop troopers and not our usual jump-pack assault Marines, they suddenly made much more sense to me.

    What puzzles me is that while we were all worrying about the new edition and changes to the rules, the background story suffered a major shift and we now find ourselves fast forward in M42 with little explanation about how we got here and more than a simple headache. Someone must have been partying truly hard in the depths of the Grim Dark night indeed. All the best. :-)

    1. The background seems to have really changed, but I haven't read a great deal about it, so I'll hold judgement on it until I have.

      The Sigmarines produce no inner itch in me, I'm adamant that I'll be sticking to my stubby marines (which isn't an issue because Chaos can't have them anyway) but it will be interesting to see how any new releases for Chaos Marines measure up in the future.


  5. My question is why does She Who Thirsts care one iota about fancy new flesh-bags? I can't recall, you have an SM army too?

    Enjoy the game(s) you play coming up, I know you will :)

    1. Our Lady may not care about Primaris Marines but they have affected me in such a way that I look at normal Marines and think something looks wrong with them as well.
      If the worst comes to the worse and I can't unsee the problem I have with Marines, I will look for solace in my Daemons or Sisters of Battle......although there's talk of a Dark Mechanicus army on the horizon ;-)

    2. But as a follower of She, is not the perversion of the Primaris, and subsequent standard, Marine pleasing to the palette?

      I kid.

      I really can't get behind the Primaris stuff either, but whatever. I have Chaos, and my Orks should see the light again under 8th, so Marines are still fodder for my chainswords and choppas. Whatever they do with loyalists doesn't matter to me one bit. Just like they could totally rework Tyranid fluff and I'd shrug. An army I don't play won't sap my motivation for the ones I do.

      Dark Mechanicus has always been a far flung idea of mine as well. I'd love to see your take on it.

    3. Lol, I shall flagellate myself 666 times and seek purification within the Pain-Glove to restore my faith in Our Lady's blessings!

      Orks look like they could be really tasty. I've always had a soft spot for Orks.....and it's about time Da Boyz got to kick some ass for a change.

      I'm not sure if it's a FW or GW thing but I've either been told or read somewhere that there are plans for Dark Mechanicus in 40k....time will tell.

    4. Speaking of the Dark Mechanicum, there is a mysterious entry in the new Forge World book which caters for their characters and vehicles devoted to the Ruinous Powers. A sort of 'Chaos Hellwright' who can also be mounted on a 'Dark Abeyant'. Are these rules for using the superb Archmagos Draykavak Heresy model in 40K? Not that I'll be jumping into this army right now, but quite intriguing it certainly is. Cheers.

    5. That sounds very intriguing. I was looking at using Archmagos Draykavak as the base for a Warpsmith for my Castigators.
      There may be additional clues in the FW Index which will hopefully arrive at my doorstep over the next couple of days.