Monday, 22 July 2019

Rockridge News! Cycle of violence sweeps through the Underhive.

The Rockridge Herald

Clean-up Crew mess up rescue attempt.
The Clean-up Crew discovered the whereabouts of their missing champion Dexter. The Goliaths launched a bold strike on the Marionettes in the newly discovered district of Dustmere. As the Clean-up Crew closed in on the Marionettes, Dexter seized his chance amidst the turmoil and broke free from his bonds.

Pausing only to retrieve his weapons, Dexter charged into the Marionettes champion and quickly took him out of action.

The Goliath's victory was short lived however, as the Puppet Master plunged his Shock Stave into the back of the Goliath champion's skull. The Clean-up Crew watched in horror as their champion's lifeless body plunged into the sump swamp below, leaving the Renegade Mech firmly in control of the collapsed dome of Dustmere.

Ambush at Guilder's Reach.
The Voodoo Dolls met with a stranger of dubious character in the Tech Bazaar of Guilder's Reach while under the watchful gaze of the Kindred of the Dawn Shadow.

As the mysterious stranger approached, the Kindred opened fire on them. Their contact made a swift exit leaving the beleaguered Escher to the attentions of mining syndicate.

As the Voodoo Dolls attempted to break out from their predicament, they were mercilessly gunned down....

......leaving the Escher gang with little choice but to flee Guilder's Reach and leave the Tech Bazaar in the firm control of the Kindred.
To add insult to injury, the Dolls' juve Cinders had to receive treatment from the Kindred's doctor. The young juve was said to be recovering well but the Escher gang's reputation was severely undermined.

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Recent excavation work digs up more than expected.

The recent excavation work has seen an unexpected rise in Skeetas, Hive Mites, Sump Slugs and Rats. Explorators released the following statement to explain the current outbreak.
"Excavation work will occasionally disturb the habitat of the local wildlife. While the occasional appearance of Underhive Critters may be unnerving for residents, this migration is a natural event and if residents stay calm and follow the usual protocol for dealing with migrating wildlife, they will be perfectly safe.
The company are delighted to announce that this is a great opportunity for residents to supplement their income. A bounty of 5 Guilders will be paid for each Critter (preferably dead) presented to your local authority." 

The Herald would like to take the opportunity to remind readers of the Wildlife Protocol, to avoid any unnecessary conflicts.
1. Avoid sudden movement - Remember that the local wildlife is more scared of you than you are of them. Sudden movement can frighten the local fauna and they may lash out if startled.
2. Avoid slow movement - Remember that the local wildlife needs to feed just like you do. Slow or little movement may lead the local fauna to believe you are dying or dead. Most of the local wildlife are scavengers and will take a meal where ever they can find one.
3. Avoid making loud noises - The local wildlife can be easily startled by loud noises and lash out. Clapping, shouting, screaming and even loud breathing can all startle the wildlife.
4. Avoid being too quiet - All wildlife has a natural enemy, if you are too quiet they may think you are stalking them and lash out.
Remember these 4 simple steps could save your life.

Wildlife migration interrupts gang parley

The Marionettes and Voodoo Dolls disturbed the local wildlife as they explored the recently unearthed district of Prospector's Folly.

The Voodoo Dolls were overrun with the local wildlife, with several gangers requiring treatment for bites, stings and acid burns.

Both gangs fled the area, leaving Prospector's Folly unclaimed.

The Kindred get down and dirty with the Clean-up Crew.
More violence erupted between the Kindred of the Dawn Shadow....

,,,,and the Clean-up Crew....

......over the rights to The Hollows and its Corpse Farm.

Despite the Goliaths gunning down several the the Kindred.....

.....the mining syndicate proved too dirty for the Goliaths.....

....and they swept them away with ease.

To claim the Hollows.

Brainleaf infestation purged

The Marionettes and the Clean-up Crew clashed over plans to suppress a Brainleaf outbreak.

The resulting firefight stirred up the local wildlife

.....and both gangs suffered casualties from the rabid little critters.

The Marionettes fled the district as the Critters and Goliath fire power overwhelmed them, leaving the Clean-up Crew to claim their first territory. A spokesman for the Goliath gang claims the Brainleaf infestation has been eradicated and that Chemscar Gorge is safe once more. The gang also found their missing champion Dexter and they're hopeful that he will make a full recovery after a trip to the Kindred's Doc.

Prospector's Folly not so stupid afterall

The mining syndicate clashed over the rights to Prospector's Folly. The Kindred put on a strong showing against....

...the Voodoo Dolls. The Escher gang looked more than a match for them when several were gunned down by the gang's champion Kimaris and her heavy Stubber. The speed of the Dolls took the mining syndicate by surprise and the Kindred looked like they would be outmanoeuvred.

Witnesses spoke of an ear-splitting shriek echoing across the region followed by a sudden influx of Critters. The Escher gang found themselves suddenly surrounded by Critters. Sump Slugs overwhelmed the ganger Tia.....

.....Maman Brigitte was swamped by rats as she prepared to ambush a ganger.

Under the cover of a smoke grenade the Escher champion closed to within charging distance...

....As the smoke cleared she charged the Hybrid Acolyte, but the miner was ready and took her out with his Plasma Gun.

With their Leader and Champion taken out and the rest of the gang surrounded by Critters and the rapidly approaching Kindred, the Voodoo Dolls fled to leave Prospector's Folly to the mining syndicate.

Gorefell lives up to its name
The Clean-up crew of House Goliath received an unexpected bonus while visiting the fighting pits of Gorefell.

The Marionettes attempted to assassinate the Goliath leader and claim the territory. The renegade Mech underestimated their quarry however and the Goliath's routed them with contemptuous ease.... claim the territory of Gorefell.

With only two territories left to claim, the Herald hopes that the cycle of violence sweeping through the district will soon come to a close.

Until next time....May the Hive Spirits watch over you!


  1. It's been a busy few weeks in downtown Rockridge! Those darn critters have taken a mighty toll on everyone. Personally I'm going down to the Winchester to wait for it to all blow over!

    1. The Winchester is closed until the fumigators have finished removing all the gribblies!
      Our ability to roll doubles for priority knows no bounds ;)

  2. Sounds like a bad few weeks to be a more or less baseline human in Rockridge!

    1. We had a couple of games when nothing turned up but since then we're averaging 2 to 3 Critter Swarms per game....The wildlife is definitely fighting back at the moment.

  3. Honestly I am starting to think these gangs need to band together more to fight off all the other things!

    1. Haha, you could be on to something there. They have an incredibly annoying habit of turning up just as we're getting stuck into each other...I think it's all Rob's fault for disrespecting the Hive Spirits ;-)