Sunday 9 June 2024

The Rise of the Regulators Part I - Fugitives.

Six cycles! Six exhausting cycles of relentless pursuit by the Enforcers, fleeing from one encounter after another.
Word had reached them that the authorities had already shaken down the Marionettes and the Iron Hounds in their search for the fugitives but with all contact cut from their respective gangs, the Regulators had managed to keep one step ahead...until now.
Five Enforcers blocked their path with more closing in.
Brigitte mulled over their diminishing options. Their charges were out on their feet and needed rest. Even the Regulators were showing signs of fatigue and nerves were starting to fray. They needed a win. Something to galvanise them and slow the Enforcers in their dogged pursuit.
"Get them on their feet." She ordered.
"And go where?" Snapped Grimy. 
All eyes turned towards the gang Queen.
"We're done running," she continued. "It's time we showed these Enforcers who's really in charge, we go through them."

Brigitte and Howling Mad Mave crept forward on the right, keeping to the shadows as an Enforcer scoured the area
The rest of the Regulators moved up on the right using as much cover as they could to hide their advance.
The impetuous Orlock Prospect broke the silence as she fired her Jump Booster to land behind the startled Enforcer.
Her Chainsword added to the commotion as she hacked down her adversary and the alarm was quickly raised.
Adding to the cacophony, the Redemptionist Ludwig launched a Frag Grenade at the Enforcer patrolling the centre. The grenade blasted him off of his feet Seriously injuring him and causing him to bleed out over several rounds. 
With the Alarm well and truly raised, WR-41-TH charged into an Enforcer reinforcement. The renegade Ad-Mech plunged his knife into his hapless foe taking him out of action. 
As the Regulators moved forward Oberon was targeted by an Enforcer. The Delaque Prospect merged into the terrain and the Enforcer was left doubting if he was merely shooting at shadows.
Using an old mining cart for cover an Enforcer laid down more fire power....
...slowing the Regulators' advance on the right.
With the path ahead blocked for the Delaque Psy-Gheist, Oberon doubled back for an opportunity to loot the corpse of the Enforcer that had bled out.
Unfortunately for the Delaque Prospect, yet another Enforcer reinforcement showed up and Oberon took a bolter round to the face taking him immediately Out of Action. Oberon lost an eye for a measly 5 Creds! 
On the left the Regulators came under fire from an Enforcer sniper perched on an old shack. Mindful that more reinforcements were on their way, they pushed on.
Howling Mad Mave activated her Jump Booster and leapt on an Enforcer attempting to block their path. The Orlock Wrecker quickly dispatched him for her second kill.
On the right Grimy threw caution to the wind and closed in on the Enforcers pinning them down.
The Goliath Bully charged into an Enforcer but the close confines impeded the Juve's bulk and he failed to take him down.
The Enforcer's partner stepped forward and blasted Grimy in the back, stripping a wound from the Goliath.
Eager to help out his comrade, Ludwig charged in....
...taking him down with his revered Chain Axe as Grimy pushed past the impeding mining cart to take the other Enforcer Out of Action.
Howling Mad Mave jumped behind a cargo container, her sights firmly set on the Enforcer sniper that was slowing the Regulators down.
Activating her Jump Booster she charged into the sniper to claim her third kill!
Unfortunately for the Orlock Wrecker, two Enforcers had set up an ambush for just such an event. An Enforcer Frag Grenade struck home seriously injuring the Impetuous Prospect. To add insult to injury the blast blew her off of the shack roof and the fall took her Out of Action! She obviously landed on her face because she received Horrific Scars on her Lasting Injury roll. 
With the threat of more reinforcements arriving, the rest of the Regulators pushed on. The Enforcer that had taken out Howling Mad Mave moved out of cover and levelled his weapon at Grimy. The shot struck home but failed to wound and the Goliath's Nerves of Steel saw him shrug off the shot....
...Allowing him to charge the Enforcer and take him Out of Action for his second kill.
Maman Brigitte stepped forward and blasted away at the last Enforcer but somehow her shot flew wide.
She charged in but the Enforcer's armour deflected her Stiletto sword. With the Regulator leader struggling to protect her charge, WR-41-TH moved in and slid a blade between the Enforcers armour to claim his second kill, bringing the conflict to an end.

Well that went better than we thought it would! 
Despite it appearing like a walk in the park, we were constantly aware that we were one die roll away from it all falling apart. We over reached a little with the Enforcers. We're used to playing fully formed gangs and most of our Regulators were stripped back to bare essentials. We were caught out by how ineffective they are to what we are used to. Fortunately, the Dark Gods Hive Spirits were with us and most of the Regulators made it through unscathed. The Enforcers proved to be a scary prospect for such a 'young' gang but at least we gained some juicy rewards.

Maman Brigitte - She didn't gain any kills but her Bolter provided plenty of support for the rest of the Regulators. She looted one corpse and stripped the cadaver of his Armoured Undersuit....Eewww! Her Reputation increased to two. One for escorting a fugitive from the conflict and one for taking part.
REP: 2
Credits: 0
Grimy - This young Goliath earned his stripes in this game. Two kills and escort duty increased his Reputation and he gained 25creds from looting their corpses.
REP: 4
Credits: 30

Ludwig - The Redemptionist performed solidly and gained three Reputation. one for escorting a fugitive from the conflict, one for taking part and another one for a kill. He looted one corpse to gain 5 Creds.
REP: 3
Credits: 10

WR-41-TH - The Ad-Mech played a solid part in this victory. Two kills saw his Reputation increase sizeably and he escorted a fugitive to safety. He also gained an Armoured Undersuit for looting a corpse. He certainly saved Brigitte's bacon at the end of the game.
REP: 4
Credits: 45

Oberon - The Delaque Prospect had a nightmare. Not only did he fail to make any impact but he lost an eye for a pitiful 5 creds! We knew Oberon would struggle early on but his lack of weapons and armour proved to be his undoing. He did gain an Armoured Undersuit but there's a long way to go before he can afford any kind of weapon...and I suspect he'll need a template weapon with his BS reduced to 6.
REP: 1
Credits: 5

Howling Mad Mave - The Orlock Wrecker played a blinder! Three Kills saw her Reputation improve markedly. The young Prospect also gained 20 Creds and an Armoured Undersuit from looting a body. Of course, those that fly highest, fall deepest and we thought this would be borne out when she face planted the ground. But the Hive Spirits were with her and she survived with Horrific Scars giving her the Fearsome Skill.
REP: 4
Credits: 45

"Well ain't you a pretty thang" taunted Grimy
The Orlock Prospect glared at the Goliath by way of answer.
"No really, those are some knarly looking scars you have there, they look damned cool if ya ask me!" Continued the Goliath.
Mave broke into a grin, which made even the tactless Grimy shudder.
"I've done all I can but he needs rest." Interrupted WR-41-TH as he completed his ministrations to Oberon.
"Don't we all!" quipped Ludwig.
"We can't carry on like this" agreed Brigitte "We need to find a place to hole up. Somewhere away from prying eyes where even the Enforcers will think twice about following."
The Regulators nodded in agreement.
"I know a place" Said old Jeb leaning on his shovel. The Regulators turned to look at the old timer.
"It's a little basic but there's no surveillance cameras and there's plenty to eat" he continued..."providing it don't eat ya first." 

Until next time....May the Hive Spirits watch over you! 😉


  1. Awesome from the beginning to the end. I love the narrative and the whole thing!

    1. Gracias Suber 😁
      Glad to see you're enjoying your visit to our corner of the Underhive 😉

  2. Fantastic game. Not sure why the enforcers seem to perform better than when their played as a gang rather than opposition tho.