Wednesday 24 April 2024

Rockridge News!


The Rockridge Herald

Structural Work to Repair Quake Damage Almost Complete.

Structural Enginseers have confirmed that the reinforcement of the outer shell of Rockridge is almost complete. 
Aftershocks continue to wreak havoc throughout the hive but Authorities claim the annexation of Rockridge will soon come to an end once work is complete. 

Mutant Horde Rises Up From The Sump

Mutants, colloquially known as the Coarse-men, took full advantage of the Enforcers busy guarding the Hive perimeter and rampaged through the Underhive bringing carnage to many districts.
Gangs were left decimated as the Coarse-men raided settlement after settlement only to quickly move on before reinforcements could arrive.
Remnants of the Ad-Mech, Goliath, Escher and Cawdor gangs banded together in an attempt to halt the menace and buy some much needed time for their injured comrades to evacuate.
The Cawdor Redemptionists and Goliaths held the Horde at bay while the Escher and Ad-Mech focused their heavy firepower on the four Coarse-men leaders.
Despite their valiant efforts, they were soon overrun and as the last defender prepared to upload his consciousness to the Machine god, his sensors tracked the last remaining Coarse-men leader. As the Mutant horde closed in, ST-4-LK-3-R raised his Long Rifle and squeezed off one final shot. The Coarse-men Overlord screamed in pain and frustration as a headshot took Cerberax down. The mutant horde suddenly fell back to drag their seriously injured leaders away.

Rockridge was saved but the cost was horrendous. 
The Coarse-men still remain a threat (Cerberax does have 3 heads afterall) but with limited resources, no one is in a position to hunt them down.


Iron Hounds Move In

Tasked with guarding the perimeter wall while the repairs continue, the Iron Hounds of House Orlock have taken this remit to extend within as well as without.
With the Voodoo Dolls, Clean-Up Crew, Brotherhood of the Cleansing Flame and Marionettes still recovering from their encounters with the Coarse-men and the Kindred seemingly lost to the initial Hive Quake, the Iron Hounds have moved in to claim several territories.
Their expansion into Rockridge was brought to an end when they tried to move in on the Voodoo Dolls' turf.
The bitter confrontation saw Howling Mad Mave savage the Dolls' Wyld Runner...
....before leaping up to cut down an Escher little Sister.
The Orlock Wrecker bit off more than she could chew though as the Dolls' Death Maiden quickly brought her to heel.
It all proved too much for the Iron Hounds when the Escher gang Queen cut down the Road Captain, Coyote Red and they fled the battle with their tail between their legs.



Concerns Grow Over Enforcer Clamp Down Near Perimeter Wall

House Escher has expressed concerns over the heavy handed approach of the Enforcers guarding the perimeter wall. The Voodoo Dolls have questioned the use of Sanctioner Pattern Automata to coral innocent law abiding gangers who were simply out for a stroll.
The gang claim that an Ambot was severely damaged as it attempted to repair the Sump shoreline.
The incident soon escalated as Enforcers attempted drive out all of the local inhabitants from the area.
Despite Helmawr's finest peppering the area with fire power...
....the Escher proved too much for the Enforcers, dancing through the Bolter fire
and driving them off.
Authorities claim it was a misunderstanding but rumours persist that the Enforcers are 'up to something' as more locals are driven from their homes.


Red Vipers emerge from the Shadows.
The Red Vipers of House Delaque have made themselves known in Rockridge., much to the chagrin of the Marionettes.
The Delaque gang took full advantage of the Marionettes' recent encounter with the Coarse-men to move in on their turf.
The Renegade Ad-Mech gang was devastated by a Webgun toting infiltrator
Who wrought havoc amongst the unprepared gang.
The Marionettes struggled to hold back the onslaught
but quickly reformed to mount a defensive perimeter.
Just as it looked like the Delaque would be repelled....
...a Psy-Gheist in a Psychomancer Harness tore through the flimsy Ad-Mech lines.
A wide area of the sump swamps was infused with blood and oil 
from the Red Vipers machinations.
The Puppet Master has sworn revenge with the ominous declaration "Let the shadow war commence!"



Local Civilians Detained By Enforcers!

Reports of Enforcers rounding up local inhabitants have reached the Herald. Sources claim that one of the detainees is none other than our very own reporter Karina Paige. Authorities claim that the reporter is under Enforcer protection for her own safety.
Sources claim that Ms Paige was interviewing locals who have been working on the Perimeter wall.

Regulars of the Winchester, will know Old Jeb. This affable old grubber is a part of the fixtures and fittings in the drinking hole when he isn't digging up some little treasures. It is understood that he had recently found employment working on the perimeter wall. Authorites claim he was digging in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Dredger had been helping authorities shore up the Sump walls along the Perimeter wall until he suddenly quit. Authorities claim that the Sump Diver is in breach of contract and that he will be merely escorted back to the Sump to complete his work.
Greasy Joe had also been carrying out work on the Perimeter wall but was fired for questioning the purpose of additional wiring being added to the Perimeter wall. Authorities claim that the Tech-Monkey is helping the Enforcers with their enquiries on the disappearance of 5km of electrical wiring.

Slogans have already appeared all over Rockridge, including 'Free the Rockridge Four' and 'The Rockridge 4 are innocent.'
At the time of going to press the Herald has learned that the Goliaths, Escher, Delaque, Cawdor, Orlocks and Ad-Mech are holding a gang moot to discuss the situation.

More News to follow when we receive it!


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