Sunday 26 May 2024

The Rise Of The Regulators (Prologue) The Rescue - An Uneasy Alliance


Kaius Torq meticulously placed three pict-stills onto the table for the other 5 gangs to see.
"I have located three of the four prisoners...." declared the Mechanicus leader.
"And I have have the fourth." Interrupted the Delaque leader throwing the fourth pict-still onto the table, scattering the other three as he did so.
Kaius let out a squeal of unintelligible binary code as he rearranged the Pict-stills, much to the amusement of the Goliath leader.
"So we're agreed then?" Said the Orlock leader in an effort to diffuse the heavy tension in the room.
"We each put aside our differences to free them and find out what's going on."
"Agreed" said Kaius.
Maman Brigitte and the Delaque leader nodded in acquiescence.
"Agreed" said the Cawdor leader.
"For now!" Said the Goliath leader glaring at the Escher.

All 6 gangs crept towards their respective targets making use of the low light that the Delaque had 'arranged'.

The darkness didn't last long though and the district was soon bathed in light.
As the Orlock and Mechanicus gangs cursed the Delaque's ineptitude with the lights...and suspected them of a double-cross, the Delaque themselves were caught out in the open.
The Enforcer guarding 'Greasy Joe' spotted a Delaque Champion and mercilessly gunned him down.

With the alarm raised, the Mechanicus Champion set Scr33ch onto the Enforcer guarding Karina Paige. The Grapplehawk misjudged the distance though and the Enforcer riddled it with Bolter shells.
The Cawdor didn't have much luck either as an Enforcer blasted their Leader and Champion with his shotgun using Shredder ammo. Both the Champion and leader lost a wound and one of the Cherub-Servitors was taken out of action.
Wolf Ironhide charged an Enforcer Sanctioner Pattern Automata. The Orlock Arms Master quickly reduced it to scrap metal with his trusty Arc Hammer.
Not to be out done, the Goliaths hurled themselves into the fray with the Janitor cutting down a brave Enforcer protecting his leader.
Aware that the Enforcer reinforcements were on there way the Goliaths made their move. The Goliath Champion made use of his leader's distraction to drag 'Greasy Joe' towards safety.
The Cawdor were the first to break the truce, screaming "Heretic" at the top of his lungs, Abel Cankerson charged the Orlock leader and took him out of action.
With the Delaque reeling from their early encounters with the Enforcers, the last of their number moved up the ladder to avoid another Enforcer Sanctioner. 
Seeing an opportunity, the Delaque Champion charged his Goliath counter-part but Sinister simply laughed off the attention before taking him out of action.
With the loss of his leader, Wolf Ironhide charged the Cawdor leader to exact his bloody revenge. 
Alongside his faithful Sump-Kroc, Janitor attempted to charge the Mechanicus Champion but fell short. Rh03tus opened up with his Arc Rifle and although the Goliath leader's armour saved him from the initial damage, the voltage caused his armour to set ablaze. 
The Cawdor Champion with his Long Rifle decided that now was the time to stop shooting at the Escher and attempt to take out the Goliath Champion and claim the prisoner. Unfortunately for the Cawdor the shot flew wide.
The Sump-Kroc charged the Mechanicus Champion but the sight of his master hurtling past on fire obviously distracted the creature as it failed to even scratch him. To make matters worse the Mech Champion somehow managed to put the Sump-Kroc down!
With the Cawdor sniper busy trying to stop the Goliath's from making off with a prisoner, the Voodoo Dolls leader helps her Death Maiden recover and frees the prisoner 'Dredger' from the Enforcers.
The Orlock Arms Master attacks Scrutinator-Primus Servalen but the Enforcer leader not only dodges the attacks but takes the Orlock Champion out of action!
The Mechanicus Champion charges Janitor and takes the Goliath leader out of action, securing his possession of Karina Paige.
Sinister ducks under the walkway safe from the Cawdor sniper with the prisoner Greasy Joe following closely behind.

An Enforcer Sanctioner charges the other Goliath Champion but the Goliath proves too quick for it and he quickly tears out vital circuitry to put it down.
The Goliath Champion escorts the captive Greasy Joe from the battlefield.
The Escher Deathmaiden leaps from building to building to secure 'Old Jeb' from the Enforcers clutches.
Shaitan escorts Karina Paige from the battlefield....
...While his Mechanicus brother attempts to deal with the Enforcer reinforcements.
As the Escher Deathmaiden attempts to guide 'Old Jeb' through the swamps to safety, the Cawdor sniper who has plagued her all game finally takes her out of action.
Maman Brigitte leads the Dredger to safety.
The Goliath Champion Dexter is finally brought down by Enforcer reinforcements.
As an Enforcer reinforcement takes charge of the last prisoner the Escher Champion charges in. Using all of her cunning to dodge and weave the Subjugator's attacks Longpoke Kari finally lands a blow with the butt of her Long-Las to escort the final prisoner to safety. 

Escher 2 prisoners escorted to safety.
Goliath 1 prisoner escorted to safety.
Ad-Mech 1 Prisoner escorted to safety.

"Treacherous scum!" yelled the Orlock leader pointing at Abel Cankerson with his power knife. 
"Heretic!" Retorted the Cawdor leader, activating his Eviscerator "You think I would trust you and yours to shelter the fugitives?"
"Better us than your fanatical soap-dodgers" replied Coyote Red. "You'll be tying them to a stake and setting 'em ablaze before we have any idea what the Authorities are up to."
The Delaque leader stepped forward. "Calm yourselves Gentlemen! We achieved our goal and...."
The Delaque leader slammed into the wall and was pinned there by the huge fist of the Goliath leader.
"Backstabbin' runt!...I oughta rip you apart with my bare hands!" Screamed Janitor.

A binary screech drowned out the escalating argument bringing it to an abrupt halt. All of the leaders looked at the Mechanicus leader.
"I have a suggestion" said Kaius Torq. "Since there is little to no trust between us I propose we each offer up one gang representative to protect our individual interests and regulate the safety of the fugitives. Each gang representative will cut all ties with their gang until these individuals...err...these Regulators have completed their investigation into what the Authorities have planned for Rockridge."

The gang leaders slowly sat down mulling over the Mechanicus leader's suggestion. 

"This will also have the added advantage of each gang having responsible deniability when the Enforcers invariably start kicking our doors in. Added the Delaque leader.
"So who will lead these....these Regulators? Inquired Janitor.
Every leader looked at the others suspiciously.

"Before the arguments begin again said Kaius. "I propose that the leader should be from House Escher. The Voodoo Dolls already have two of the fugitives, so they seem like the logical choice."
"Seconded" said Coyote Red of the Orlocks.
"Agreed" said the Delaque leader.
"I agree" said Abel Cankerson of the Cawdor.
All eyes turned to the Goliath leader. There was no love lost between Janitor and the Escher gang. Janitor smiled as he thought of the Voodoo Dolls without their hateful leader. Slowly he rose to his feet and raised his glass of Wild Snake.
"To the rise of the Regulators! he yelled.....


  1. Dammit, this is awesome from the beginning to the very end. Wow, jaw dropping AAR :O

  2. Gracias Suber!
    Glad to see you're enjoying the read :)

  3. Whatever these enforcers are up to you can expect a whole heap of trouble to follow up.

    1. The game's afoot and the Regulators will uncover it....or die trying!