Friday 9 August 2019

Rockridge News! Calm descends upon Rockridge

The Rockridge Herald

Rumours abound as off-worlder seeks audience with Voodoo Dolls Leader

Rumours about an enigmatic off-worlder being escorted by the Voodoo Dolls through the Tunnels of Payne's Labyrinth were circulating last cycle. Witnesses claim that the mystery figure had an otherworldly air about him and spoke with a distinct accent. "Whoever he was, he gave me the creeps, had eyes that seemed to bore right into ya." Declared one witness from a local drinking hole.
"He tipped real good, so he ain't all bad!" Stated the owner of said drinking hole.
A spokesman for the Guild of Coin refutes the claim that the Dolls are negotiating an off-world trade deal, adding that "They'd be in serious trouble if they didn't run it by us first!"
The local Enforcers confirmed that there was no new investigation involving the Voodoo Dolls although they asked the Herald to convey that there is still a substantial reward for information leading to the arrest of any gang members.
Further rumours claim that he was an agent of the Magos Biologus researching the flora and fauna in the Underhive. Witnesses report that he had an 'unnatural way' with the local wildlife, with one witness describing him as "all freaky spooky as a Ratskin Shaman on Shrooms!"

Whatever the truth is, he picked the wrong district to meet up with the Voodoo Dolls. The Kindred had chosen that time to make a move for the rights to Payne's Labyrinth.

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The Kindred spread out across the district....

......barring the way to any who would try to steal their claim.

Their leader covered them with his Heavy Stubber.

As the Kindred moved forward their champion was pinned by the Escher sniper Longpoke Kari.

Undeterred the gang surged forward.

The Voodoo Dolls moved forward under the cover of a smoke grenade.

The Dolls were unsure if it was the sight of the Kindred bringing back memories of her recent injuries or if paranoia was getting the better of her but Cinders nerve broke and she ran for the shadows.

The sound of gunfire echoing across the district attracted several Sump Slugs....

...their lethal acidic saliva drenching an Aberrant and taking him out of action.

Another of the Kindred's Aberrants closed with the Escher gang but Kat and Sabine teamed up to take him down.

It wasn't all going the Dolls' way though. Sumpsnake Sully lost an eye to a Kindred ganger despite lurking in the shadows

With their way blocked by Underhive Critters and a Plasma gunning Acolyte, the Dolls ushered their mysterious contact back behind cover....

The Sump Slugs moved towards the Acolyte.

With Sumpsnake Sully taken care of, the Kindred's gangers rushed across to stop the Escher from advancing....unaware that a solitary Sump Slug was waiting for them! The gangers blasted away at the creature but every shot flew wide! The Sump Slug bathed them in Acidic Slime taking two of them out of action before finally being put down.

The Sump Slugs slithered towards the Kindred's Acolyte.....

....showering him in acidic slime and taking him out of action.

The Voodoo Dolls' knowledge of the Sump Swamps was second to none as they led their companion  through its murky depths.

Longpoke Kari covered their advance, taking out a Sump Slug with her trusty Long-Las.

Cinders overcame her paranoia and charged another Sump Slug, skewering it with her stiletto knife.

Sabine joined her and dispatched the third Sump Slug.....

leaving the way clear for the rest of the gang.

As the Voodoo Dolls led their companion through the Underhive, the final Kindred ganger raced to stop them....

....but the realisation that he was seriously outnumbered dawned upon him and he retreated leaving Payne's Labyrinth in the hands of the Voodoo Dolls.

Violence Brings Peace To Rockridge

The Marionettes and Clean-up Crew clashed over the rights to the Toll Bridge at Asher's Gate.

Witnesses report that the Goliaths fielded a near full strength gang....

.....and although the Marionettes were missing several gang members they did field both of their champions.

The Goliath's champion Dexter has struggled to integrate fully with his gang since his injuries were healed by the Kindred's Doc. Rumours that the rest of the Clean-up Crew don't trust him were validated when the Champion opened fire on the one of his own gangers. Fortunately the shot missed.

The Renegade Mech had recruited a new ganger and the Marionette soon made his presence felt sniping at a Goliath with his Boltgun.....

....inflicting a flesh wound and pinning him

Under cover of smoke both of the Marionettes' champions waded through the sump swamp. Rhoetus moved clear and gunned down an unsuspecting Goliath ganger with his plasma gun.

As the Mech champion lowered his gun, Janitor emerged from the shadows and took him out of action with his plasma pistol. As the smoke slowly cleared the Goliath leader managed to pick out SH-41-TAN and the Mech champion shared the same fate as his Mech comrade.

The sound of gunfire echoing across Asher's Gate disturbed a nest of Skeetas who swarmed around the Goliaths.

Janitor moved towards the Heat Sink that held his objective.

As the Skeetas swarmed around the Goliaths from above.....

....a clutch of Hive Mites assailed them from below.

The Marionettes took advantage of the Goliath's woes and edged closer to the objective.

....the Goliath leader scaled the Heat Sink and took down a Marionette.

Indifferent to the danger GH-05T stepped forward and turned his long rifle upon the Goliath leader.....the shot found its mark and janitor was blasted from the Heat Sink!

His fall distrurbed more Underhive Critters and the Goliath leader began his long climb once again as swarms of rats closed in on him.

The Goliaths were besieged by Underhive Critters. Dexter crushed a swarm of Skeetas only for another swarm to engulf the Goliath champion.

The other Goliath champion crushed the Hive Mites that had attacked him, only to have yet another swarm of Skeetas envelope him

With the local wildlife and the Marionettes to contend with Janitor ordered his gang to fall back leaving Asher's Gate and its Toll Crossing to the Renegade Mech.

As the violence subsides, peace has fallen on Rockridge. The gangs are consolidating their holdings and opportunity is available for all of the citizens of our wonderful corner of the Underhive!

The Herald feels sure that the migrating Critters will soon find new homes now that the excavation work has finished. We would like to remind all of our readers that should they move in near you, then the Hive Spirits have blessed you with the chance to earn extra income for you and your family.
Truly the future is bright!


  1. Lord Adiatun Varunn9 August 2019 at 14:46

    Always a pleasure to read!

    1. Glad to see you're still enjoying my ramblings ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Nice to finally see the Voodoo Dolls pull out a resounding win!

    1. The Dolls certainly had the blessing of the Hive Spirits during that game. The Sump Slugs took out more of the Kindred than the Escher did!

  3. Yep all the territory is now claimed.....however there are some who think that the division is a little unbalanced and maybe a certain gang might be stretched to thin to adequately defend their turf!๐Ÿ˜

  4. All the pics are mesmerising, I love the whole thing!

  5. Great read. The photos and the scenery look so damn good!