Wednesday 12 April 2017

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated!

The endless toil of the dark gods' work would have left his soul heavy had he had one.

But a glimmer of purpose shone in the darkness

Finally the inspiration took him. ....he had work to begin!

My hobby room is back up and running, it's a hive of activity but I needed an easy 'in' to start me on my path to glory; to that end I have re-based my death guard on the larger 32mm bases and the large oval bases and I've got to say they look so much better.
It's quite a simple basing technique and I found a primer that's a pretty good match for adeptus battle grey.

Filler paint and glue topped with a course sand then sprayed. Washed over with forgeworld light earth weathering powder mixed with water.

I took the opportunity to add a few more colour details to the bikes though still not realy finished they are looking better.

Also I have remade a bunch of marines I got cheap on ebay and based those too. This proved to not be worth the saving in the slightest due to time and hassle but I'm stubborn and so using a load of bits and 3rd party pieces I managed to get 20 up and ready for action.
The 30k chaplain from the Heresy box was going to be my dark apostle but I have since been converting up another.

Along with the beginnings of some scenery for our path to glory campaign we will be running.

The devil's in the detail Castigator said and to that end I'm attempting to inject a little life into the pieces to attain that lived in look that sparks them to life and evokes the right dystopian gritty reality that excited me about 40k in the first place. So I knocked up an abandoned card table splattered with blood. The unfortunate black aces and eights must have upset his opponent.

What sort of drink do they serve down the Winchester? Head shot moonshine of course!

So the forge furnace is stoked, once more the hammer strikes the anvil.......which gives me an idea ....surely our shanty town could use a gunsmith/blacksmith workshop?
I have however now got a lot of painting to get on with.


  1. Lord Adiatun Varunn12 April 2017 at 00:57

    Welcome back (into the realm of the living :-) ), Rob!It seems to me that the path to glory campaign has been truly refreshing for you two! I expect to see such splendid miniatures will be born from this reboot!

  2. That is definitely my intention Lord Varunn! I've been consumed with the modelling of minnis and scenery and am bit reluctant to pick up a brush it's been so long. I really want to do justice to the conversions and give them my best. One at a time is the way to go as opposed to my usual batch painting I think.

  3. Back with a vengeance. Well played and I love the little details.

    1. Thanks! Yeah I think they will make all the difference when it comes to the battle report pics.

  4. Your Bikers look so much better on the new oval bases......Damn, I might have to change my Bikers bases now!

    1. If your gonna do the 32mm bases you realy have to 🖒